Alina Gray

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Alina Gray
Alina Gray magireco profile.png.png
Japanese Name (アリナ グレイ) Alina Gray
Voiced by Japanese: Ayana Taketatsu

Alina Gray is a character in the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record. Arina first appeared in the opening video to Magia Record, however she did not appear in-game until October 2017's Magical Halloween Theater event. She was later released as a playable character on March 2, 2018.

General Info

Physical features

  • Age: 16
  • Eye colour: Teal / Aqua
  • Hair colour: Lime green


  • Soul Gem: Green shield-shaped gem at her throat
  • Weapon: Light construct rubik's cube
  • Wish: "I want an area where nobody can disturb me."
  • Witch form: Old Dorothy
  • Japanese pronoun: Alina (アリナ)
  • School: Sakae General School

Game Info

Game related data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★4 → ★5 100 Attack Attribute forest.png
Initial 4881 2139 1580
Max at ★4 17825 7756 5646
Max at ★5 22370 9784 7106
Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk charge.png
Connect: Melt in Alina's Work
★4: Attack UP [VII] & Guaranteed Dazzle & Guaranteed Poison
★5: Attack UP [VIII] & Guaranteed Dazzle & Guaranteed Poison & Chance to Stun
Magia: Nine Phases
★4: Damage to all Enemies [V] & Attack UP (Self / 2 T) & Probability Critical (Self / 2 T)
★5: Damage to all Enemies [VII] & Attack UP (Self / 2 T) & Probability Critical (Self / 2 T)
Damage to all Enemies [IX] & Guaranteed Poison (All / 3 T) & Attack UP (Self / 2 T) & Probability Critical (Self / 2 T)


A genius artist obsessed with the theme of magical girl life and death, who is trying to make a world without witches, and sometimes uses herself as a subject during a slump. She is dreaming of making witches the best art and puts in supreme effort for her own purposes.

Doppel Description

The Doppel of fever. Its form is a paint tube. The master of this emotion is fascinated by her own Doppel’s beauty, but she still doesn’t know about its hidden true form. The Doppel’s actual body is behind its master’s back. It oozes a paint called “Pathogen Tempera,” which it then congeals and uses to form a massive false body with which to attack the opponent. Since its master’s human body is buried in the paint and completely obscured from view, it boasts a presence that’s more like a witch than a Doppel. The master can’t see what her Doppel looks like from the outside, but according to her, it looks beautiful from the inside too.

Side Story

Alina wins an award in Modern Art for her artwork. At school, people discuss the winning painting, which is a self-portrait of Alina. The students say that supposedly, Alina couldn't think of anything to make for the prize, and she ended up snapping all the wood in the prep room. According to this rumor, Alina only got the idea to make a self-portrait when she was about to snap the canvas in two. She had a junior take a photo of her, and then drew herself based on that. However, she then coated her image in sand, which confuses the students telling the rumor.

Alina overhears the students talk about her. At the clubroom with Karin Misono, Alina takes her milk. Karin says it's mean, but Alina says it's more mean to talk about people behind their backs. Karin says Alina was happy to win the award, and Karin's the one who took the photo in the first place. Alina says that Karin needs to work on her art before she can be proud of herself. Karin apologizes and says Alina's amazing. Alina calls her foolish and leaves. Alina thinks that if she was actually aiming for the prize, she wouldn't have minded letting the story get out. However, she's more interested in creating art simply to create. Alina is reminded that one of the judges was going to see her, but decides to pass.

Later, Alina is called to the teacher's room. The announcement says she has a guest. Deducing it's the judge she was supposed to meet, Alina mutters she'll pass. Suddenly a teacher barges into the room Alina's in and tells her not to make them wait any longer. When Alina remains obstinate, the teacher tells her not to be spoiled and asks her if she realizes how many people wanted the prize. Alina says if that's the case she'll just give the prize back. The teacher tells her to come, but Alina runs off.

