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This page tracks major changes to the Documents and Documents Miscellaneous of the wiki. Like the rest of the wiki, all contributions are made by numerous individuals, some named, most anonymous. Documents covers magazine scans and their translations. Documents Miscellaneous covers every other scan and/or translation of interest including books, newspapers, online interviews, games, videos and so-on.

Please note that dates and timeframes give an approximation of when a status update was provided, not necessarily the date when any individual change was made. If you wish to see when and what were the specific changes made to a page, select the "View History" tab for that page.


[edit] January 29, 2012

[edit] January 26, 2012

[edit] January 23, 2012

[edit] January 16, 2012

[edit] January 12, 2012

[edit] January 3, 2012

  • New translation on Charlotte for the Production Note
  • New page on February Megami with translated couples polls, with Homura x Madoka topping the list.
  • New info and pics added to the Movic Exhibit

[edit] December 30, 2011

[edit] December 28, 2011

[edit] December 24, 2011

[edit] December 21, 2011

[edit] December 20, 2011

[edit] December 18, 2011

[edit] December 1-15, 2011

[edit] November 2011

Note: Updates started tracking from the 23rd

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