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==Chapter 8==
==Chapter 8==
A shrine maiden tells the girls to draw a number for their fortunes. Madoka gets number twelve, while Homura gets fifty-three. Madoka says the reason they came to Sumei Shrine is because of it's "Ultimate Fortunes". According to what she saw on TV, these fortunes are more accurate than regular ones. The girls open up their fortunes.
==Chapter 9==
==Chapter 9==
==Chapter 10==
==Chapter 10==

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This event is composed of two different stories. The first are special scenes shown when the player logs in each day of the event. The second is shown when when the event's story battles are played.

For the sake of convenience, this page will call the log-in scenes "Scenes" and the event battle stories "Chapters".

Scene 1

(This scene plays when the player logs in on January 1st, 2018)

Iroha Tamaki, Yachiyo Nanami, Tsuruno Yui, Felicia Mitsuki, and Sana Futaba walk to a shrine for New Year's along with Homura Akemi and Madoka Kaname. Yachiyo asks if everyone bought their Omamori. Iroha says she just bought hers. Tsuruno and Homura say they weren't expecting the crowds. Suddenly Sana arrives. She says that since no one could see her, everyone kept bumping into her. Iroha says she should have known, but Sana says she's used to it. Yachiyo asks Felicia if she bought her omamori with the money Yachiyo gave her, but Felicia spent it on food. Yachiyo wipes her face.

Once the girls arrive at the shrine, they go pray. Homura says she should give thanks for all the wonderful things that happened last year. As Madoka prays, she thinks about how last year she met Mami, became a magical girl, and then met Homura and Iroha. Madoka thinks she's not a strong magical girl yet, so this year she wants to be a magical girl everyone can rely on. As she prays to be blessed with good fortune, Madoka also hopes that everyone can be happy.

Scene 2

(This scene plays when the player logs in on January 2nd, 2018)

At the shrine, Homura thinks she needed the vision of the girl who said magical girls could be saved In Kamihama City. Homura knows there's something strange going on, and she doesn't understand how the Wings of Magius or the RumorS can lead to salvation. Even so, she will save Madoka. She asks the omamori if she can trust it witb her feelings. She offers the largest bill she has as a donation so her prayers can be answered. Homura thinks she will save Madoka this time.

Chapter 1

Iroha narrates that the hectic New Year's Eve was over, and now they're celebrating the first morning of the New Year. At their home, Iroha wishes Sana and Yachiyo a happy new year. Yachiyo and Sana note the weather looks fine for the start of the year. Felicia come down, having woken up. Iroha wishes her a happy new year as well, and Felicia mumbles "Happy year" in response.

Sana says Felicia sounds sleepy Felicia says that she stayed up late last night. Yachiyo says she went to sleep by midnight and Iroha went to sleep as soon as the countdown was over. Felicia says she has no problem staying up late. Sana said she had a lot of fun New Year's Eve and it was her first time participating in the activities. Yachiyo says they should celebrate the first day of the year and also, and has prepared some traditional food for the occasion.

Chapter 2

The girls start eating their meal. Felicia tries to eat everything. Sana says she's really enjoying. Suddenly the doorbell rings...or rather someone says "Ding dong!" at the door. It turns out to be Tsuruno, wishing the other a happy new year.

Chapter 3

Tsuruno has brought her "super special Chinese food". Iroha and Felicia mentally note they were eating already. It turns out Tsuruno's food has three layer: Fried rice, shrimp with fried rice, and soup...with fried rice. Felicia says it's to be expected, and both her and Iroha say they'll eat it. Sana thanks her for the food. Tsuruno has planned something for when the girls are done eating and pulls out a deck of Karuta cards. Tsuruno says these are "Tsuruno Karuta" cards, or "Tsuruta" for short.

Chapter 4

Tsuruno says she was inspired to make the cards before the year ended and invites the girls to play with her. In normal Karuta the player must find cards with proverbs written on them. When Iroha asks what Tsuruno wrote on the cards, she says they have to play and find out. The girls agree to the game, with Tsuruno as the reader. Tsuruno asks them to find a card with "The-always-reliable Yachiyo", which Felicia quickly finds. Yachiyo says the drawing on the card doesn't look like her at all. Tsuruno says that's just how she draws and activates a "special effect", making Yachiyo lose one turn.

Tsuruno says that in "Tsurata", the reader can activate special effects at will. When Yachiyo and Sana question this, Tsuruno says she had the flashy idea to make a flashy game. Iroha thinks the rules are too vague. Yachiyo says she'll take the game seriously. Felicia says she's fired up, and Sana gives a similar sentiment. Iroha is surprised and narrates that the girls warmed up to Tsuruno's vague rules.

Chapter 5

Iroha narrates that Tsuruno's vague rules make the game more exciting. Sana is given the special effect of tickling Felicia for ten seconds. She does so, and Felicia tells her she should stop worrying so much. Afterward, Tsuruno says that Sana is in second, Iroha is in third, and Felicia is in fourth. For the final round, Tsuruno calls a special effect of winning ten points, which means that whoever wins the final round wins the game. Yachiyo says she doesn't intend to lose.

Tsuruno calls for the card "She-is-scary-when-she-is-angry Yachiyo". Yachiyo thinks that's not true, but is able to find the card anyway. However, she's struck dumb by the drawing of herself on the card and can only think it looks nothing like her. Suddenly Iroha shouts that she found the card, winning the game. Iroha apologies, but Yachiyo tells her not to worry. Yachiyo thinks she really lost to Tsuruno's drawing.

Chapter 6

Tsuruno asks if they enjoyed playing the game. Felicia and Sana say they did. Yahciyo says the game has room for improvement, like the drawings on the cards. Felicia shows her "The-always-reliable Yachiyo" card, and insists it looks just like her. Felicia then leaves, saying she has a play-date with Kako Natsume and Ayame Mikuri. Iroha tells Felicia to wish them a happy new year. Yachiyo says she also has to leave for work. Iroha asks if they can play "Tsurata" again, but Tsuruno says the game is best played with three other players. Instead, Tsuruno invites Iroha and Sana to go for a walk.

Iroha narrates that there are many events going on in Kamihama City for the New Year - events like the ones Madoka and Homura are currently enjoying. Madoka calls Homura over to her. Homura apologizes for making Madoka wait, but Madoka says not to worry. Madoka says she's also done with her prayers and is ready to go.

Chapter 7

Madoka narrates that they came to Kamihama's Sumei Shrine for New Year celebrations. Madoka marvels at all the stalls selling food. She then says she's getting distracted from her mission, but the food smells so good. Homura suggests they eat something first. When Madoka asks her what she would like to eat, Hokmura says she's fine with whatever Madoka wants.

Homura thinks how she's enjoying the food with Madoka, how they're dressed formally for the occasion, and how they're having fun. Homura thinks she's happy. Madoka tells Homura that after an "exhaustive examination", she's chosen to eat the Castella mini cakes. After buying and eating some, the girls go to get their New Year's fortunes.

Chapter 8

A shrine maiden tells the girls to draw a number for their fortunes. Madoka gets number twelve, while Homura gets fifty-three. Madoka says the reason they came to Sumei Shrine is because of it's "Ultimate Fortunes". According to what she saw on TV, these fortunes are more accurate than regular ones. The girls open up their fortunes.

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

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