Alina goes to a restaurant. Karin, who was looking for Alina, eventually finds her. Karin says she got a letter from the judge, saying she was taken to meet them. Alina quietly apologizes. Karin says she wants to go buy art supplies with Alina. Alina says Karin's too much of a free girl, but tells her to hold on a bit. Alina reads the letter, and suddenly says she's leaving. As she wanders down the street, she can only think of the letter's contents: "It seems you are capable of creating a work that is so beautiful and arcane that viewers will think about it until their deaths. However, your work, which has no external theme, is a powerful drug that might drive people insane. That's why I want to tell you this. If you don't want to change the world, stop creating. You are only fifteen years old; if you haven't realized this, your brilliance will probably run out." Alina thinks she doesn't get it.

Alina figures that the letter was asking about the message she was trying to convey with a piece of her art. She thinks this is the first person who asked about her values, and not her work. Alina admits she wouldn't mind if her work really was some kind of poison or drug. Alina admits she doesn't know why she creates art and decides to review how she got to where she was. Alina heads to an art gallery that is exhibiting her works. She goes to one of the museum workers, a girl named Mayu Kozue. Alina asks if there's a poster listing her past works, saying that her parents should have sent the information. Mayu says she'll check and brings her the poster. Alina says the poster has too much information, and asks if it can be replaced with a simpler version she'll send. Mayu says she'll ask.

The poster explains that Alina was born in the Sakae Ward of Kamihama City. Her parents had an art gallery known as "Gallery Gray". At age 8, when her dog and grandparents died, Alina became fascinated by the transformation from living creature into object, and began trying to depict the boundary between life and death. Alina used time lapse photography and posing skeletons, ultimately creating her first artwork at age eleven. Alina created several works since then, including a picture drawn at age 14 using charcoal that came from carbonized corpses.

Alina mutters that if she goes over her art again, she has nothing to question. However, she does receive inspiration from the things that excite her. Alina thanks Mayu and prepares to leave. Before Alina goes, Mayu says her art is amazing. Alina wonders if Mayu has fallen to her drug, and if her brilliance will fade at the age of fifteen. Alina figures she needs to be more creative. She tries making things in the clubroom, but is disappointed.

Karin then asks Alina to take a look at the new character she made for her manga. However, Alina begins destroying her painting, saying it's not exciting, sensational, or emotional enough. Karin points out that Alina was working on it all week. Alina simply destroys it and asks Karin to take a photo. Alina looks at it, and says it's terrible. Alina thinks her work has become trash because she has nothing. Even when she was making artwork with her inspiration and senses, she was empty. Alina says she's decided to jump, while narrating that her art should have been more brilliant.

Having been told her art has no external theme, Alina noticed where she was lacking. She thinks it's something that can't change even if she traveled the world and saw many sights. It's implied she did just that, as Alina says that in one month, she hasn't changed at all. She thinks her brilliance really will fade at fifteen. Alina returns to the club and is met by Karin, who asks where Alina's been. Alina says she was enjoying a bit of travel. She asks if Karin disturbed the painting she broke. Karin says the teachers told her to leave it alone, thinking that it's broken state was part of the art. Alina thinks the teachers are foolish.

Alina critiques Karin's manga. Karin says that Alina hasn't drawn anything this day, and that she's been acting strange even before taking a trip. Karin asks if it's because of the letter she gave Alina. Alina hesitates, then asks Karin what sort of theme she has in mind when she draws. When Karin doesn't understand, Alina asks her why she wants to draw manga. Karin asks if that will make Alina feel better. Alina admits she doesn't know. Karin says she draws because she wants to make it's readers feel better, just like how she does when she reads the manga "Magical Kirin". Alina says that Karin wants to spread happiness to others, and says she might be more of a genius than she is. Karin insist she isn't, but Alina leaves.

Alina thinks that even Karin has something she doesn't. She mutters that she can't give birth to anything but a powerful drug, and that she'll lose her brilliance at 15. She then starts laughing and says that gave her the shivers. While near a riverbank, Alina decides she is nearing her death as an artist. Believing herself empty, she says that her realization of this has caused her past works to lose their luster. Alina decides to break all of her old art...including herself. She says that her last artwork will be to go out in a blaze of glory, and when her brilliance fades her body will rot away. A voice tells her if she would really be alright with that.

