Magia Record Story Let's go to the All Gods Festival! ~ Our Small Break Time ~

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Event Story

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This Is The Warmest Day Login Special

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Scene 1

Iroha is going about her day when Sana suddenly asks her to blow on a pinwheel. Iroha is willing but when she asks why, Felicia says it’s for preparation. Sana warns her not to say too much as Ui presents Iroha with the pinwheel. Confused, Iroha does as they ask and blows on the pinwheel, causing it to spin around quickly. Tsuruno and the rest of the girls thank Iroha for her help before scampering off.

Scene 2

The Mikazuki Villa household are watching a cooking competition on t.v. together. To their surprise, the simple shortcake ended up winning the cake competition despite the variety of cakes that were entered. Yachiyo looks at Iroha and nonchalantly asks her what she thinks about shortcake. Iroha says she loves it and that sometimes a simple shortcake is best even when you can’t decide on what you want for a special sweet. Yachiyo nods in understanding. All this talk of cake is making Iroha want some so she suggests they bake their own cake right now. But Yachiyo quickly shoots down the idea and says it’s better if she has patience and waits to indulge in her favorite treat since eating it occasionally is what makes it special. Iroha is taken aback and asks how long she should wait before having some. Yachiyo mysteriously tells her the day will be upon them sooner than she thinks.

Scene 3

Yachiyo is taking all the laundry to the machine to be washed. Tsuruno sees her and asks her why she’s taking the laundry down if it’s…a nd then it dawns on her why. Sana also realizes that it’s actually Iroha’s turn to do laundry today and offers to help. As they help Yachiyo sort the laundry, Tsuruno asks her if she’s made a decision yet about “that”. Yachiyo admits she hasn’t although she’s tried to come up with numerous ideas. Sana says it’s harder than usual since they can’t just outright ask the person. Yachiyo looks down at the laundry when she’s struck by an idea. She holds up a pair of Iroha’s socks and points out how they’ve gotten worn over time. They were a pair of Iroha’s favorite cute socks but despite the care with which Iroha took care of them, they still showed their age. The three decide it’s the perfect idea.

Around the corner, Iroha watches in confusion. She had originally come down to take care of the laundry but instead she found her friends showing off her socks to one another.

Scene 4

Yachiyo calls everyone (except Iroha) together to discuss a big problem she came across. How are they going to call her name while they are singing to her? Tsuruno looks at her perplexed until Yachiyo explains that she calls Iroha by her name without honorifics. Tsuruno then realizes what she means and that she adds “-chan” to her name when she is talking to her. Sana adds “-san” to her name whereas Felicia just calls her by her name without honorifics as well. Ui doesn’t even use her name and instead simply calls her “onee-chan”. If they were to sing to her and all use different names, then the song would fall apart. They decide to settle on Iroha-chan, but some of them find it weird to call her by that. They decide to practice and are found standing around saying “Iroha-chan” repeatedly to themselves when Iroha finds them.

Scene 5

Iroha has decided that she needs to address how strangely everyone has been acting around her. She can tell they’re trying to hide something room her but she isn’t sure what. She heads downstairs to talk to everyone together but the lights suddenly go out just as she’s about to confront them. Suddenly the lights turn back on and she can hear everyone’s voices begin to sing Happy Birthday to her as they light a candle on a large strawberry shortcake. Sana tells her to blow out the candle but Iroha isn’t sure she can blow out such a big candle. Felicia says she’s sure she can do it because they have the same lung capacity and sure enough Iroha blows out the flame. Everyone yells out Happy Birthday once more as they present her with her gift: a pair of cute socks just like the ones that were her favorite. Iroha had forgotten it was her birthday much to everyone’s surprise, but they know it’s just part of Iroha’s charm. They all gather together as Yachiyo takes everyone’s picture to commemorate this special occasion. Iroha thanks everyone and wonders if she should wear her special new socks to the upcoming festival.

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