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* Her illustrator is "[https://www.mangaupdates.com/authors.html?id=20100 Afro]", who also drew [[Puella Magi Homura Tamura]].
* Her illustrator is "[https://www.mangaupdates.com/authors.html?id=20100 Afro]", who also drew [[Puella Magi Homura Tamura]].
* Her weapon appears to be a mallet hammer, or a toy hammer to be precise, this may reflect her playful and fun personality in accordence to her witch.
* Her magical girl outfit and transformation resemble that of a magician, most notably the top hat and how she appears out of nowhere from a presebnt box.

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Ayaka Mariko
Ayaka profile.png
Japanese Name 毬子 あやか (Mariko Ayaka)
Voiced by Japanese: Ari Ozawa

Ayaka Mariko is one of the original characters of the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record

General Info

Physical features

  • Eye colour: Greenish-grey
  • Hair colour: Black


  • Soul Gem: Teal cross on her neck, however it could also be a four-pointed star
  • Weapon: Giant collapsible mallet
  • Wish: "I want to become a bright person, just like my friend"
  • Witch form: Not Known
  • Japanese pronoun: atashi (あたし)
  • School: Central Academy

Game Info

Game related data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★3 → ★4 80 Defense Attribute dark.png
Initial 5028 1270 1631
Max at ★3 17197 4318 5545
Max at ★4 22359 5616 7210
Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk charge.png
Connect: Leave it to me! This is a sure thing!
★3: Endure & Probability Critical [V]
★4: Endure & Probability Critical [VII]
Magia: Fun Fun Fun
★3: Damage One Enemy [III] & Defense UP (All / 3 T)
★4: Damage One Enemy [V] & Defense UP (All / 3 T) & Remove debuffs (All)


A magical girl who once spent her days living in gloom and negativity but gained a bright and refreshing personality due to her wish. In reaction to her former self, she now views all things with positivity. But sometimes, behind her smile, you can feel her guilt and manufactured brightness.

Side Story

The story begins with Ayaka and Shizuku Hozumi fighting a witch. Shizuku says she'll attack the witch from behind. Ayaka says she'll leave it to her partner, prompting Shizuku to think they only just met. The witch launches a surprise attack on Ayaka, causing her to claim it's cheating. Shizuku thinks the witch is more powerful than it looks and they should retreat. Ayaka disagrees and says it's fine. When Shizuku asks if she has a better idea, Ayaka says she doesn't as she's not very smart. Shizuku splutters that Ayaka sounded so confident earlier. Ayaka says it's baseless, but she still thinks they can do beat the witch. Shizuku remarks it's just a gut feeling. Ayaka says it's what her heart is saying and that Shizuku should leave it to her. She then charges at the witch.

The witch is defeated, and Shizuku that Ayaka somehow defeated it through sheer will power. Ayaka celebrates her victory by rambling about things like her "Positive Heart" and "Clean Hit". Shizuku thinks that Ayaka is keeping the conversation going by herself. Ayaka then suddenly asks what time it is. When Shizuku tells her it's almost five o'clock, Ayaka screams and says she won't make it to the "Needle Roller" live show. Shizuku thinks she's talking about a punk rock band. When Ayaka says she's been waiting two weeks to see the show, Shizuku asks her where it is and what time it starts.

Shizuku explains her innate magic to Ayaka: Spacial Binding, which links two spaces together. Ayaka says with a power like that, Shizuku cn get away with oversleeping. Shizuku thinks she never thought about using it that way. Shizuku says they can make it to the show with time to spare. Ayaka is still freaking out and says the show starts in fifteen minutes. Shizuku uses her power, and in a bright flash of light the girls appear in front of "Figure Eight Hall". The time is 10 minutes until 5 o'clock. Ayaka is happy she wasn't late for the show. Shizuku tells her she should get going. Ayaka thanks her and leaves, but then suddenly comes back.

Ayaka says she wants to offer Shizuku her thanks, and reveals she has a second ticket to the show. Shizuku says she's not into punk, but Ayaka asks what she's talking about. Ayaka then enters the building and tells Shizuku to come along. It turns out that Needle Roller is a comedy duo. However, Ayaka is the only person laughing at their jokes. Afterward, Ayaka says she enjoyed the show, while Shizuku is just puzzled. Ayaka asks if Shizuku thought the show was funny.

Shizuku thinks it wasn't, but feels she can't lie when Ayaka was just trying to show her gratitude. Before Shizuku can answer, Ayaka says that she doesn't need to worry since everyone has a different "breaking point" for laughing. Ayaka then asks what Shizuku's name is, pointing out they forgot to introduce each other. The girls do so. Ayaka narrates that their laughter points are different, but Shizuku seems like a good kid.

