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(Guidelines on Drawing Madoka: I can read the kanji but I have no confidence whatsoever to actually translate this)
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[roughly from left to right and top to bottom]<br>
[roughly from left to right and top to bottom]<br>
*アップ時 マブタのショリ 黒でぬりつぶす - Treatment for eyelids during close-up
*アップ時 マブタのショリ 黒でぬりつぶす - Treatment for eyelids during close-up
*xxは作らない - do not draw xx [TN: xx is illegible to me]
*場所は作らない - do not draw xx [TN: xx is illegible to me]
*実線をタッチ状に 重ねて - use touches of solid lines on top of each other
*実線をタッチ状に 重ねて - use touches of solid lines on top of each other
*その下ハダのカゲ色で ぬる - below that fill with the flesh shadow color
*その下ハダのカゲ色で ぬる - below that fill with the flesh shadow color

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PMMM Artbook Cover.jpg

The Puella Magi Madoka Magica art book is an official 64-page Madoka Magica production art book released on June 28, 2011. It covers various early production designs for the anime, including sketches and renderings for characters, battle moves, equipment and selected locations. Also included are notes, guidelines and other background material on the anime.

Note: Because the content is identical, some scans are actually from the Production Note. Only the border information is different.


Homura moemura sketch.jpg

Early Timeline Homura "Moemura"

  • みつあみメガネほむら - braided bespectacled Homura
  • 通常はリボン - regular time there is ribbon
  • マホー少女時 - in mahou shoujo time
  • 毛先カタク - the tip of hair looks hard
  • ハイライト - highlight
  • メガネ - eyeglasses
  • つり目 - slanted eyes
  • ひかえめに - moderately
Artbook Homura Drawing.jpg


  • ホホタッチ、スカートのラインは色トレスです。 - "color trace" for the extra touches on the cheeks and the lines of the skirt
  • 魔法少女なので、- Since she is a mahou shoujo
  • 左手に指輪、模様有り。 - she wears a ring on her left hand with pattern on it
  • 変身後は無くなります。 - it disappears after transformation
  • (詳細は指輪設定参照) - (details - refer to the ring design)
  • 模様色トレス - pattern - color trace
  • 暁美ほむら_全身_表情 (清書決定稿) - Homura Akemi - full body - facial expression (the finalized draft after clean-up)
Artbook Sayaka Drawing 1.jpg


  • 宝石ハラに直でついてる - The jewel stone attached to abdomen directly
  • フツーにパンツ - ordinary pants
  • 身長少し高くなってる - height a little bit increased
  • まほうしょうじょさやか - mahou shoujo Sayaka
  • 美樹さやか_変身 (ラフ決定稿)- Sayaka Miki – transformed (rough finalized draft)


Artbook New 18.jpg
  • 巴マミ 変身(ラフ決定稿) - Mami Tomoe - Transformation (rough final draft)
  • フツーに パンツ - standard panty
  • 宝石は右ガワ - jewel stone on right hand side
  • 宝石は 頭部に直でくっついてる - jewel stone attached on her head directly
  • 左ガワの カミ止メ - left hand side hairpin
  • ソックスのライン イロトレス ウェスタンブーツ風 - outline of socks - color trace in style of western boots
  • せなかのリボン - ribbon on her body
  • まほう少女 マミ - mahou shoujo Mami
  • ハネは ボーシについてる - feather attached on her cap
  • 身長高く なってます - body height got higher


Artbook Kyubey Drawing.jpg
  • 指示がないがきり - Without specific instructions
  • 表情はかわらない - no change in expression
  • クチも開かない - mouth also stay closed
  • 色トレス - color trace
  • せなかのモヨウ - back of body pattern (i.e. the red ring on his back)
  • ニワトリのタマゴのイメージ - look like a chicken's egg
  • ニクキューはない - Not NikQ (you can google to see what NikQ is)
  • キュウべえ (ラフ決定稿) - Kyubey (rough finalized draft)

Madoka's Family

Artbook New 01.jpg

Kaname Household

  • カナメ家 - House of Kaname
  • パジャマ - Pajamas

Artbook New 24.jpg


  • 鹿目タツヤ (ラフ決定稿) - Tatsuya Kaname (rough final draft)
  • タツヤ - Tatsuya
  • クツシタ - socks
  • クツ - shoes

