Magia Record Story The howa-howa girl tries her best! ~Wait, this is a misunderstanding!~

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Episode One

Mayu Kozue’s fondest memory of her father involves the time they were carving wood. Mayu had managed to make a coaster and gifted it to her father, who gave her a bear pendant in return. Since he died, it was one of the few items she had to remember him by.

Mayu is running late to work. She had stopped to turn in a lost item but now she won’t be able to make it there early in order to prepare for the special exhibit. Mayu arrives to work and apologizes for being late. One of her colleagues says that’s suspicious, but the director doesn’t want Mayu to be accused like that. Her colleague is concerned because the security footage shows Mayu’s friend immediately after the postcard disappeared. Mayu asks if the postcard they are referring to is the one that was hand-drawn personally by Master Mone, a genius artist from Kamihama who had a good relationship with the Kamihama Contemporary Art Museum. She’s surprised to learn that it has been stolen. They ask if Mayu knows anything about who did it or why, but Mayu doesn’t have a clue. The director doesn’t want Mayu to be accused of anything she didn’t do, especially since the post card seemed to disappear like magic. But because Ria Ami appeared shortly after the postcard was stolen, her colleague is still suspecting Mayu had something to do with it. The director finds it odd that the thief would appear after the item was stolen, but he asks Mayu to take a look at the footage while the police continue their investigation.

The security video shows the postcard vanishing, then a girl rushing into the room before immediately leaving. Mayu admits that it is Ria in the video, but she too thinks that Ria can’t have been the culprit. The director will have to inform the police of the girl’s identity. He apologizes to Ria for making her come all this way when the museum will be closed for the day and tomorrow while the police investigate. Mayu heads home but she can’t seem to get in touch with Ria. Thinking back on the video, she too thinks the postcard disappeared like magic and comes to the conclusion that a Witch might have been the culprit and the reason Ria went in there was to hunt the Witch down. She goes in search of Ria.

Episode Two

The first place she considers going to is Walnut’s, since Manaka Kurumi is a close to Ria as well. As she heads there, she’s accosted by Asuka Tatsuki, who demands that Mayu return her family’s book of secrets. Mayu doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Asuka asks if Mayu didn’t stop at the dojo earlier. Mayu admits she did, but before she can explain it was to return a lost item Asuka accuses her again of theft. Asuka transforms and challenges Mayu to a Magical Girl duel. Asuka refuses to listen, forcing Mayu to transform to defend herself.

Mayu explains how she found an item with a name tag that read “Ryushinkan”. Since she recognized the name, she dropped off the item there on her way to work. Hearing this, Asuka drops her weapon and transforms out of her Magical Girl state. She drops her head and apologizes to Mayu. Mayu drops her transformation and tells her it’s okay. Asuka says that’s not enough for having accused her of theft when she was doing the right thing. The only way for Asuka to atone for her action is to commit seppuku. Mayu begs her to stop and is eventually able to get Asuka to calm down.

Asuka explains that the book that was stolen was handed down for generations in her family. To them it is invaluable. When she saw a stranger leaving the dojo when she got home, she automatically assumed the stranger was the thief. But she heard from her family that there was another girl who looked troubled loitering around the dojo. Asuka described her as a blond girl with pigtails, wearing a Mizuna Girl’s Academy uniform and muttering something about stealing. Mayu shows Asuka a photo on her phone of Ria and Asuka confirms it as the girl that was loitering at her dojo. Mayu claims her friend would never do such a thing, but Asuka has to admit that it looks very suspicious. She explains to Asuka how she’d been looking for her due to similar circumstances happening with the theft at her museum. Asuka joins Mayu on her search, promising not to attack her until she’s heard her side of the story first.

Episode Three

Mayu and Asuka head to Walnut’s when they hear the voice of Sayuki Fumino screaming. They run over to find Sayuki crying because someone has stolen her precious sword book. It was an out of print copy of “The Complete History of Swords”, so she could never replace it. Asuka senses a suspicious presence and tells Mayu to stay back with Sayuki while she goes to check it out. Meanwhile, Sayuki tells Mayu what happened. She had been singing to herself on the way to the concert hall when she suddenly found herself inside a Witch’s labyrinth. A familiar attacked her but before she could transform she was already out of the barrier. That’s when she noticed that her book was gone. Sayuki wanted to go after the Familiars but she has to get to rehearsals. Hearing this confirmed to Mayu that the thief must have been a Witch after all and not Ria. Mayu tells Sayuki to leave it to her since she has personal business with this Witch too. Sayuki thanks her and takes off.

