Akira Namekata

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Akira Namekata
Japanese Name 行方 晶

Not to be confused with Akira Shinobu

Akira Namekata (行方 晶 Namekata Akira) is a supporting character appearing in Sadness Prayer. She also appeared in Extra Story as a cameo. She is one of Komaki Asako's friends.

General info

  • Age: 15
  • Eye colour: Unknown
  • Hair colour: Unknown
  • Japanese pronoun: Atashi (あたし)
  • Known relatives: Parents (mentioned but not seen)
  • School: Shirome Middle School


Akira is friendly and rather carefree. She seems attached to Komaki after the latter saved her and Miyuki Nagatsuki from a building fire. The two often have to stop Komaki from starting fights with other students. She is shown to be incredibly curious especially in regards to Komaki's supposed "night life", though this trait along with her attachment to Komaki gets her accidentally killed during Sadness Prayer.

She is also shown to be friends with Komaki's little sister Koito Asako, where Akira even calls her "Koitotchi" (小糸っち Koitocchi).



Akira, along with Miyuki, was saved by Komaki in a fire at school due to the latter's wish to save them. However, Akira and Miyuki are unaware of Komaki being a magical girl.

Akira in Extra Story

Akira only has a small cameo in Symmetry Diamond, where she is seen with Miyuki and Komakiteasing Oriko. Akira does not have any spoken lines as she is only seen reacting to Komaki's outburst.

Akira in Sadness Prayer

Akira begins investigating Komaki's supposed nightlife after being informed by Koito. As her parents are overseas at the time, this gives her free reign to investigate Komaki during the day and at school while Koito investigates her sister at home.

She tracks Komaki with her phone and finds her fighting with Kirika one night. After accidentally calling Koito instead of the police, Akira ditches the phone and runs out to Komaki after one of Kirika's attacks wounds her. Akira, however, gets in the way of another of Kirika's attacks and is cut in half, with her top half landing in Komaki's arms.


  • Akira "" means "crystal".
  • Namekata "行方" means "whereabouts" or "direction".


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