Magia Record Story The howa-howa girl tries her best! ~Wait, this is a misunderstanding!~

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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.

Mayu is a young lady who has a unique charm that makes men, especially older ones fall for her, and even women cannot escape from it. The scary thing is she does not do this on purpose, and she has not been introduced to romantic love yet. Her magic is charming anyone she wants, but she thought it was only binding enemies.

Anyway, the story has it that her art museum where she works part time at had a valued calligraphy piece done by a famous and dead guy stolen, and her close friend, Ami Ria was caught in the cam as the last to be around before the piece is stolen. Mayu is working to prove her innocence.

On the way, she is joined by Asuka who has her dojo manual stolen, and they meet the idol Sayuki whom Momoko and Rena are chasing (also Mayu's friend) who also had her treasure, a book on the history of swords stolen. Manaka also had her new omelet rice eaten, and all evidence points to Ria. When they finally meet, it's revealed Ria also has had her scrap book stolen, and they join forces to find the witch.

The manage to beat it, but the three's treasure is not found, so they agree to continue the investigation at Walnuts (Manaka was sure that Ria is the culprit who stole her omelet rice, and her bet is if Mayu can prove Ria's innocence, they can have food there free for a month).

It is discovered that the witch they defeated is just a witch that a familiar evolved from. The actual witch is still about and the whole of Kamihama has victims of theft. It makes use of people to steal as well as Mayu finds out her boss, the curator, is trying to steal a famous painting he loaned from its owner to display back home.

In the end, Mayu uses the pendant her deceased dad made for her as a lure and manages to back track to the witch. Under Ria's suggestion, Mayu uses her magic and binds the witch while Asuka and Ria move the stolen stuff out of the barrier. Once done, they defeat the witch and get back their stuff.

Mayu's pendant is badly damaged by the witch and familiar during the stealing process, but she is okay with it since her dad's lesson to her was: material goods will eventually be broken no matter how much you value them. It is the law of nature. What is important is the memories and feelings it contains, and one should value and treasure that instead.

Ria's treasure is a scrap book she made using cuttings of Yachiyo from newspapers, magazines and books from different periods of her career. She admitted that she used to be a fan, but now is her rival. Since the witch only steals things people love and value, it reflects how she feels about Yachiyo.