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{{Infobox_episode |name = The Only Signpost Remaining |jname = 最後に残った道しるべ |commentary = Aoi Yuuki
Chiwa Saitou
Eri Kitamura
Kaori Mizuhashi
Ai Nonaka
Emiri Kato

The 11th episode commentary has all six of the main seiyuu. All of the magical girls, plus Kyubey.

They have a lot of people, but not that much time.

Everyone's together, but in the show the mahou shoujo never join together like this.

First they start with Kaori Mizuhashi. She was thinking, "I want to watch this normally." They aired the last three episodes together, but she wanted to see the 11th episode on its own. Mami...died, but Mizuhashi got to play Takkun (Madoka's brother), as well as voicing Walpurgisnacht. It's quite a wide range, she says. From the little brother to the last boss!

Next they switch to having Eri Kitamura talk. This is during Sayaka's funeral. "Somehow it was on the news". But that was because of Kyouko, keeping her body fresh. Even if she didn't get to participate in this episode, she felt that it really stayed on her mind. Everyone around her was a fan of the show. Mami is the first big shock, but then Sayaka is the second big shock. She felt glad that she could give meaning to the work.

Next is Nonaka Ai. "Third Impact" (Evangelion reference), she says. She was surprised by her death too. Well, she came into the show after Mami was gone. They didn't get the chance to talk at all, although in the backstory and in episode 10 they did. In the other worlds, she wanted to say "Please let me have some tea".

Now for Emiri Katou. Once again, she said that she was glad she got to play the cute mascot character. But in the outline it didn't really say anything so she had no idea what kind of character he was. But while recording she became able to understand how he thinks. She didn't think he would be such an important character. With just her voice she could add so much impact to the character. That and everyone loves Kyubey. Such a good character she got.

Now they get to talk with everyone, Saitou wanted to ask some questions. Even at the auditions, Mizuhashi knew that Mami would die, but she had no idea why. But she wasn't against it. Normally, it sucks if your character dies, but she didn't feel like that. In the story, though, she almost lived because she died. She showed up again in episode 10 again, though Mizuhashi thought it'd be for another of her roles. She was quite surprised when Mami showed up in the story again. She felt moved by the sound of the muskets when they rescued Homura.

Next they go back to Kitamuri. Even when she was a mahou shoujo Sayaka was probably the most normal person. She's the most "green" character (note that she says aoi () which means both green and blue, and happens to be Sayaka's color); she was very inexperienced. She thought it was really great to play a character who develops so much over the story. There was her connection with all of the other magical girls which made it interesting. And then episode 8, "I was such an idiot", Kitamura thought "What good writing". On the other hand, compared to Tiro Finale, she kinda wanted a special technique for Sayaka. But she was really happy when she watched it. And then she enjoyed the scene with Miki Shinichiro on the train.

Then, Saitou cuts in to mention the scene where Homura and Madoka are in Homura's room. She felt like this is the most touching scene, where she finally talks about what she's gone through. Homura says so much but is worrying that Madoka will reject her feelings, but Yuuki said that both Madoka and her, the voice actress, were in sync and really accepted Homura's feelings very well.

Next they talk about Kyouko. Nonaka said that she hadn't played many rough characters like her, so she was very worried. But she ended up really popular with girls. She's rough on the outside, but warm on the inside. Emiri says that it's amazing that Kyouko would sacrifice herself for Sayaka...

They really liked all of the characters though, even Kyubey. He never really gets shaken up ever. Because of this though, Katou said that it makes it easier to see it from other characters' perspectives.

Now they lapse into episode 12 spoilers. They were surprised at the HomuKyubey ending. Kyubey was Homura's biggest enemy, but at the end there's no reason for them to be antagonistic anymore. She was killed a lot, but at the end she finally got to live as a normal mahou shoujo' mascot. She didn't know at the beginning not to have emotions, rather just being told to act cute. But now she's glad she didn't put too much emotion into it.

Back to spoilers, they're discussing the ending.. Mizuhashi wonders exactly when Madoka realize she was going to have to disappear. She was already resolved to do that, because she wasn't disturbed when Mami told her so. She also talked about how the only person she really made remember her was Homura. Kitamura felt like she really want to see the opening animation scene. She was glad they got a bit of a good ending. When Nonako was watching, she kept thinking, "I want her to beat Walpurgisnacht!"

They finally asked Katou. She felt like she was able to accomplish everything she wanted to do. He's a bit like the villain, but Kyubey himself isn't actually a villain. It was a short work, but they want it to to keep going on.