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Tsukuyo Amane
Tsukuyo amane profile.png
Japanese Name 天音月夜 (Amane Tsukuyo)
Voiced by Japanese: Maaya Uchida

Tsukuyo Amane is the one of the original characters of the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record. Her twin sister is Tsukasa Amane. She and her sister first appeared as antagonists in the game until they were released as playable characters on November 30, 2017.


General Info

Physical features

  • Eye colour: Dark Red
  • Hair colour: Brown


  • Soul Gem: Red Ying-Yang hanging from a necklace
  • Weapon: Flute
  • Wish: "I want us to never hate each other" (referring to her twin sister)
  • Witch form: Dum
  • School: Mizumei Girls' School

Game Info

Game related data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★4 → ★5 100 Balance Attribute dark.png
Initial 5811 1892 1911
Max at ★4 20768 6909 6929
Max at ★5 26146 8708 8728
Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk charge.png Disk charge.png Disk charge.png
Connect: We will play this part together
★4: Charged Damage UP [IX] & Probability Critical [VII]
★5: Charged Damage UP [XI] & Probability Critical [IX]
Magia: Cherry Blizzard
★4: Attribute Strengthened Damage All Enemies [V] & Charged Damage UP (All / 3 T)
★5: Attribute Strengthened Damage All Enemies [VII] & Charged Damage UP (All / 5 T)


A magical girl who wants to liberate her twin sister Tsukasa. I'm usually working on practicing koto songs, brushwork, dances, and other womanly skills which she's excellent at. Although confidence and synchronization from her juniors is strong, but there is no friend who can relieve her, and her mind is most at ease with her younger sister Tsukasa.

Doppel Description

The Doppel of isolation. Its form is a terrarium. The master of this emotion, not being bound by her own emotions or disposition is reliant on her other half as the one person who understands her. By using this Doppel, the two of them isolate themselves from everything except each other, and none of the changes in this world can affect them. Within this tiny half-planet, they only have need for each other. The use of this Doppel shuts out all physical phenomena and the passage of time, guaranteeing one’s personal safety, but as a side effect, the memories of anyone other than the two of them will fade away.

Side Story

In an abandoned museum, Mifuyu Azusa tells Tsukuyo and Tsukasa Amane that the AI Rumor has disappeared and they need to be more careful. The Amanes apologize, claiming their actions were worthless. Mifuyu says they did a good job on the website and won't blame them. Tsukuyo wonders why their opponents are so fixated on Rumors. Tsukasa says if they just left them alone, the victims will eventually be freed. Mifuyu says that Iroha is looking for her younger sister and found a lead in the Rumors.

The Amanes are reminded of themselves, when they didn't know each other. Alina Gray appears and asks what they're talking about. She says she's curious about their past and wishes, and says she'll let them off easy if they tell her. She says her flutes might become her favorite pigment if they don't say anything. The girls understand, and begin their story.

A long time ago, Tsukuyo was far busier than she was, being forced into clubs and practice. Tsukuyo tells her koto] club they need to prepare for the cultural festival and strive to earn the gold medal. She says doing so otherwise would shame Mifuyu's achievements. Afterward, Tsukuyo thinks she still has brushwork practice and dance lessons. However, she thinks that Tsukuyo Akidzuki will not succumb. Suddenly Mifuyu arrives. Tsukuyo says Mifuyu should be off from school until graduation and she should be finished with the koto club. Mifuyu says she's here for the handicraft club, whose president is in the hospital.

Mifuyu asks Tsukuyo if she was concentrating on practice. Tsukuyo says she was, and also she was asked by the calligraphy club to help. Then the Japanese dance association called her. Mifuyu wonders why she can't turn them down and take a break. Tsukuyo says she appreciates the fact that they ask her. Mifuyu says Tsukuyo shouldn't overwork herself, especially with her strict grandmother. Tsukuyo admits her grandmother would be angry even if she collapsed. Mifuyu says it must be tough to be born in Mizuna Ward. When Tsukuyo says it should be the same for her, Mifuyu says compared to Tsukuyo's family she has it easy. Tsukuyo narrates that Mizuna Ward girls undergo the appropriate education so as to not shame their ancestor's history. In her own family, they honor traditions considered outdated.

Tsukuyo says that she was forced to attend all sorts of practice, which tired her mentally and physically. When she returns home, her grandmother asks if she made progress. Tsukuyo says she can look forward to their next recital. Her grandmother then says she is going to test Tsukuyo on the dish she taught her yesterday. Tsukuyo asks for a short break, but her grandmother tells her no to be so weak. She says at her age, she'd never even think of asking that and claims she's trying to go easy on Tsukuyo.

