Amane Sisters (Swimsuit ver.)

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Amane Sisters (Swimsuit ver.)
Amane sisters swimsuit profile.png
Japanese Name 天音 姉妹 (Amane Sisters)
Voiced by Tsukuyo
Japanese: Maaya Uchida
Japanese: Aya Uchida

Amane Sisters (Swimsuit ver.) is a version of Tsukuyo Amane and Tsukasa Amane that debuted in the mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record. It is just the Amane Sisters with alternate outfits that use a banana boat as their weapon. This is the first unit that consists of two girls as one unit.

General Info

Physical features

  • Eye colour: Dark Red
  • Hair colour: Brown


  • Soul Gem: Red Ying-Yang on the back of their hands
  • Weapon: Banana Boat
  • Wish:
  • Witch form: Dum Dee

Game Info

Game related data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
4★ → 5★ 100 Heal Attribute aqua.png
Initial 5408 1752 1777
Max at 4 ★ 19187 6443 6258
Max at ★5 24195 8065 7425
Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk charge.png
Connect: Resonant Summer
★4: MP Restore [VI] & Chance to Critical [VII] & Remove Debuffs
★5: MP Restore [VIII] & Chance to Critical [IX] & Remove Debuffs
Magia: Crescent Banana Boat
★4: Damage All Enemies [IV] & Regenerate HP (All / 3 T) & Status Ailment Resistance UP (All / 3 T)
★5: Damage All Enemies [VI] & Regenerate HP (All / 3 T) & Status Ailment Resistance UP (All / 3 T)
Doppel: Dum Dee
Damage All Enemies [VIII] & Regenerate HP (All / 3 T) & Status Ailment Resistance UP (All / 3 T)


Doppel Description

The Doppel of insulation and disconnection. Its form is a herbarium. In the end, having chosen to forget about all of the darkness that each of them holds, the masters of this emotion now spend their time dreamily playing in their own tropical resort. This Doppel normally refines moonlight into magic power, but with its masters’ hearts now captivated by the sun, it instead refines sunlight into power, and leaps to and fro in the cheerful summer air. But don’t be fooled! Its power leaps right over “troublesome,” and straight into “horrific disaster.” All those who touch it will be erased, transforming its surroundings into a pandemonic hell on Earth. Additionally, this Doppel is completely incapable of sensing its surroundings, so its heart will remain unmoved no matter how bitterly one screams at it.

Side Story

Event Appearances

Other Appearances


  • Their illustrator is Kuronyan (くろにゃん).


Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
Because We're Not Alone
Chance to Anti-Stun [VI] & Attack UP [II]
Max Limit Break:
Guaranteed Anti-Stun [VI] & Attack UP [III]
Passive ひとりでは挫けそうなことも ふたりなら乗り越えられる

ひとりでは泣いてしまうことも ふたりなら笑い合える どんな時も ひとりじゃないから どんな運命も 一緒に歩いて行こう

Dive Into Summer (Tsukuyo・Tsukasa
Attack UP [IV]
Max Limit Break:
Attack UP [V]
Passive 「海に飛び込むなんて、あの時は何をするのかと思ったけど…

すっごく楽しかったな~!」 「マギウス全員で手を繋ぐというのも、新鮮でございました」 「あはは…あんな機会もそうそうないもんね」

Little Crescent Moons
Chance to Anti-Darkness [VIII] & Guaranteed Anti-Dazzle
Max Limit Break:
Guaranteed Anti-Darkness & Guaranteed Anti-Dazzle
Passive 荒い波にさらわれて 夜の海で迷ったら

この手の弦月(つき)に 思いを馳せる 夏の暑さ 氷の冷たさ 海でのひととき 笑い声 弦月に封じたすべての記憶が ふたりを照らす道しるべ

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