The voice is revealed to be Kyubey. Alina thinks he's a weasel and wonders if something is wrong with her head. Kyubey says she's in "a normal state" and introduces himself. Alina says it could be fun to listen to what he has to say. Kyubey says she's a type of human that is the most difficult to understand, and offers her a contract. Alina says it's like a fantasy, and says she doesn't have a wish. Kyubey says Alina seems "to be in a state similar to when humans are worrying". He offers to help clear up her worries. Alina says he wouldn't understand, and that it would be pointless to get what she wants just by wishing for it.

Kyubey points out she would still have what she wants. Alina hits him in response and says he doesn't get it. Kyubey says she possesses great potential, but Alina has no intention of using it, and has already decided on making her final piece of art. Kyubey begins to ask something, but Alina leaves. She then resolves to create her last artwork. The next day, Alina walks through the city, looking happy. She turns out to be excited over her impending "end" and thinks the holiday couldn't get any better. Arriving at the art gallery, Alina pulls out a hammer and saw and starts destroying her art. A shocked Mayu calls for help. A man shows up, but Alina leaves.

Alina then heads to a roof, saying that it will end with herself. She thinks that she'll record the moment where all of her light disappears. Kyubey appears, and asks her to reconsider becoming a magical girl. Alina hits him again and says if she solved her problems with a wish, she wouldn't be herself anymore. Kyubey suggests she wish for something else. Alina says she wants Kyubey to go away, and then realizes that might not be a bad wish. She explains that her parents often get mad at her for spending all her time painting, and so makes her wish: "I want an area where nobody can disturb me". Kyubey tries to explain more about being a magical girl, but Alina tells him to be quiet. She says she mixed this wish with her life and death, and soon it will be lost as well.

As Kyubey tells her to stop, Alina "completes her art" and jumps off the roof. Kyubey says he doesn't understand. Alina narrates a message to everyone who said she was a a genius artist: that this is her last piece of artwork. She narrates they were the ones intoxicated with her art, who valued it so much. It's shown that Alina landed in a field of flowers, and had set up a video camera to record her death. There is silence for a long time. Suddenly, a voice calls out that there's a person.

While floating in a gray haze, Alina finds herself disappointed. She realized that she always had a theme and there was never anything wrong with her in the first place. Her theme was simply her beauty. Alina mutters that knowing that is pointless now, and wonders if dying was really worth it. She think the worst possible ending is for her final work to be a failure. She finds herself wanting the place she wished for. Suddenly, Alina wakes up in the hospital, finding the she can't move. Alina wonders if she was drifting in the space between life and death. She thinks that place had nothing - she was just there thinking.

Alina is broken from her thoughts when Karin calls out to her. Karin says she's happy Alina woke up, and says she could have died if someone didn't find her. Karin then starts crying. Alina says Karin shouldn't cry, because she was just using her body to make her final artwork. Karin says she doesn't understand, and asks if Alina will turn herself into art again. Alina says she won't because she found her theme - but she still doesn't fully fell like she's alive. Karin grabs her hands and says she's alive. Alina admits she's right. Alina notices Karin is carrying a bag and asks what it is. Karin says she brought her "Phantom Thief Magical Karin" manga and gives it to Alina. She then leaves.

Alina reads the manga, but can't seem to understand it. Suddenly she hears a knock on the door of her hospital room. It turns out to be Touka Satomi and Nemu Hiiragi. Touka says hello, and Nemu says she feels relieved. It turns out they were the ones who found Alina. Alina thanks them, prompting Nemu to say that was outrageously matter-of-fact. Touka asks if Alina is the famous Alina Gray, having heard about her on television. Nemu says her "Psychedelic Adolescent Hymn" had a lot of young visitors. Alina says she didn't know that.

