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H.N. Elly (H.N. ELLY) is the handle name of Kirsten (KIRSTEN), a witch appearing in Episode 4 of the anime.

Card Elly.png

ハコの魔女。その性質は憧憬。 筋金入りのひきこもり魔女。 憧れは全てガラスの中に閉じ込める。 閉じ込められた者はその心までも 簡単に見透かされてしまうが 考えるより先に殴れば問題ない。

H.N. Elly (Kirsten)

TypeBox witch
EpisodesEpisode 4

The box witch with a covetous nature. She is a staunchly reclusive witch. Anything she covets she locks away within glass. The thoughts of her prisoners are laid bare, but one can strike her without thought without problems.


Card Daniyyel Jennifer.png

ハコの魔女の手下。 その役割は運搬。 この手下がさわった物体はとても運びやすくなってしまう。

Daniyyel & Jennifer

TypeBox witch's minions
EpisodesEpisode 4, The Rebellion Story

The box witch's minions with the duty of transportation. Anything they touch becomes easy to carry.

Speculations and observations

  • Elly was the name of Dorothy in the alternate retelling of Wizard of Oz
  • She seems to be holding her head as if she's in despair.
  • Elly's Grief seed was not shown directly after the fight in episode four on almost all broadcasts and streamings. But in the same scene on delayed AT-X broadcast at 23 April, her grief seed was added in film. It may be BD/DVD version.
    • This, along with the small barrier size, lead many fans to believe that she was merely a familiar until the official website was updated with her details.
    • The seed that Sayaka uses in episode six was probably Elly's. Also, chapter four of the manga clearly shows her dropping a seed although the design details are different, like all of the grief seeds in the manga version.
  • The H.N. in Elly's name can stand for Handle Name, a term for nick name in Japan. This would mean her true name is Kirsten, while she referred to herself as Elly as her other identity on the internet, or maybe while she was still a magic girl.
  • Elly's name may be a reference to the character Eri Mizutani from THE [email protected] Dearly Stars. Eri was a hikkikomori internet idol that went by the name ELLIE.
  • Elly said "I really had fun today, I want to do it again. Next time, I'll bring a bentou" (今日は本当に楽しかったねえ、また行きたいね。今度はお弁当持って行こう) in reverse speech right before Madoka entered her barrier.
  • Other fans believe that Elly once was rather hostile and wanted attention and maybe dream of being an idol or diva ( hence the TV screens ) when she was a magical girl. The reason for the flying angels were to represent that her goals in becoming one would never be successful, or in this case, they would fly so high you would never reach.
  • Elly also has the message of 'look at me' message in her labyrinth.
  • A picture of a girl in a magical girl-like attire appears in one of Elly's television screens; this is speculated to be her form as a magical girl. At the very end of the series, a motif shot of silhouettes of several magical girls appear; the silhouette of this girl is seen among them, giving credence to this theory.
    • It may also be the actual witch, hidden (literally) behind a computer screen which would fit in with her reclusive description and the next point:
  • Pausing as the monitor smashes open on the ground will reveal Kirsten's body. (That shadow amongst the blood.)
  • The Guidebook indicates Elly's labyrinth design as a Snowglobe (スノードーム). It has the line, "I have only one wish. Box up that memory." (私の願いはただひとつ、あの思い出をとじこめて). It states that when the Witch dies, the lights on the Christmas tree and merry-go-round short out. There's a 'basssh!' sound.
    • One could speculate that Elly wanted to forget or erase a painful memory or a traumatic event. Perhaps it happened around Christmas time, near a merry-go-round.
    • In modern film and literature, snow globes often symbolize childhood, innocence or so-called "happy days". However, they are also sometimes used, with dark humor, to evoke more gruesome scenes.
    • In accordance with her wish to box up a memory, Elly examines Madoka's memories and captures them in her monitors. The screens show images of Mami and her death.
    • Another interpretation of "boxing up a memory" could be that she had a happy memory that she wanted to keep safe.
    • There is a character in the animation "Gregory Horror Show" called TV-Fish, which looks similar to Elly, and also projects memories.

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Everything in the following fan gallery is created, or the comments accompanying them are created, for entertainment value and should not be confused with actual canon events of the Puella Magi franchise.

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