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Scene Explanations

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Scenery with a Unique Presence

The scenery in Madoka creates a unique tension and atmosphere. You can place it in the near future or present time, but basically, the motif of the scenery is to depict actual buildings.

Homura's Hair Flipping

Her hair is down now, but she had two braids before. Whenever she flips her hair, it's [the split in her hair] put in there in order to make one think about her past.

The Secret of Homura's Room

Homura's room is drawn in an other-worldly manner [TL note: this is also the word used for witches' barriers]. The truth is that it's supposed to be a holographic projected image. At its basis, it's an apartment set up around a dinner table and the like. Alternative translation: Homura's room is depicted as a strange place. It's actually suppose to seem like a hologram, as if it's from a picture. Her room was going to be an apartment centered around a low dining room table.

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The Secret of the Girls' Weapons

From Madoka's bow, to swords and muskets, the magical girls have some memorable weapons. "What weapons will we have them fight with?" When I was thinking about that, I didn't go talk with Aoki-san, but I knew that we both liked Monster Hunter. It's easier to work off of this common point, so I got inspiration from that," said Urobuchi.

Everybody Loves Kyubey


Kyubey, a character surrounded by mysteries whose extraordinary existence casts a shadow over the drama. His backstory seems to play an important role in the story, he gets shot full of holes and toyed around with. Not like a magical girl mascot, is his harsh treatment proof of his popularity? Maybe.