Nemu hands her a flyer, which talks about "The trepidation and madness of youth". Alina realizes the picture on the flyer is from when she was destroying her artwork. Alina says it's better than being charged for breach of contract and damages. Alina asks if that's all. Nemu says they came to hear Alina's thanks for saving them. Touka says Alina must have hit a "miraculous jackpot" for her to be found by Touka and Nemu, and asks for her thanks in exchange. Alina calls them shameless and tells them to go away. Touka says its not hard, and both her and Nemu say please. Alina asks what they want to do, and Touka explains they want her to have a talk with them. Alina is confused.

Afterward, Alina says they were weird kids. Kyubey appears and says they have the same potential she does. Alina asks what happened to her. Kyubey explained that when she became a magical girl, Alina's "body became able to fight against witches", and that's the "primary reason" why she survived. Alina admits her final artwork didn't work out, but says she's grateful. Alina explains that she found her theme, and got the place she wished for. Alina says she was a fool to think her work had no theme and says she won't stop creating. She claims what she sends out will be her "beauty".

Alina senses something, which Kyubey explains is the presence of a witch. Alina transforms and says she will greet it as a magical girl. She enters the witch's barrier and fights a familiar, laughing the whole time. Kyubey says her reaction is unusual. Alina says that this world is overflowing with lifeforms of such a unique design. She says it gives her the shivers. Alina narrates that the material for her next art "will be you". She claims she will show everyone her beauty, and they will become drunk on her art. Alina starts laughing and says it gives her the shivers.

Event Appearances

Other Appearances

Alina appears in Tsukuyo Amane and Tsukasa Amane's side stories.


  • The characters of her name use katakana as her parents may be foreign born. In her side story, it states Alina was born in the Sakae Ward of Kamihama City.



Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
A Fine Day to Cool Down
Anti-Evade (Self / 3 T)
Max Limit Break:
Anti-Evade (Self / 3 T)
6 turns
Max Limit Break:
5 turns
"No way I'm reading a manga that FOOL GIRL is reading...Really, I don't know the reason why it's supposed to be monochrome, but I can see it in color, but that's why I'm the best I know. " 「まさかフールガールが読んでる漫画をアリナが読むなんて…ホント、理由なんて分からないケドモノクロのはずなのに、カラーになって見えるワケそれは何故かって、アリナが一番よく分かってるんですケド」
Last Work: Alina's Kusouzu
Draw Owner's Discs
Max Limit Break:
Draw Owner's Discs
15 turns
Max Limit Break:
13 turns
**Unique to Alina Gray**
If everything has faded, it is because my color was lost So if your color disappears like this I will color everything in the end If you dedicate yourself
全てが色あせたなら、それは自分の色が失われたから このまま自分の色が無くなるのなら最後に全てを彩ろう 自らを捧げて
My Bible
Damage UP State [V] & Curse Immunity
Max Limit Break:
Damage UP State [VI] & Curse Immunity
Passive "Well, you can use key unlocking technology here! ...No? It's a lie!? Did you get the key from the security guard like so? What does that mean... well, the explanation is described on p152 of the end...Who is the author that wrote of such a technique!?" 「なるほど、ここで鍵開けテクが活用できるんだ!…って違う?うそでしょ!?この擦れ違い様に警備員から鍵を取ってたの!?どういうことだろ…え、えっと解説は巻末の152Pに記載…こんなテクニックが書いてあるなんて作者は何者なの!?」
Stance on Art
Anti-Poison & Damage Up Versus Enemies Affected With Status Ailments [IV]
Max Limit Break:
Anti-Poison & Damage Up Versus Enemies Affected With Status Ailments [V]
Passive "The beauty of life, the beauty of death, the beauty of ruin, the theme of Alina is 'the beauty of Alina'. Alina makes you shudder with fear, and if you happen to see Alina unexpectedly, show her some praise. And then, she will surely make your shuddering brain brilliant with psychedelics, you know" 「生の美、死の美、滅びの美、アリナのテーマはアリナの美”アリナがゾックゾクしたものを、アリナは勝手に作るダケ見たいならみせてアゲル。そして、勝手にゾックゾクしちゃってヨネきっとブレインがサイケデリックでブリリアントになるカラ」

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