That night, Tsukuyo's grandmother passes her meal and says that they'll have it for dinner. Before she can give Tsukuyo her next task, she's interrupted by Tsukuyo's mother. Tsukuyo's mother says that Tsukuyo's at her limit. Tsukuyo's grandmother tell her daughter not to butt in when she gave up halfway. She says she won't let Tsukuyo be taken by some strange man like her mother was. Tsukuyo tells her mother not to worry, because she can handle it.

Tsukuyo narrates that due to her constant practice and errands for other people, she would start to lose sight of herself. The thing that saved her was a bamboo flute her father gave her when she was young. Her grandmother would always get angry when she saw it, so Tsukuyo kept it hidden. Occasionally, she would take it out and play, which was her greatest source of comfort. Tsukuyo would play the flute at a shrine some distance from her house. One day, after she finishes playing, she sees a glimpse of a girl who looks like her. Tsukuyo narrates this was her first meeting with Tsukasa, and the first event leading to their wishes.

For some time afterward, Tsukuyo would be disturbed by the person she saw at the shrine, to the point where it affected her club practice. Her fellow members notice her discomfort and offer her a short break. Tsukuyo is relunctant to accept, but acquiesces. When she goes outside, Mifuyu sees Tsukuyo crying. Mifuyu asks her what's wrong, but Tsukuyo thinks Mifuyu wouldn't believe her. She tells Mifuyu that practice is tough. Mifuyu says asks if she can put a word in for Tsukuyo, even though they're not from the same family. Tsukuyo says they'll just get angry at Mifuyu an insists she has it handled.

Mifuyu asks what Tsukuyo is really worried about. She says that she knows Tsukuyo well from being the koto club president and so knew she was hiding something. Tsukuyo relents and tells her about the girl she saw. Mifuyu asks if it's really that scary. Tsukuyo claims that if you meet your doppelgänger you die. She says her grandmother told her it happened on TV a while back. Tsukuyo tells Mifuyu this might be her last goodbye. Mifuyu bursts out laughing and says it's just superstition. When Tsukuyo protests, Mifuyu tells her to go to the shrine and take another look. Mifuyu says she's sure it will turn out to be nothing.

At the shrine, Tsukuyo closes her eyes due to her fear. She then bumps into someone which turns out to be the girl who looks like herself. The two of them start talking at the same time, asking the other not to kill them. Suddenly the girl asks if Tsukuyo's name is also Tsukasa Amane. Tsukuyo explains her own name is different. The girls are shocked by the amount of coincidences. Tsukuyo asks Tsukasa why she comes to the shrine, and Tsukasa answers she goes there when she's tired. Tsukuyo says the same is true for her. When she reveals she was named at the shrine, Tsukasa says the same is also true for her.

Tsukuyo begins to wonder if Tsukasa really is her doppelganger. She asks Tsukasa what she came here to do, and the two decide to answer on the count of three. They both say they're there to play flute. Convinced that the other is a doppelganger, the two girls try to distract each other, then run away. However, they bump into each other and drop their flutes. The girls see that both flutes are the same except for one difference: Each flute has a half moon shape inscribed in the opposite direction from the other. Both of them were the flutes of Tsukuyo's father. Both Tsukuyo and Tsukasa realize that their names contain the characters for moon, and deduce that they're twin sisters.

Tsukasa explained that their father is a craftsman who runs the "Amane Bamboo Workshop", and that her name was originally Amane as well. The girls then started to talk about themselves. Tsukuyo complains that her grandmother enrolled her in practice on the weekends without telling her. Tsukasa understands her grandmother wants her to be a proper Mizuna lady, but doesn't think she should sacrifice her individuality. Tsukuyo says she has no time of her own, and even though everyone respects her no-one wants to be friends with her. Tsukasa understands and says they're even similar in that way.

To Tsukuyo, Tsukasa was the first person she could speak her true thoughts to without hesitation. The girls plan to meet again in the future. Recognizing their parents tried to hide their relationship, the two recorded their contact information under pseudonyms. For Tsukuyo, she recorded Tsukasa under "○", the symbol of the full moon. Tsukuyo narrates that there was meaning in the flute from her father.

