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Please note the Observations for Episode 6. It remains unclear if Walpurgisnacht is a Witch or a phenomenon. As such, future entries that mention Walpurgisnacht should remain vague on the issue until the canon resolves itself. --Fallacies 05:52, 25 February 2011 (UCT)


Please put here all unused leads and strange things from last episodes, it can help us find something big.

  • Kyuubey actually warns Homura (or Kyouko?) about something bad happening to Sayaka for whatever reason. Should have reasons for that.
  • Madoka having some kind of mind block or whatever that static was.
  • The static could a mind block for Homura since she seemed unable to move or communicate properly.
  • Kyuubey claims Madoka has theoretically impossible potential, other magical girls seem to have confirmed that on ep3.
  • Homura seems to care of three things

Top priority: Madoka not making contract High priority: Stop Walpurgis Night High priority: Protect Madoka from Grief.

  • Homura has two things looking like soul gems in her shield.
  • Homura IS timeshifter
  • Homura killed Kyuubey twice and we did not manage to see first one.

-- 20:07, 25 February 2011

Witch gif >>46432525 It's an animated gif that shows Sayaka as a witch right after she transforms, converted into high contrast black and white. Attempting to upload it to the wiki causes an error: 413 Request Entity Too Large

Mahou Shoujo

i think it´s woeth mentioning that after 2/3 of the series the heroine still isn´t a magical girl even though the anime´s name is "mahou shoujo madoka magica"

Also, Urobuchi mentionned somewhere (in an interview I think), that MadoMagi was the story that leads to that choice (becoming a MS), so she's probably not gonna become one before ep12. --Homerun-chan 11:28, 27 February 2011 (UTC)

so different than in other mahou shoujo anime, it´s about the dilemma to either help people and becoming a zombie-like creature for it or staying normal and seeing the people close to you suffer because they accepted the job. When you see other mahou shoujo, the girls agree after the first or second episode to become a mahou shoujo (or are kinda forced to do it). the special thing in this episode was that if homura didn´t show up, madoka would has made a contract. it seems homura only exists to hinder madoka from forimng a contract -original anon-

"Witches born" screenshot

What's the point of inserting it in Episode 8 page, when it is from episode 2? --KFYatek 23:49, 27 February 2011 (UTC)

Rejection Symbolism

The Grief Seed that Homura rolled over to Sayaka... Wasn't that Charlotte's Grief Seed (the same one Sayaka claimed to be Mami's)? I was thinking it might be that as a symbol of rejection: Sayaka: 'I don't want to accept your handstain with Mami's blood on it'.

It was a different one identified in this production note.