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The Unknown Witch (?????) is a currently unknown witch from the mobile game Magia Record. Currently, it's existence is only known through its familiar.


MagicaRecord Unknown Witch Familiarcard .png



Type??? witch's minion
EpisodesMagia Record

Minions of the witch of ???. These minions resemble swallows, and can be seen in various places throughout Kamihama City. They seem to be collecting magic energy from various places as offerings for their master. Their targets include magical girls and rival witches. They steal raw magical energy from magical girls at first, before moving on to stealing memories, eyesight, and even emotions as offerings. They’ll even hunt down other witches by fighting in packs, making use of their legs which shapeshift into anchors. Regular, non-magical humans seem to make for crude offerings, so these minions have no interest in them.

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