Mayu wonders if Asuka is ok when she hears voices coming from around the corner. She turns to find Asuka interrogating Rena Minami. Asuka accuses Rena of being the culprit because of how nervous she looks. Rena tries to explain that’s it’s because she saw “Sayu-Sayu”. She begins to recite Sayuki’s idol oath as Mayu steps in and finishes the sentence. Asuka doesn’t get it, but she’s sure that Rena is the thief and transforms, challenging Rena to a duel. Since Rena lost sight of Sayuki and had wanted to get an autograph for Momoko too, she transforms as well. She’s ready to take out her bad mood on Asuka, but Mayu steps in to try to stop the fight.

After clarifying everything, Asuka apologizes to Rena and prepares to commit seppuku once more to atone for her mistake. Rena says she doesn’t have time for this since Sayuki is gone. Asuka finally understands that the reason Rena was nervous was because she was working herself up to ask for the autographs. Rena is upset because she just missed her chance when a weird girl bumped into her, and then her second chance when Asuka came out of nowhere immediately after to accuse her of theft. Rena describes the girl as muttering things like “I can’t let anyone find me” and other words about stealing. Mayu shows Rena the photo on her phone and Rena confirms that the weird girl was Ria. Rena leaves, late for her concert.

Mayu asks herself why Ria was nearby when Sayuki got attacked. Asuka can’t help it, but she questions if Ria is the culprit after all since she keeps appearing near the scene of the crimes. Mayu relays Sayuki’s story to Asuka, claiming the culprit was clearly seen to be a Familiar. Ria may not have been guilty in that case, but she was still seen at the scene of the other thefts.

Episode Four

Mayu and Asuka finally arrive at Walnut’s only to find Ria arguing with Manaka, claiming her innocence. Manaka is accusing Ria of stealing a rice omelet. Ria greets Mayu and tells her she can handle things here before taking off running through the exit, blowing past Asuka. Manaka throws a ladle at Ria to try and stop her but ends up hitting Asuka instead. Initially Manaka believes that Mayu and Asuka are Ria’s accomplices, but after some explaining she comes to realize they were just looking for Ria. Manaka tells the two that the reason she’s mad at Ria is because Ria ate the new rice omelet recipe she’d been working on, plate and all. Mayu is surprised to hear this and asks if Manaka saw her eating it. Manaka admits she didn’t, and the plate missing is odd but no one else was around and Ria had appeared shortly after. Mayu relays to Manaka everything about the case so far, including her theory that a Witch was behind all of the thefts. But in each case of theft Ria was witnessed in the vicinity shortly after. Manaka could totally see Ria being conceited enough to think stealing certain items would be ok, but Mayu is adamant that her friend is innocent. Manaka is so confident that Ria is in fact the thief, that she wagers free food for a month to Mayu if she can prove Ria’s innocence.

Episode Five

Mayu is determined to prove Ria’s innocence because Ria has always helped her out when she was in trouble. Like the time she accidentally misplaced the bear pendant her father had given her, Ria stayed late into the evening helping her look for it until she found it in the school’s front lawn. After hearing the story, Asuka admits that that doesn’t sound like the kind of person that would take someone’s precious belongings. Still, Ria’s involvement in the thefts is suspicious. Just then the two find themselves in a Witch’s barrier that has materialized around them without warning. One of the Familiars attacks Mayu, who is just able to dodge it. The two girls transform and take down the Familiars, causing the barrier to dissipate.

Ria is there, yelling at the place where the barrier was. She’s surprised to find Mayu there and asks if they defeated the Familiars.

Episode Six

Ria asks if they saw something but before she can finish her sentence Asuka accuses her of being guilty. She claims the evidence is the way that Ria is trembling all over, clearly from guilt. Mayu asks if it’s true, but Ria claims she never cut or pasted anything. Hearing this, Asuka imagines that Ria has cut and pasted her own pictures over the sword book she supposedly stole from Sayuki. Ria ask sMayu if she told Asuka about that time, but Asuka is tired of hearing her excuses. She transforms and demands that Ria turn herself in or face Asuka in a duel. Ria agrees to the fight, if she wins she’ll turn herself in but if they lose then they have to forget everything they heard and saw.

Inevitably, Ria loses the match. Ria admits it’s true, but goes on to say it was a very long time ago when she was still a fan. Asuka assumes she’s talking about Sayuki which confuses Ria. She asks if they saw it too, but Asuka admits that it was Rena that saw it. Ria can just die of humiliation at hearing other people have seen it and tries to clarify once more that it happened a long, long time ago. They are rivals now and Ria is no longer her fan. Mayu asks if her and Sayuki are rivals now but Ria asks her why she keeps bringing up Sayuki for some reason.

