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(Event Story: "Happy New Year at the Mizuna Shrine!")
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|style="width:10%;"|[[File:New years memoria homura.png|thumb|center|100px|'''''!''''']]
|style="width:10%;"|[[File:New years memoria homura.png|thumb|center|100px|'''''About To Leave In Haregi''''']]
|style="width:20%;"|Chance of giving Dazzle when attacking (1 T) [III] & Damage UP [V]  
|style="width:20%;"|Chance of giving Dazzle when attacking (1 T) [III] & Damage UP [V]  
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|style="width:10%;"|[[File:madoka_haregi_homura_memoria.png|thumb|center|100px|'''''How Will Our Luck Be This Year?''''']]

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Homura Akemi
Japanese Name 暁美 ほむら (Akemi Homura)
Voiced by Japanese: Chiwa Saitou

For her full bio, see Homura Akemi

Game Info

Game related data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★4 → ★4 80 Support Attribute dark.png
Initial 6335 1735 1716
Max at ★4 23464 6110 6088
Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk charge.png Disk charge.png
Connect: Let's do our best together!
★4: Guaranteed Evade
Magia: Time Stop Special
★4: Damage All Enemies [V] & Reduce Cooldowns (All / 3 T)


A timid magical girl who wished to become a being that could protect Madoka. A second year in Mitakihara Middle School. She is repeating the same time frame over and over to try and change the future where Madoka transforms into a witch. When she got a chance, she came to Kamihama City in hopes to find a way to change the future.

Side Story

Homura and Madoka Kaname walk together in Kamihama City. Homura thinks she's taking a holiday with Madoka. Madoka notes Homura's spacing out, and wonders if she's alright. Homura says she's fine. Madoka says she likes doing something together with a friend, and is happy Homura feels the same way. Homura wishes this could continue forever, but notes Walpurgis Night is coming. After some time together, Homura and Madoka sense a witch. They find the barrier's entrance, but it suddenly disappears. It turns out it was destroyed by another magical girl who Madoka recognizes as a model. The magical girl introduces herself as Ria Ami, who is delighted to have a magical girl fan. She then gets embarrassed when Madoka keeps staring at her. She invites the girls to tea.

Homura says it was fine with just the two of them, but is happy to see Madoka is happy. The three enter a cafe, where Ria discusses modeling. Homura thinks that Ria is beautiful as if she was artificial. Ria gets flustered before Madoka says Homura meant she was like a doll. Later they go to the fashion district where Madoka looks at clothes. Ria says that one piece of clothing suits Madoka, but Madoka says it suits Homura better. Madoka then notices a piece Ria modeled in and said she looked cool. Ria then takes Homura back to talk. She asks if Homura is interested her at all, and points out that Homura has spent the whole time looking at Madoka. Homura says she didn't meant to.

Ria laughs and says as a model she's sensitive to people's line of sight. Ria says that even though meeting a supermodel is an unusual sight, Homura only payed attention to Madoka. Ria admits she's jealous and wishes someone could look at her with the same eyes Homura has. Homura says she will protect Madoka. Ria tells Homura that she's a cool magical girl. When Madoka returns to the others, Ria says she has to leave. Homura and Madoka thanks Ria, who tells them to keep getting along. Homura asks Madoka if she wants to look around more, which Madoka agrees. Homura thinks that even if she doesn't know she's cool, she will still save Madoka.

At a later date, Homura goes to Kamihama to steal weapons from the local criminal elements. She targets a group called the "Soukaihou", who allied with the police. However, she thinks they aren't different from the other groups and should have illegal weapons. Using her time stop power, she steals the weapons and runs off. However, after she resets time, she's caught by a magical girl. She introduces herself as Meiyui Chun, which she said is a name that makes delinquents runs away. Homura asks if she's part of a mob. Meiyu says she's part of the Soukaihou, which has only respectable members. She then thanks Homura for stealing the weapons, saying they belonged to people who brought nothing but trouble to her group.