While Tsukasa and Tsukuyo were happy to talk to each other at first, they began to see different sides to themselves. When the girls eat at restaurant, Tsukuyo admits she's never eaten a hamburger, or french fries. When Tsukasa shows her how, Tsukuyo is shocked she's using her bare hands to eat. Tsukuyo couldn't help but think that it was improper for Tsukasa to cross her legs and eat food with her bare hands. Tsukasa then takes Tsukuyo to a used clothing shop, explaining the clothes are cleaned thoroughly. Tsukuyo thinks wearing used clothes meant Tsukasa didn't care about appearance.

Suddenly one of Tsukasa's friends calls out to her. She asks if Tsukuyo is her twin, but Tsukasa denies this and playfully hits the friend. Tsukuyo tells Tsukasa they shouldn't hit people, but Tsukasa says their close enough to do that. Tsukuyo starts to believe that Tsukasa was a coarse person. Tsukuyo narrates that the more they met, the less Tsukasa and her views aligned. In hindsight, Tsukuyo admits she was ignorant of society, but at the time, her friendship with Tsukasa deteriorated.

One day, Tsukuyo asked her mother why she split with her father. Her mother said it was because they couldn't bury their differences. She says that love overcoming difference in status and upbringing was just a fantasy. Tsukuyo's mother suggests she pick friends and lovers that are well-matched with her. Tsukuyo's mother says that once her feelings are hurt, she won't be able to mend them. Tsukuyo narrates that her mother's answer sharply pierced her and lingered like a curse.

One day, as the twins walked through the city, Tsukuyo felt the people were giving her strange looks. The twins tell each other there's something they need to ask. Then they start talking about their mutual dissatisfaction. Tsukasa says that Tsukuyo is giving her a strange look, while Tsukuyo says Tsukasa is being mean. Tsukuyo narrates how Tsukasa was fed up with how polite she was. Tsukasa believed that Tsukuyo was too concerned with appearences, and was using Tsukasa to make herself look better. The girls criticized each other, then argued. Tsukasa yells about Tsukuyo is always so concerned with formality. She says she should take a chill pill and relax, as Tsukasa finds it stifling to be around her.

Tsukuyo says that Tsukasa's idea of relaxation is vulgarity. She never asked her to pay for any of this, so at least Tsukasa could reform her manners. Tsukasa says Tsukuyo's lifestyle and behavior is far from normal and says she'll never have friends if she's so formal all the time. Tsukuyo says that Tsukasa's friends are only friends on the surface since she doesn't tell them her true feelings. Tsukasa says they can't understand what she's going through. Tsukuyo says Tsukasa should understand she feels the same way with her grandmother to deal with. Tsukasa says she has to deal with her father and his apprentices. The girls decide they don't want to see each other anymore, and probably aren't twins. Tsukuyo thinks her mother was right.

For awhile, the girls stopped seeing each other. One day, Mifuyu meets up with Tsukuyo at school. She says the club president she was filling in for recovered. Tsukuyo apologizes, since they only got the silver medal at the cultural art festival. Mifuyu says it's fine, and asks Tsukuyo if she's alright. She says Tsukuyo was looking better for awhile, but now is back to her serious face. Tsukuyo tells her not to worry, and is glad Mifuyu is concerned for her. Tsukuyo and thinks she'll skip practice, play the flute and go home. She think she can't take it anymore unless she does it. However, worried she'll run into Tsukasa, she decides to play at the riverbank. However, even though she plays the flute, she still feels sad.

Tsukuyo admits that she still wants to talk to Tsukasa. However, they were only happy when voicing their gripes to each other, and once they found aspects of each other they didn't like, those became too noticeable. Suddenly, Tsukuyo gets a message for her grandmother. In it, her grandmother scolds her for taking a break without permission and says she was a fool to think Tsukuyo wouldn't soil the Akidzuki family name. She says she's asked Tsukuyo's instructors for twice as much practice as the break she's taken, and tells her not to move until her grandmother can pick her up.

Tsukuyo suddenly lashes out at her grandmother. She insists she's an Amane, not her grandmother's doll or a sacrifice for the Akidzuki faily. Suddenly Tsukuyo loses consciousness. The last thing she remembers if Mifuyu calling out her name. At the hospital, Mifuyu is there to see her. She tells Tsukuyo that the doctors believe she collapsed from stress. Mifuyu is surprised to find Tsukuyo's younger twin sister collapsed at the same time. Tsukuyo says it's just a misunderstanding, but Mifuyu said the pediatrician remembered them. Apparently they were the first childbirth he was in charge of. When they were born, the girls were holding hands.

