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Patricia (PATRICIA) is one of the witches that appeared in Episode 10. It is speculated that the original magical girl wanted to enjoy a bright and happy youth. Others speculate that she may be an abuse victim.

Card Patricia.png



TypeClass representative witch
EpisodesEpisode 10

The class representative witch. Her nature is to remain an onlooker. Using the spiderlike threads which she vomits forth, she created a school for herself alone within the sky of her barrier and endlessly acts out an ordinary daily student life there. If you ring the going-home bell, this witch will likely return to her house somewhere.


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TypeClass representative witch's minion
EpisodesEpisode 10, The Rebellion Story

The class representative witch's minions. Their role is to be her classmates. Although the skates on their feet allow them to glide gracefully along the threads, all of them are actually controlled by the witch using her threads, and they have no will of their own.

Speculations and Observations

  • As shown in Episode 10, She appeared in 2nd timeline, and was defeated by Mami, Madoka and Homura. But the cover of Blu-Ray Volume 5 shows that all 5 magical girls are fighting against her. It is suspected that she also appears in other timelines.
  • The Guide Book states that Patricia's labyrinth is the sky with the line, "It's raining again today. How long will I continue to be unlucky for?" (今日という日が雨だなんて私はどれほどついていないんだろう). According with the description when the Witch dies it rains heavily and there is the sound like an aircraft crashing.
    • It is possible Patricia had low self-esteem and regarded herself unlucky.
    • Perhaps Patricia became a Witch as a result of a plane crash accident, caused by a storm, and considered herself more unlucky than usual.
      • It's unlikely that she died from a plane crash because magical girls most commonly die from getting killed by a witch
        • Perhaps her magic was rain-related, and accidentally caused a plane crash.
  • It is speculated that she may have been a rape victim, more specifically, offended by one or more of her class/schoolmates - hence the hands coming out of her skirt and the multiple arms she has; as if to signify the offender(s) touching/grabbing at her.
    • This could also support the numerous clothes lines and uniforms, by saying that she's constantly washing her clothes (and body) to get rid of the filth/feeling.
      • It could also be supported by the mentioning that her familiars, who represent her classmates, have no free will and are controlled by her--such abuse removes free will from the victim, after all, giving the control over to the offender. In her witch state, she may have reversed this by taking control over the classmates who took control over her. They also have no upper bodies, and exist solely from the waist down... the symbolism of which is fairly obvious.
        • The line about rain could be a reference to her wishing to feel clean again. Yet, even though 'it's raining again today', the rain still doesn't make her feel clean. How long will that go on? 'How long will I continue to be unlucky for?'
          • Witches always have some way of stealing the souls of those who enter their Labyrinth; be it eating them, dragging them into themselves, or more exotic methods. Up this witch's skirt appears to be some sort of infinite orifice. Add to that the uniforms, the fact that witches originate from young girls, take note of the odd position the witch appears to be in, and that her familiars have bruises on their thighs... and realize that it is very, very likely that you're looking at a Puella Magi who fell to despair and turned into a Witch because of sexual abuse.
            • To make things even worse, remember how Homura killed her... by throwing a bomb up Patricia's skirt.



This section contains fanart images

Everything in the following fan gallery is created, or the comments accompanying them are created, for entertainment value and should not be confused with actual canon events of the Puella Magi franchise.


  • In the TBS version of the broadcast, spider-like patterns are added to the underside of Patricia's skirt.
  • In the Rebellion Story, Mathieus are shown only for a quick glimpse assisting the fight against Homulilly, along with other familiars from the other witches.

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