The net day, Ayaka is still laughing about the show. Suddenly she sees Shizuku walking along the street. She calls out to her, but Shizuku doesn't notice. Suddenly she runs up to Shizuku, who is startled and says as much. Ayaka says she's the one who was startled since Shizuku didn't notice her. Shizuku apologizes, but Ayaka says she's supposed to snap at her (as if they were a comedy duo). Ayaka then says Shizuku was spacing out and asks her if something bad happened. Shizuku asks if Ayaka could tell by looking, Ayaka says Shizuku has a sad look on her face. She asks if some old guy has been bothering Shizuku, and asks if she can go after him. Shizuku says Ayaka's moving the conversation too fast.

Shizuku claims she has a trivial worry that should be forgotten wen she becomes a magical girl. She explains that she feels anxious about the future, feeling like she doesn't have one or it's disappearing. Shizuku says that when she fights witches she can forget her worries, but afterward she goes back to being a regular schoolgirl, and the worries come back. Shizuku says it's not a big deal, but Ayaka says that being anxious and worried is a big deal. Shizuku is silent, and then thanks Ayaka,

Ayaka decides she's going to cheer Shizuku up by making her laugh real loud. She then gives her "full-power, one hit killer goof"...which consists of Ayaka saying "Sushi roll". When Shizuku doesn't react, Ayaka says she remembers that Shizuku has a different laughter point than most people. She then tries something more surrealist: Saying "Carp sushi". Shizuku thinks she is startled by how unfunny that was. Ayaka then tries another "gag". Five "Minute Years" later, Ayaka still tries to make Shizuku laugh. Shizuku thinks she needs to let Ayaka quit and decides to laugh at her next "joke".

Ayaka makes a (Japanese) pun about the proverb "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil", monkeys, and somehow adds a "boss monkey" at the end of it. Shizuku fakes laughter and says it's funny. Ayaka sees right through it and says her joke wasn't any good. Shizuku thinks she needs to practice smiling or laughing more. Ayaka says that Shizuku's laughing point is just too different. Shizuku thinks that as long as Ayaka isn't too down about it this all can finally end. Ayaka wonders if Shizuku just doesn't understand the structure of the jokes. She then goes on to explain the joke in detail, explaining how it was based off the proverb, the pun, and then since it's the end she added a "boss monkey" which makes it a repition joke. At that, Shizuku suddenly breaks out into laughter.

Ayaka says there wasn't anything to laugh at, but Shizuku says it's because Ayaka launched into her explanation so seriously. Ayaka says that Shizuku's laughter point is too different, but as long as she got her to laugh, it's good enough. Shizuku says it was a long time since she laughed that much, and thanks Ayaka for cheering her up. When she says this, Ayaka narrates that she was reminded of "Yuu-chan", and old friend she was close with. Yuu-chan was always thanked by other people for cheering them up.

In a flashback, two students discuss how they feel Yuu is saving them by how brightly she shines. Yuu says they're exaggerating and she relies on them when she's feeling down herself. Yuu then notices and Ayaka and asks her to come on over. Ayaka narrates that her and Yuu lived in the same neighborhood and were close friends since they were kids. Ayaka felt that Yuu was always smiling, and that the space around her was brighter because of it. Ayaka can't count the number of times that brightness helped her. She compares Yuu to the sun, always sparking in the center of a crowd. Back in the present Shizuku and Ayaka bid each other goodbye. Ayaka thinks she was thanked just like her friend. She narrates that she's really changed into someone like the friend she admired.

Later, Shizuku invites Ayaka to her family's cafe. When Ayaka arrives she says "Welcome" as part of a joke. Shizuku welcomes her, prompting Ayaka to say Shizuku should have scolded her for saying welcome when she's the customer. Shizuku apologizes for not finishing the joke, though she can't imagine anyone could do so. Ayaka then brings a cream soda, which she claims was kicked out by overpopulation. Ayaka explains that coffee floats, cola floats and orange floats are called just that, but cream soda isn't a float even though it's also a drink topped with ice cream. Therefore, according to Ayaka, it got pushed out from overpopulation.

One of the customers gives an annoyed grunt at Ayaka's antics. Shizuku asks Ayaka to lower her voice. She explains her family runs a traditional coffee shop, and so most of her customers are older people and dislike loud noise. Ayaka says that if she starts yelling all of a sudden, the old customer might have a heart attack, prompting another annoyed grunt. Shizuku and Ayaka apologizes,, then Shizuku starts chuckling and tells Ayaka to use her indoor voice. Ayaka sayays she isn't sure how to do that, and Shizuku tells her not to overthink it.

Shizuku then admits she's jealous of Ayaka. Ayaka asks if she wants to make old men angry too, but Shizuku explains of how Ayaka is always endlessly bright, so much that she draws other people into it. Shizuku calls it a power to get tangled up with other people. She then tells Ayaka she thinks she's amazing. Ayaka is silent for a moment, and then says she's not someone worth praising like that. She says she doesn't deserve to have people jealous of her or say she's amazing. Shizuku says it isn't like Ayaka to say such pessimistic things. Ayaka is about to explain, but then catches sight of the other customers. Shziuku asks Ayaka to wait a minute for her to clean up. She explains her mother will be coming back soon, and asks Ayaka if she can wait outside.