Tsukuyo thinks she accepted Tsukasa the moment she was born and regrets getting angry at trivial things. Mifuyu says she has a call to make and leaves. Tsukasa arrives to talk to her sister. She suggests they throw everything from their pasts away and start with a blank slate. Tsukasa thinks if they don't they'll be crushed by adults. Tsukuyo says she was thinking the same thing, and they should start over from when they received their names from the shrine. The girls agree to become each others sisters again Tsukuyo says they might end up hating each other again, and the girls think their hearts might not be able to take it. When Tsukuyo thinks of her mother's words from earlier, Kyubey appears and says their pledge can be granted as a wish. The girls both wish for the same thing: "I want us to never hate each other"

Back in the present, the girls finish their story. Mifuyu says she was quite surprised when she came back to Tsukuyo's room. Alina grunts to herself and leaves. Tsukuyo asks if she didn't like it, and Tsukasa begs for forgiveness. Alina says she won't do anything to them. Their story simply inspired her to make some artwork. The Amanes are relieved. Mifuyu figures they should go themselves. Tsukuyo suggests to Tsukasa that they should play at the shrine on the way back, since it's been awhile. Tsukasa agrees. Tsukuyo thinks the flute's song is haunting and lovely, which it has been ever since she found it. When she plays her heart grows warm. "Oh sound, where are you headed? To my unseen younger sister". Tsukuyo narrates that their only allies are each other, and they're always together.

Event Story: Mitama's Special Training - Amane Sisters and Tsuruno Episode

Tsuruno Yui dreams of herself in elementary school. Her younger self makes a report about her grandfather. She says her grandfather is very kind, and gives her and her big sister an allowance when their stingy grandmother and mother won't give them anything. She claims her father is nice but gets depressed when Tsuruno's mom and grandmother yell at him. Having heard stories about their family's greatness, Tsuruno and her sister plan to restore the family. Little Tsuruno says that in the future she will become President and serve ramen at the White House.

The dream cuts to Tsuruno's house, where her father tells the young Tsuruno that her grandfather heard the presentation. While her grandfather was happy, he doesn't want Tsuruno to force herself. Instead, he wants Tsuruno to search for her own happiness. The dreaming Tsuruno thinks that her happiness is to fulfill her grandfather's dream, together with her sister who is currently overseas. Tsuruno thinks that if she's seeing this dream, then her sister is going to call her soon. After she wakes up, Tsuruno gets a letter from her sister. Excited, she opens the letter, but is shocked bu it's contents.

Later on, Tsukuyo and Tsukasa Amane confront Tsuruno in a witch's barrier. They want revenge for the time Tsuruno caught Tsukuyo at her school. However, Tsuruno is barely aware of what's going on as she thinks about her sister's letter. The Amane twins easily knock Tsuruno out. Initially celebrating their victory, they become horrified when Tsuruno isn't moving. Meanwhile Tsuruno dreams about her sister's letter. It turns out her sister thinks their goal of fufilling their grandfather's dream might be a mistake. She believes that when their grandfather told them to treasure their own happiness, it was his way of refuting their goal. She wrote that they may have corrupted their grandfather's dream with their self-righteousness. Yui's sister reveals she has her own dream now and apologizes, suggesting Tsuruno should think about it too.

In her dream, Tsuruno wonders if everything she did was for nothing, but decides that her grandfather would be happy about her goals. Suddenly she's confronted by a shadowy version of herself. The shadow Tsuruno says she is stealing someone else's dream without considering their feelings. It also claims Tsuruno doesn't even know how to fulfill that dream, which is why she went around challenging people to duels and asking favors "under the pretense of training". Tsuruno says she's trying, one step at a time, but the shadow says that she's doing something nobody asked for. The shadow claims that Tsuruno's grandfather never wanted her to take over the business. Though Tsuruno begs her counterpart not to say it, the shadow says that everything Tsuruno did was meaningless.

Back in reality, the Amane sisters bring Tsuruno to Mitama Yakumo and ask for help. Mitama notes her Soul Gem is tainted, but her body is fine. When Mitama asks why the Amanes would help an enemy, they say that their goal is to save all magical girls. Mitama says it's admirable before suddenly exclaiming that they have to take Tsuruno outside. When Tsukasa asks why, Mitama says they should tell by how Tsuruno's Soul Gem looks. Back in the dream, Tsuruno is reduced to helplessly repeating her shadow. The shadow says that if she doesn't succeed in the family business her actions are meaningless, and if she does succeed it will still be worthless. She tells Tsuruno that since no-one wanted her to do it, she has nothing.