Ria asks if they really saw it, but Asuka thinks she’s talking about something else and confirms she was seen at her dojo. She tells Ria she was caught by the museum’s security footage as well, Sayuki saw her shortly after her theft, and Manaka can confirm she was at Walnut’s. Ria can’t help it if she stands out in a crowd, but she asks Asuka if they’ve seen a binder full of paper clippings. Asuka hasn’t seen any binder of any kind, causing Ria to realize she’d been admitting something she didn’t even do. She tells Asuka that she didn’t steal anything, she’d only been trying to get back what was stolen from her by a Familiar.

Mayu is relieved to hear that Ria wasn’t the thief after all. Asuka apologizes to her for accusing her of the theft, but Ria doesn’t hold it against her. She was admittedly acting strangely so she can’t blame them for thinking it was her. Ria cheers up immensely after she realizes they haven’t seen her binder yet. Ria goes to chase after the Witch once more with Asuka and Mayu asking if they can come along in order to retrieve the other stolen items. Ria refuses their help, saying she can take care of this on her own. Mayu says they have to help since she made a promise to Manaka to clear Ria of any wrongdoing. The two start chasing after the Witch. Ria tells herself it’s ok as long as she can get to her binder first before anyone else sees it and hurries to catch up.

Episode Seven

Since Ria has been chasing the Witch for a while now and recognizes its magic pattern, she leads the way on their search. They wind up at the mall, the shopping district and all over the rest of Kamihama but the Witch eludes them every step of the way. Finally they catch up to the Witch and find the entrance to its barrier in front of a school. Ria confirms that this is the same Witch behind all the thefts and the girls enter the barrier.

Together the three of them defeat the Witch easily thanks to Ria’s guidance and Mayu playing support. The Witch falls over, and as she does so several items begin to fall out of her. The first is Sayuki’s book which weighs exactly three pounds, the weight of an average sword. Ria turns around only to get a face full of rice omelet that comes flying out of the Witch. More items begin to fly out of the Witch so the girls hurry to gather all the items they can before the barrier dissipates.

Later that day, Mayu and Asuka are eating at Walnut’s while they wait for Mayu. Mayu shows up at the restaurant after returning Sayuki’s book to her. Asuka and Ria had already turned in the other stolen items to the police department so they could go back to their original owners. But Ria, Asuka, and Mayu still look sad. Manaka asks them what’s wrong, but it seems the dojo’s book of secrets, Ria’s binder, and the museum’s postcard are still missing. Manaka serves Ria a second plate of food and places a plate of food in front of Mayu. Ria wolfs down the food and asks for more. Manaka asks Ria if she hasn’t had enough, but Ria says their dinner tonight is all-you-can-eat since she was falsely accused of stealing. Manaka doesn’t mind since she was in the wrong, but she warns Ria that she’ll get fat if she keeps overeating. Asuka sighs, wondering what they should do. Mayu thinks if their items haven’t disappeared with the labyrinth then there must still be hope. Ria wonders if maybe their stolen items are hidden elsewhere but they don’t know where to start. Manaka suggests they wait until morning to begin their search. The girls agree that’s a good idea since they need to get home before their families worry about them and agree to meet the next day.

Episode Eight

Mayu dreams of her father. In the dream, her bear pendant has broken but her father fixes it for her. Her dad tells her not to worry since all material items are destined to break or fall apart one day. Before he can tell her what’s truly important, Mayu’s alarm goes off and she wakes up. She greets her mom in the living room. There, her mom points out the news that is airing on the TV about the thefts. Even more people have come in with reports of their precious belongings disappearing right before their eyes. Even though they had defeated the Witch, the thefts were continuing to happen. Mayu decides to skip breakfast and heads out to find Ria and Asuka. Before she can get far, she finds a labyrinth has suddenly materialized around her. The same Familiar as before attacks Mayu and she recognizes the magic is the same as magic as the Witch they defeated the day before. Mayu doesn’t have much time to think though, as she transforms and defeats the Familiars. She thinks it’s odd that a Familiar would still be around after its Witch has been defeated and remembers how the Familiar from yesterday kept targeting her exclusively. Mayu senses more magic in the vicinity before realizing that the magic she’s sensing is scattered all across Kamihama, including at the museum. She knows she has to stop them all before they can cause more harm. She senses the magic once more to find the one closest to her only for the labyrinth to materialize around her once more. She defeats it as quickly as she can before she rushes over to the museum.

