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The page has been abandoned, as i realised i made the summaries too long and convoluted


Once upon a timeline, Madoka isn't acting like the way Homura's used to. This Madoka doesn't have her priorities straight, takes the wrong things seriously, and is willing to lie to get Homura off her back.
When Walpurgis night finally arrives, she wishes for her dads cooking and sets off to overkill Walpurgisnacht. Having learned absolutely nothing, Homura leaves the timeline behind.

Episode 1: "Space Case Madoka" Time Flow

In her recent attempts to save Madoka, Homura has been noticing changes in how the other girls behave. The changes have become increasingly apparent, eventually resulting in this timeline. Basically,

  • Madoka is quite scatterbrained, i.e. forgetting both Homura's name and her warnings five seconds after she's told so.
  • Sayaka is already contracted, and is a complete ditz. She also constantly loses her soul gem.
  • One day Mami spaced out and stepped on her soul gem. Basically she accidentally killed herself.
  • Kyouko is still Kyouko, but her... "glutton" aspect has been turned up to eleven.

Whatever. These are just minor problems. There's no way Homura will be bogged down petty differences like these! ...she thinks as Madoka forgets the last half-hour.
Somewhere along the timeline our favorite Yuri couple happen upon Sayaka's lifeless body again. Then a witch showed up. So did Kyouko. And Kyubey's here too. A few hundred bullets, One six pack of Umashibo snack sticks, and one really heavy weight and chain later, the problem is resolved.
Back to Sayaka's corpse. It turns out Sayaka sold something online and accidentally packed and shipped her soul gem along with said something. Homura decided to track down the gem with Madoka. Cue sudden fantasy about taking a vacation with Madoka. Homura's motivation has increased sharply! Then Charlotte (whom Homura apparently just killed) appears. Then Sayaka witches out. And Walpurgisnacht shows up way too early.
It is at this moment that Homura realized: this entire world is centered around being spaced out.
And then Madoka was a Magical Girl! Guess it's time to kill all the witches! Then Madoka accidentally blows up Mitakihara and witches out.

(What the f*ck just happened?)

Whatever. Start over! Hopefully this next timeli- TWO SOUL GEMS!?

Episode 2: "Soul Gem ×300" Time Flow

But Homura doesn't know that yet. Right now she counts 56 soul gems, all of them glowing like the real thing. Dammit, there are bigger problems to worry about! Like Madoka! But damn those soul gems are hea- [Homura passes out.] There was a soul gem behind the bed. Plus 23 around the room... Homura is exhausted. (current count: 70 soul gems.)
Mami's already dead and Kyouko doesn't count, which means Homura's on her own. Kyubey (who shows up out of nowhere) explains it best: "You see, in this world, Magical Girl use up their soul gems as they fight. If the counter in your upper right corner decreases to 0 - that is, you lose all of soul gems, you turn into a witch- oops, wrong slide." Homura has 300. With Kyubeys help, she tracks all of them down within a week. Except that it actually took a month, and Madoka witches out just when Homura is leaving the hospital. Time flies for the aged, and Homura is no exception.
The worst part is Homura never got to meet Madoka once during this timeline.
There's always next time, Homu-Homu! (Imaginary Madoka-20XX)