Tsuruno admits that from the very beginning she couldn't accomplish anything. The shadow asks if Tsuruno is hurting. When she says yes, it tells her to forget everything and sleep, never thinking anything else again. Suddenly, Tsuruno thinks of her friends - Yachiyo Nanami, Iroha Tamaki, Felicia Mitsuki, and Sana Futaba. The shadow tells Tsuruno to hurry up and come, but Tsuruno says she can't go. Even though she hasn't accomplished anything, and even if reviving her family is just a pipe dream, there's still something meaningful. Tsuruno says she's met Momoko Togame and Mifuyu Azusa, and made friends with Yachiyo, Iroha, and their teammates.

The shadow tells Tsuruno that has nothing to do with Tsuruno's family or their business, but Tsuruno says she wants to make them all happy. She says it's her new goal, and therefore she does have something left. Recalling her grandfather's words, Tsuruno realizes she found happiness. Before she knew it, she wasn't working for the family business but for her friends. The shadow points out she still ignored her grandfather's feelings. Tsuruno agrees, much to the shadow's surprise. Tsuruno says she finally understands what her grandfather was trying to say - saving in the business wasn't a goal, it was just a possible result. She believes her grandfather was telling her she didn't have to go out of her way to aim for it, and claims she will treasure the things that make her happy.

The shadow asks Tsuruno what she will do. Tsuruno guesses the shadow is her, and says she'll accept herself. Since her old goal was meaningless, she'll try to help Iroha and the others find Ui Tamaki and bring Mifuyu back. She doesn't know what to do after that, but says her happiness is making everyone happy. She says she's been thinking of it as her family business now. Tsuruno says she might end up aiming to serve ramen at the White House. The shadow says that would be fun, and Tsuruno agrees.

In an alleway, Tsuruno wakes up and sees the Amane sisters and Mitama...along with her Doppel. Tsuruno is initially excited, but is shocked to find that it's a bright and shiny pig. Tsukasa wonders if it symbolizes Tsuruno's gluttony, while Tsukuyo thinks it's something an wealthy upstart might like. Tsuruno says her Doppel is too embarrassing to use in public. The Doppel disappears, and Tsuruno says she's too embarrassed to show it to Yachiyo and the others. The Amanes are happy Tsuruno is safe. When Tsuruno is confused, Mitama explains how they helped her.

The Amanes claim they have no desire to kill people. Tsuruno says they're nice. Tsukuyo says she had a proper upbringing, while Tsukasa says being polite with customers is part of her job. Tsukuyo says they're even now. Mitama says she saw something nice today, and that friendship between foes is wonderful. While she insists it's not an exchange, she offers to strengthen the three girls for free. Tsuruno points out she didn't do anything. Mitama explains she expects Tsuruno to be exhausted from summoning her Doppel. She also says she would have never seen i without Tsuruno and the Amanes.

Mitama wants to begin the strengthening now, but Tsukuyo says she has practice, and Tsukasa says she has to prepare food for the students. However, Mitama insists as she doesn't usually get the chance to "adjust" a pair of twins. The Amanes quickly get nervous and try to leave, but are caught by Tsuruno. Tsuruno drags the girls into Mitama's "Adjusting Room". Tsuruno thinks she came to a different conclusion than her sister did. She believes her grandfather was hinted at how to succeed in the family business. Tsuruno admits it might be a convenient interpretation but plans to keep working hard. Tsuruno says she'll make everyone happy. Tsukuyo begs to be let go if that's the case.

Other Appearances


  • The characters in her last name mean "heaven" (天) and "sound" (音) respectively.
  • The characters of her first name mean "moon" (月) and "night" (夜) respectively.



Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
Never-Ending Practice
Guaranteed Provoke & Defense UP [VIII] (Self / 1 Turn)
Max Limit Break:
Guaranteed Provoke & Defense UP [IX] (Self / 1 Turn)
Normal: 6 turns
Max Limit Break:
5 turns
After the koto section, it's practicing brush work, after that it's flower arranging, after that is a bath, reading classic literature to grandma, and in the morning get practice cooking. Surely we will banish evil thoughts! Now even if we don't the six for our club, we can get through this tournament... 「箏曲部の後は毛筆のお稽古、その後は確か華道が入っていて、お風呂を上がってからは、お婆さまに言われた古典文学を読んで、朝起きたら確かお料理の稽古を、って邪念は捨てるでございます!今は部員の皆さまに六段の調を極めてもらわないと、今度の大会を切り抜けるには…」
Tsukuyo's Treasure
Draw Owner's Disks
Max Limit Break:
Draw Owner's Disks
15 turns
Max Limit Break:
13 turns

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