Classmates and Teachers

Artbook Sensei Drawing 1.jpg

Kazuko Saotome

  • かずこ せんせい - Kazuko-sensei
  • ホホタッチ - cheek touches
  • 表情によって - depending on the expression
  • 有ったり - sometimes are there
  • なかったり - sometimes not there
  • メガネフレーム - eyeglasses frame
  • 下イロトレス - bottom "color trace"
  • 早乙女和子 (ラフ決定稿) - Kazuko Saotome (rough finalized draft)
Artbook Classmate Extras Drawing 1.jpg


  • クラスメイト (ラフ決定稿) - classmate (rough final draft)
  • クラスメイト 参 - classmate 3
  • ホムラ - Homura
  • サヤカ - Sayaka
  • マドカ - Madoka
  • ナカザワ - Nakazawa

Classmates Seating Chart

Original Chart
Seating Chart PN0006 EN.png

Production Guidance/Directions

Design Direction on Madoka Expressions.jpg

Guidelines on Madoka's Expressions

  • こちらの表現は、どーしても必要な局面以外は避けて下さい - the following expressions, please try to avoid as much as possible except in necessary circumstances
  • ダメージの 表現でよくある タッチ - touches that are common in expressions of damage
  • なぞの 白い玉 - mysterious white bubbles
  • 巨大なアセ - huge sweat drop
  • 空に浮く したじき - mat flowing in sky
  • ダメージは 出来るはんいで 具体的に 表現する - express damages in concrete way within reasonable scope

Guidelines on Drawing Madoka

Artbook New 03.jpg

作画注意事項 - Things to watch out in sakuga (drawing animation frame)
[roughly from left to right and top to bottom]

  • アップ時 マブタのショリ 黒でぬりつぶす - Treatment for eyelids during close-up
  • 場所は作らない - do not draw xx [TN: xx is illegible to me]
  • 実線をタッチ状に 重ねて - use touches of solid lines on top of each other
  • その下ハダのカゲ色で ぬる - below that fill with the flesh shadow color
  • ヒトミも 基本 同様 - pupils basically same
  • 特にバストショット 以上で - in particular, any shot above busts
  • リンカク2重線で 太く - use thick double lines to draw the outline
  • ゆき暗い色で ぬりつぶします - fill up with dark color

[TN: the one below, pointing to the small black dot in the eye, are too blurred and small to be readable]

  • xxxxxxxxxx はここにも 小さいxx - here also small xxx
  • ヨコガオ - side look of face
  • 基本ヨコクチですが - basically mouth on the side
  • 実線ではつながずに - the solid lines do not link up [look at the bad example to the right]
  • イロトレスにて - use color trace
  • ホホのタッチ - the touches on the cheek
  • イロトレス - use color trace
  • 太いリンカクから はみ出す - jutting out from the think profile
  • ホホの タッチによって - depending on the touches on cheek
  • リンカクが途切れて見える意図 - deliberately show interruption of profile lines
  • カミの毛のハイライトはこんなカンジで - the highlights of her hair looks like this
  • 開きクチでの 歯の描写は - for depiction of teeth when mouth opens
  • 基本的に ないですが 描写が必要な局面で - basically there are not any situation when it is needed
  • 下の歯の描写は避けて下さい 特に若者 - avoid any depiction of lower teeth [look at the bad example to the left] especially young people


Homura's Home

Artbook New 21.jpg

ほむらアパート_部屋 (清書決定稿)- Homura's apartment/room (final draft after clean-up)

  • パネルの厚み考えない - no need to consider the thickness of the panels
  • 上下左右少しずつ動いてます - they all move slightly vertically and horizontally
  • パネルは全体でみると 菱形に並んでいます - Taking all the panels together, they took a rhombus shape
  • 色替えで模様 - pattern with changing color
  • 俯瞰でみると時計盤に見えます - Looking from above it looks like the surface of a clock
  • 中央、床面より低くなって凹んでいます - The center is sunken and is lower than the floor
  • 座面はクッションになっています - the bench top is cushioned
  • 外側の面は全て収納(引き出し) - all outer-facing sides are drawers for storage
  • 階段ではなくスロープ - slope not steps
  • デザイン優先の段差 - raised step more for design


Mami weapon.jpg

Mami's Musket

Production Note 0077.jpg
  • マミの銃 マジカルマスケット銃 - Mami's gun Magical Musket
  • プレートUP - Plate Up
  • 通常な省略 - Standard omissions
  • コックと皿の結晶は色トレス - "color trace" for cock and flash pen crystal
  • 対比 - comparison
  • 水晶  色トレス (フリントと火蓋)- crystal "color trace" (flint and touch-hole cover)
  • 1 マミの掃討用の銃 - Mami's gun for mop-up actions
  • サーペンタイルタイプ - serpentine type
  • 銃口 - muzzle
Artbook Sayaka Sword Drawing 1.jpg