Meiyui asks Homura why she steals weapons. Homura answers she lacks offensive magic. Meiyui says she wants to hear more about it so she invites Homura for mapo tofu. Homura finds the tofu spicy, but also tasty. Afterward, Meiyui tells Homura she has her support from one magical girl and hardworking child to another. Meiyui then asks Homura why she fights, causing Homura to flashback to her wish. She tells Meiyui there is someone she wants to protect. Meiyui says that she's the same and she contract to save the people important to her. She thinks they must be alike, though she also thinks Homura has a heavier burden. She suggests Homura eat mapo tofu if it gets too painful, as it would blow the pain away. (There is apparently a Japanese pun between painful and spicy). Homura thanks Meiyui and the two depart. Homura thinks that perhaps she is not fighting alone.

Sometime later, Homura uses her timestop to practice shooting. However, she fails to hit all her targets. Homura wants to be as good as Mami Tomoe. Suddenly another girl appears. She introduces herself as Natsuki Utsuho and asks if Homura is practicing shooting training. She claims she's a magical girl who cheers everyone, and explains she was just passing through and saw Homura. Natsuki offers to cheer Homura on as she practices. A confused Homura initially thinks she's being distracting, but then is surprised to find herself getting motivated.

Despite this new motivation, Homura is still missing her targets. Natsuki notes she's improved, and deduces that Homura can stop time. She calls Homura cool and gives her some advice on how to sheet. She explains Homura's issues are similar to the baseball team she usually cheers. Thanks to Natsuki's advice, Homura improves significantly. Homura and Natsuki practice for awhile. Afterward, Homura admits her practicing can't be done alone. Natsuki tells Homura to rest and offers to give her drinks. She then asks if Homura ever trains with her partners.

Homura explains that this is her own problem. Natsuki says that Homura's troubles are also the troubles of her supporters. Homura explains about Mami and how she uses guns as weapons. However, as Mami is a veteran, Homura feels there is a large gap between their abilities. She thinks if she asks for special training Mami might react poorly. Natsuki says if Mami is Homura's partner, then she wouldn't feel bad about Homura working hard. Homura admits she isn't. Natsuki then suggests she call Mami now and ask her to be her coach.

Homura calls Mami and is surprised to find that she'll come there right away. An hour later, Mami arrives and tells Homura she's always willing to help. Natsuki says Homura wasn't alone today and introduces herself. Mami introduces herself as well. When she learns of Homura's progress, Mami challenges Homura to a fight. By attaching ribbons to Homura, Mami is able to move around in Homura's time stop. As Homura fights, Mami gives her advice. After the battle Natsuki, who wasn't in time stops, wonders if it finished. Mami tells Homura she improved in a short time, and will gladly lend her own strength in the future.

Natsuki says Homura was praised by the coach. While Homura says she's still far from her girl, Mami says she's strong enough already. She asks Homura to return to Mitakihara with her. Homura agrees, and says goodbye to Natsuki. Homura then narrates that she has changed. She will become a magical girl that can protect Madoka. For that reason, she will keep moving forward.

Event Story: "Happy New Year at the Mizuna Shrine!"

See Happy New Year at the Mizuna Shrine!

Other Appearances



Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
Closely Watched Heart
Increase Self Defense (VI) [5 Turns] 5 turns Around Kaname Madoka are three girls.

One is her close friend, one is her reliable senpai, and the last is a transfer student full of mystery... They all have their own differing closeness to her, and they all gaze at her with their own differing thoughts.


ひとりは気のおけない友人、ひとりは頼れる先輩 そしてもうひとりは、謎だらけの転校生… 彼女たちはそれぞれの距離から、それぞれの想いで見つめている。

Embrace Your Hopes and Dreams!
Regenerate HP (I) Each Turn

(2% HP/turn)
Max Limit Break:
Regenerate HP (II) Each Turn (3% HP/turn)

15 turns
Max Limit Break:
13 turns
"Whatever kind of witch we face, we won't lose! There's no such thing as fate that can't be changed! Since magical girls can make hopes and dreams come true, as long as you put your mind to it, you'll definitely make miracles happen!" 「どんな魔女が相手だって、私たちは負けない!