The girls then head to a park, where Ayaka explains her story. Before she became a magical girl, she wasn't such a bright person. In fact, she was Yuu's total opposite, even though they got along really well. However, because they were so different, other girls talked about them behind their back. They called Ayaka dull, or Yuu's shadow character. In a flashback, Ayaka hears these things before Yuu arrives and says she's making a gloomy face again. Yuu offers to listen if Ayaka has something wrong. Ayaka apologizes, but Yuu says that Ayaka cheers her up when she's down so they're even.

However, Ayaka can't accept that they're even, as she's always getting cheered up by Yuu. She knows the other schoolgirls didn't have ill intentions, but when they said she was nothing like Yuu, Ayaka wondered how she could change to be more like her. This feeling grew over time. And then one day, she was attacked by a witch and met Kyubey. Since a witch was attacking her, Ayaka had no choice but to be a magical girl. Thinking of Yuu, and that she was going to be a magical girl anyway, she wished to be a bright person, just like her friend.

Back in the present, Ayaka says that sometimes she annoys people by being noisy, sometimes she says silly things and then laughs, and sometimes she's thanked for cheering people up. She claims that none of those things are the real her. Ayaka says she's happy just when people feel better, but when Shizuku praised her she started to feel guilty. Ayaka says she's just a cheap imitation of her friend, and therefore shouldn't take all the praise and gratitude she gets. Shizuku is silent for a moment, and then brings up one of the performers from Needle Roller. She explains she heard that performer is a very quiet person in private.

Ayaka is shocked, since the performer always tells his jokes loudly. Shizuku says the performer wanted to change his shy self to achieve his profession. Ayaka says she didn't know that. Shizuku asked if Ayaka is now disappointed in the performer. Ayaka says she isn't, because it doesn't matter what the performer is like off-stage, and the happiness she gets from watching him isn't fake. Shizuku explains that whatever a person does, they never stop being themselves. She claims that just like the performer, Ayaka changed because she wanted to. She then asks for the name of Ayaka's friend. Ayaka says she calls her Yuu-chan, and Shizuku says it's the first time hearing that name. Shizuku doesn't know who Yuu is, and it wasn't Yuu her encouraged her - it was Ayaka.

Ayaka thanks Shizuku, who chuckles. Ayaka says that right now she is her true self. She thanks Shizuku for cheering her up. Shizuku thinks that Ayaka cheered her up more.) As thanks, Ayaka gives her another ticket to a Needle Roller show. Ayaka explains she applied for two tickets because she didn't want to miss out on getting one. She says she was surprised she got both tickets and assumes they has some left over for some reason. Shizuku thinks she knows what the reason is - the implication being that the group isn't popular enough to sell out their shows.

Ayaka invites Shizuku to the show, but Shizuku says she has to pass. Ayaka says that Shizuku has to be a fan of Needle Roller if she knew so much about the performer. Shizuku thinks that the show was so unfunny that she looked up the performer just to find why he even became a performer in the first place. Before Shizuku answers, Ayaka says it's decided and that she show will be at five o'clock. Shizuku guesses it will be fine. Ayaka narrates that she won't lose to anyone when it comes to brightness.

Other Appearances



  • The characters of her last name mean "ball" (毬) and "child"(子), respectively.



  • Her weapon appears to be a mallet hammer, or a toy hammer to be precise, this may reflect her playful and fun personality in accordence to her witch.
  • Her magical girl outfit and transformation resemble that of a magician, most notably the top hat and how she appears out of nowhere from a presebnt box.


Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
A Full Body Gag
Critical Rate UP [II]
Max Limit Break:
Critical Rate UP [III]
Passive "All right, here I go! Fwwooooo! This is from Chinese martial arts!! ...hey, wha!? You can't come out of my hat yet! Grr! I had a joke set up that I was sure was going to knock everyone dead, too!" 「それじゃあ、いくよ!

ふぅおぉぉぉおお!中国拳法からのぉ!!って、ほわぁっ!? まだ帽子の中から出てきちゃダメだって! くぅっ!せっかく爆笑必至のネタになるはずだったのに!」

If I Smile, Everyone Will Smile
Draw Blast Disks
Max Limit Break:
Draw Blast Disks
15 turns
Max Limit Break:
13 turns
**Unique to Ayaka Mariko**
She was longing for a friend who was always smiling and smiling amongst the sun, and she realized she wanted to change herself.

太陽の様な存在の友達に彼女は憧れていた 気付けば自分を変えたいと思うようになっていた

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