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Albertine (ALBERTINE) is a witch that does not appear in the anime but does in the Madoka Magica Portable game. Her familiar Anja makes a brief appearance at the end of Episode 5.

Witch Card

Albertine CardV1.png

落書きの魔女。(未登場) その性質は無知。 かくれんぼが大好き。 けれど彼女の手下達はあまり賢くないため 誰も彼女のことを探してくれない。


TypeScribbling witch

The scribbling witch (has not debuted), with an ignorant nature. She loves Hide and Seek. However, because none of her minions are very intelligent, none of them seek her out.


Card Anja.png

落書きの魔女の手下。その役割は童心。 ひとり遊びに夢中になっているうち 魔女とはぐれてしまった迷子の手下。 人間をボールに変えてしまう力を使い、ボールに変えられた人間は今までについた嘘の数だけ地面を跳ねなくてはもとの姿に 戻ることが出来ない。


TypeScribbling witch's minion
DutyBeing naïve
EpisodesEpisode 5, The Rebellion Story

The scribbling witch's minion, whose duty is to be naïve. She is a lost familiar who was separated from the witch while playing alone, absorbed in her daydreams. She possesses the ability to transform humans into balls; a human who has been transformed into a ball cannot revert to human form until he bounces against the ground once for each lie that he has ever uttered.

In Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable

Albertine is finally revealed in Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable. She is shown to be able to create different Anja familiars by drawing them on the ground. An official article from Dengeki Playstation suggests that she could have come from the Anja familiar from Episode 5.

  • She only appears in the mysterious witches barrier "Fool's Barrier," which is unlocked by completing Sayaka's route. In the game routes, only her familiars are present.
  • She occasionally hides herself in building blocks. To make her reappear, just attack the building blocks in her barrier.
  • She may begin to cry when suffered attack. Your magical girl can't attack her when she cries without Negate Spec. Stat Effects(精神系異常状態無効) ability.


  • In BD commentary for Episode 5, Anja was voiced by Aoi Yuuki (Madoka).
  • It is highly likely Albertine was a young child, judging by her mannerisms and hwo she is a scribbling witch as scribling is somethibg commonly associated with children all the same.
    • It may also mean that she became a magical girl around the same age as Yuma Chitose.


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