Sayaka's Sword

  • さかやの剣 - Sayaka's sword
  • 鞘 (未使用) Scabbard (saya) (not used) [1]
  • 反り あります - there is curvature
  • 鍔 - guard (tsuba)[2]
  • 刃、断面 - blade edge, cross-section
  • Up時 - At close-up
  • 刃紋有 - there is pattern on blade edge
  • 安全装置 - Safety lock
  • 止メ金 (はばき) - fastener (habaki)[3]
  • さやか武器 (清書決定稿) - Sayaka's weapon (finalized draft after clean-up)
Homura shield sketch.jpg

Homura's Shield

  • ほむらの盾 - Homura's shield
  • 時間静止逆行モードこちらで - Time freeze/backward mode is here
  • 通常時 カバー有 - Usually it has cover
  • カバーUP - uncovered
  • 真横 - side look
  • ムーブメント(中央部分) - movement (central part)
  • 砂時計(上下の球体)UP時別紙 - sand-timer (sphere at top and bottom) zoom-up on separate sheet
  • 裏 - the other side
  • ほむらとの対比 - comparison with Homura
  • 横 - side

Kyoko's Weapon

PN 72.jpg

杏子武器_補足 - Kyoko's Weapon - supplement

  • 杏子の槍 - Kyoko's spear
  • 多節棍 モード - multi-section staff mode
  • 鎖 UP - chain close-up
  • 棍、鎖の長さはカット内で統一 - lengths of staff and chain to be consistent within one cut
  • 短 - short
  • 長(際限なし) - long (no limit)
  • ロング時や 動きのゆれは - when it is long or when it is shaking in movement
  • 鎖 色トレス or 省略など - chain - use color trace or omit etc
  • 槍の底 分銅的な あつかい等 - the bottom of the spear is equipped with things like a counterweight


Artbook Soulgem Drawing 0.jpg
  • 横から - from the side
  • ひらべったい - flat
  • マミ用 飾り - For Mami, decoration
  • ほむら - Homura
  • さやか - Sayaka
  • 杏子 - Kyoko
  • まどか - Madoka
  • 銀色 - Silver color
  • メダル - Medal
  • 各キャラでメダル部分違う - The medal part differs from character to character
  • まどか - Madoka
  • マミ - Mami
  • ほむら - Homura
  • さやか - Sayaka
  • 杏子 - Kyoko

Gertrud's Grief Seed

Soul gem grief seed sketch.jpg
  • バラ園の魔女 グリーフシード 前 - Witch of the Rose Garden - Grief Seed - Front
  • ケルトルート- Gertrud
  • 影無し - no shadow
  • 大きさ ソウルジェム このくらい - size of Soul Gem is like this
  • うしろ - back
  • ソウルジェム - Soul Gem
  • フレーム残しつつ - while the frame remains as it is
  • メキメキと割れながら縮む - contracts as it rapidly breaks apart
  • 一気にズボッと - In one go it pops and
  • 棒部分生えてくる - the rod-shaped parts grow
  • (貫通するみたいに)- (like they go through it)
Artbook Room Drawing 1.jpg

Sayaka's Room

  • 奥行き7.5Mなら - 7.5^2 m^2 =33.96畳?
  • If the depth is 7.5m,(7.5 x 7.5) = 56.5 m^2 = 33.96 Jou (mats) ? [this is really big for a room!]
  • さやか部屋 (清書決定稿) - Sayaka's room (finalized draft after clean-up)
  • (Translator note -[the details in the background are too blurred to translate])


Artbook New 02.jpg
  • 学校指定カバン - School bags mandated by school
  • 留め金で とめられるが あんまり留めない - Fastened with a latch but it does not fasten that well
  • ポケット - Pocket
  • 学生カバン(決定稿) - Student's bag (final draft)


Production Guidance/Direction

See also Guidebook's Production Materials and Production Note


For all character designs, also see Production Note Character Pages Guidebook Character Pages, May 2011 Megami gallery and Blu-Ray/DVD Booklets.





Madoka's Family

Classmates and Teachers


See also Guidebook Architecture page 1 and Guidebook Architecture page 2


See also Production Note Weapons, Guidebook Weapons page and May 2011 Megami gallery.

See Also