Episode Nine

Mayu arrives at the museum, out of breath. The museum is closed for the day, but for some reason the security system has been turned off. Mayu hears a noise and goes to investigate. She finds the museum director there, trying to grab a painting from off the wall. Mayu asks what he’s doing, but he only responds that the painting is great and that he really wants it. The painting he’s looking at was on loan from another museum for their next special exhibit. It was the director’s favorite painting and he’d requested it repeatedly from the other museum until they finally agreed to lend it.

The director does on about how great the painting is and how they should keep it since the other museum won’t appreciate it as much as he does. He goes so far as to say it would be better if maybe he kept it in his own house instead. The director threatens to hurt Mayu if she tries to stop him, which is when Mayu notices the Witch’s kiss on the director. Mayu transforms and uses her magic to stop the director, but she doesn’t know what to do. Asuka shows up out of nowhere and knocks the director out with the back of her sword. Ria pops up and corrects her, saying it was actually a karate chop that knocked him out. It seems both Ria and Asuka had been dealing with the familiars all morning when they had gone out to look for Mayu. They saw her go into the museum and followed after her. People all over the town were reporting missing items, while several other people had been Witch Kissed and were trying to steal everything. Ria describes the Familiars as spiraling out of control. The more they steal, the more misery they spread and the stronger they seem to get.

Mayu asks about the Witch they defeated yesterday, but Asuka is afraid it wasn’t the true Witch but rather a Familiar that had gotten strong enough to evolve. The original Witch must have their belongings and is still sending out Familiars to steal even more. If they follow a Familiar after it steals something, it could lead them to her, but the Familiars are too fast to follow. Remembering her dream from last night, Mayu offers up her bear pendant as bait to the Familiars.

Episode Ten

Ria refuses to follow through with her plan, knowing how precious the pendant is to Mayu. But it is because of how precious it is that the Familiars kept targeting her. Ria warns her there’s no guarantee she’ll get the pendant back, but Mayu is prepared to accept the risk. The next time she’s attacked she’ll hand over the pendant as bait. They have no trouble finding a barrier and pretending to drop the pendant. The girls put on a big show over how much the pendant means to her and how they are much too slow to stop the big bad Familiar from taking it. The barrier dissipates and Ria congratulates the girls on their acting skills (the acting was terrible and really obvious they were faking it). Mayu traces the magic she imbued her pendant with and the girls follow the trail to where the real Witch is hiding, running the whole way and getting there out of breath with the exception of Asuka thanks to her daily training.

Episode Eleven

They enter the barrier and together make short work of all the Familiars there. Once done, they find a path leading them deeper into the barrier. They make their way in and find themselves in a room filled to the brim with stolen items. The girls are amazed at how much stuff is there but Mayu reminds them that each of those items was very precious to the person it was taken from. She suddenly questions if they’ll be able to get all of the items out before the barrier disappears and takes it with it. Ria comes up with a plan which she relays to Mayu. Mayu says she can do it and the girls enact their plan.

First Asuka strikes at the Witch, putting it on the defensive. Mayu then uses her magic to stop the Witch from attacking for a short while. Meanwhile, Ria hurries to get all of the things out of the barrier. Just as she’s finishing up, the Witch is able to move again and strikes at Mayu. Mayu’s ok, and she tells Ria to hurry and get the rest of it out while she immobilizes the Witch once more. Ria finishes and then uses her magia attack to land the finishing blow on the Witch, defeating it once and for all.

The girls rejoice in their victory. Asuka and Ria then immediately begin to look for their own belongings amidst the piles of stuff. Mayu trips on a binder and picks it up. The binder is titled “The Yachiyo Collection”. Mayu flips through the binder, calling the designs cute and admiring how well organized it is before Ria can stop her. Mayu suggests she start her own binder with clippings of Ria, which causes Ria to blush and offer to show her the best way to compile them. Asuka comes up to Mayu sadly. She found her bear pendant but the chain had been broken and its face clawed up by the familiars. Mayu is ok with that though. The chain can be replaced and she sees the scratch as proof of how hard the three of them fought. Mayu calls the police so they can gather the belongings and return them to their rightful owners.

The sun is setting and Mayu is glad everything worked out in the end. But Asuka and Ria aren’t so sure about that and ask Mayu if she’s really ok with her precious pendant being damaged. Mayu says she’s really ok with it because material possessions naturally break or wear down over time. What’s really important is the memories they hold. The only thing that really matters is that you remember the time spent together. That is what her father taught her. Even without the physical reminder, the memories she has of him will always remain in her heart. Asuka and Ria begin to tear up after hearing her story, with Ria going on about how much Mayu has grown and matured. Mayu turns to begin the walk home only to miss her step and fall into the lake beside them. As Mayu flounders in the water, Ria shakes her head and says she hasn’t changed at all.

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