Magia Record Story Mitama's Special Training - Amane Sisters and Tsuruno Episode

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Tsuruno Yui dreams of herself in elementary school. Her younger self makes a report about her grandfather. She says her grandfather is very kind, and gives her and her big sister an allowance when their stingy grandmother and mother won't give them anything. She claims her father is nice but gets depressed when Tsuruno's mom and grandmother yell at him. Having heard stories about their family's greatness, Tsuruno and her sister plan to restore the family. Little Tsuruno says that in the future she will become President and serve ramen at the White House.

The dream cuts to Tsuruno's house, where her father tells the young Tsuruno that her grandfather heard the presentation. While her grandfather was happy, he doesn't want Tsuruno to force herself. Instead, he wants Tsuruno to search for her own happiness. The dreaming Tsuruno thinks that her happiness is to fulfill her grandfather's dream, together with her sister who is currently overseas. Tsuruno thinks that if she's seeing this dream, then her sister is going to call her soon. After she wakes up, Tsuruno gets a letter from her sister. Excited, she opens the letter, but is shocked by it's contents.

Later on, Tsukuyo Amane and Tsukasa Amane confront Tsuruno in a witch's barrier. They want revenge for the time Tsuruno caught Tsukuyo at her school. However, Tsuruno is barely aware of what's going on as she thinks about her sister's letter. The Amane twins easily knock Tsuruno out. Initially celebrating their victory, they become horrified when Tsuruno isn't moving. Meanwhile Tsuruno dreams about her sister's letter. It turns out her sister thinks their goal of fulfilling their grandfather's dream might be a mistake. She believes that when their grandfather told them to treasure their own happiness, it was his way of refuting their goal. She wrote that they may have corrupted their grandfather's dream with their self-righteousness. Tsuruno's sister reveals she has her own dream now and apologizes, suggesting Tsuruno should think about it too.

In her dream, Tsuruno wonders if everything she did was for nothing, but decides that her grandfather would be happy about her goals. Suddenly she's confronted by a shadowy version of herself. The shadow Tsuruno says she is stealing someone else's dream without considering their feelings. It also claims Tsuruno doesn't even know how to fulfill that dream, which is why she went around challenging people to duels and asking favors "under the pretense of training". Tsuruno says she's trying, one step at a time, but the shadow says that she's doing something nobody asked for. The shadow claims that Tsuruno's grandfather never wanted her to take over the business. Though Tsuruno begs her counterpart not to say it, the shadow says that everything Tsuruno did was meaningless.

Back in reality, the Amane sisters bring Tsuruno to Mitama Yakumo and ask for help. Mitama notes her Soul Gem is tainted, but her body is fine. When Mitama asks why the Amanes would help an enemy, they say that their goal is to save all magical girls. Mitama says it's admirable before suddenly exclaiming that they have to take Tsuruno outside. When Tsukasa asks why, Mitama says they should tell by how Tsuruno's Soul Gem looks. Back in the dream, Tsuruno is reduced to helplessly repeating her shadow. The shadow says that if she doesn't succeed in the family business her actions are meaningless, and if she does succeed it will still be worthless. She tells Tsuruno that since no-one wanted her to do it, she has nothing.

Tsuruno admits that from the very beginning she couldn't accomplish anything. The shadow asks if Tsuruno is hurting. When she says yes, it tells her to forget everything and sleep, never thinking anything else again. Suddenly, Tsuruno thinks of her friends - Yachiyo, Iroha Tamaki, Felicia Mitsuki, and Sana Futaba. The shadow tells Tsuruno to hurry up and come, but Tsuruno says she can't go. Even though she hasn't accomplished anything, and even if reviving her family is just a pipe dream, there's still something meaningful. Tsuruno says she's met Momoko and Mifuyu Azusa, and made friends with Yachiyo, Iroha, and their teammates.

The shadow tells Tsuruno that has nothing to do with Tsuruno's family or their business, but Tsuruno says she wants to make them all happy. She says it's her new goal, and therefore she does have something left. Recalling her grandfather's words, Tsuruno realizes she found happiness. Before she knew it, she wasn't working for the family business but for her friends. The shadow points out she still ignored her grandfather's feelings. Tsuruno agrees, much to the shadow's surprise. Tsuruno says she finally understands what her grandfather was trying to say - saving the business wasn't a goal, it was just a possible result. She believes her grandfather was telling her she didn't have to go out of her way to aim for it, and claims she will treasure the things that make her happy.

The shadow asks Tsuruno what she will do. Tsuruno guesses the shadow is her, and says she'll accept herself. Since her old goal was meaningless, she'll try to help Iroha and the others find Ui Tamaki and bring Mifuyu back. She doesn't know what to do after that, but says her happiness is making everyone happy. She says she's been thinking of it as her family business now. Tsuruno says she might end up aiming to serve ramen at the White House. The shadow says that would be fun, and Tsuruno agrees.

In an alleway, Tsuruno wakes up and sees the Amane sisters and Mitama...along with her Doppel. Tsuruno is initially excited, but is shocked to find that it's a bright and shiny pig. Tsukasa wonders if it symbolizes Tsuruno's gluttony, while Tsukuyo thinks it's something a wealthy upstart might like. Tsuruno says her Doppel is too embarrassing to use in public. The Doppel disappears, and Tsuruno says she's too embarrassed to show it to Yachiyo and the others. The Amanes are happy Tsuruno is safe. When Tsuruno is confused, Mitama explains how they helped her.

The Amanes claim they have no desire to kill people. Tsuruno says they're nice. Tsukuyo says she had a proper upbringing, while Tsukasa says being polite with customers is part of her job. Tsukuyo says they're even now. Mitama says she saw something nice today, and that friendship between foes is wonderful. While she insists it's not an exchange, she offers to strengthen the three girls for free. Tsuruno points out she didn't do anything. Mitama explains she expects Tsuruno to be exhausted from summoning her Doppel. She also says she would have never seen it without Tsuruno and the Amanes.

Mitama wants to begin the strengthening now, but Tsukuyo says she has practice, and Tsukasa says she has to prepare food for the students. However, Mitama insists as she doesn't usually get the chance to "adjust" a pair of twins. The Amanes quickly get nervous and try to leave, but are caught by Tsuruno. Tsuruno drags the girls into Mitama's "Adjusting Room". Tsuruno thinks she came to a different conclusion than her sister did. She believes her grandfather was hinting at how to succeed in the family business. Tsuruno admits it might be a convenient interpretation but plans to keep working hard. Tsuruno says she'll make everyone happy. Tsukuyo begs to be let go if that's the case.