変えられない運命なんてない! 魔法少女は、夢と希望を叶えるんだから、 ずっと想い続ければ、奇跡はきっと起こせるはず!」

Everyone, Together
Max Limit Break:
Episode Points UP [II]
Passive The girls who are connected by a mysterious cause and effect, and are born of a miracle that is repeated many times without meeting meet, the girls who have a strong will head towards the end of the story (Lawson Collaboration Memorial) 不思議な因果で結ばれて少女たちは出会った巡り会うこともなく幾度も繰り返す中で生まれた奇跡強い意志を持った少女たちは物語の果てに向かう(ローソンコラボ記念)
Fulfilling the Sworn Promise
Critical Rate Up (V) + Ignore Evasion to Self [3 turns]
Max Limit Break:
Critical Rate Up (VI) + Ignore Evasion to Self [3 turns]
9 turns
Max Limit Break:
8 turns
"At that time, I made a promise. To protect you without fail, and to save you. Even if I have to cross through the river of time a countless number of times, I won't regret it at all. If any enemies stand in my way, I won't hesitate to pull the trigger. Wait for me, Kaname-san... I'm going to change fate itself...!" 「あの時、私は約束をした。必ずあなたを守り、そして救う、と。たとえ時の大河を何度渡ることになろうとも、私は後悔なんてしない。立ち塞がる敵がいるのなら、引き金を引くことも躊躇わない。待っていてね、鹿目さん…私が運命を変えてみせるから…!」
Girls with Glasses on a Date
Critical Strike Rate Up (VII) [1 turn] turns Walking around town wearing matching glasses, the regular view of the cityscape as seen through the lenses looks like completely different scenery. They walked together until sunset, and their hearts grew closer the whole time... お揃いのメガネをかけて街を歩くと

いつもの街並みも、レンズ越しには違う景色のように見える 日が暮れるまで一緒に歩いていた ずっと心も近付けたまま…

I Want to Become Someone Who Can Protect Her
Reduces Cooldowns
Max Limit Break:
Reduces Cooldowns
15 turns
Max Limit Break:
13 turns
**Unique to Homura Akemi**

"I want to become someone who can protect her."

When that wish was granted, she became a magical girl. To protect what she wants to protect, she will use every method she can, no matter what dangers await her

Magical Girls that Define Causality
Magia Damage Up (III) Passive One carries a sharp sword that slices through the darkness,
One carries a fierce gun that blasts away nightmares,
One carries a swaying lance that pierces any threats,
and one carries a glittering shield that makes time wander, and they are all tied by fate.

一人は、その猛き銃砲をもって悪夢を撃ち抜き、 一人は、その揺らめく槍をもって脅威を貫き、 一人は、その煌めく盾をもって時を彷徨い歩き、因果を結びつけてゆく。

My School Life
Burn Edge [III]
Max Limit Break:
Burn Edge [IV]
Passive If witches weren't a part of daily life, maybe there could have been such a world where we went to school like normal, chatted like normal, and went home like normal. 魔女のいない日常で, いつものように学校に行って,いつものようにおしゃべリして,

いつものように帰宅する そんな世界もあったのかもね

Searching For a Ray of Hope
Self Magia Damage Up (II) Passive She has a strong belief.

There must be a way for the two of us to laugh together. Just because we haven't found it yet now, it's sure to be somewhere. And I'm sure I can find the way.


ふたりが笑い合って過ごせる日々へと繋がる道があるはずだ、と。 今はまだ見つかっていないだけで、きっとどこかにあるはずだ、と。 そして、その道を、自分は見つけられるはずだ、と…。

Time Traveler
Self Defense Up (II) Passive Time progresses from the past to the future like the flow of a big river.

Traversing that flow many times, she keeps on an endless journey. For the sake of irreplaceable friends, to fulfill my own vows She jumps into the torrent of time and continues to resist.


その流れに幾度も逆らって、彼女は果てしない旅を続ける。 かけがえのない友のために、自ら立てた誓いを果たすために 彼女は時の奔流に飛び込み、そして、抗い続ける。

About To Leave In Haregi
Chance of giving Dazzle when attacking (1 T) [III] & Damage UP [V] Passive
How Will Our Luck Be This Year?