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What's the meaning of the name "Latria"?

Since was revealed (finally) the name of Kirika's Witch and turns out it wasn't named Margot, I think is time to look out the name of Latria and see what's behind it.

More than a name, Latria is actually a Latin suffix which is attributed to feminine names that means "adoration". Special thanks to Google.

The most curious thing about this is Kirika have a deep love for Oriko, really deep almost like she adored her. Heck, she can literally kill for her if Oriko tell her, the Manga shows us that. I think is safe to tell that Latria is named like she's thanks to the obsession of Kirika to Oriko. What do you think? FantomeGhost 03:40, 6 October 2017 (UTC)