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Box Wood (BOX WOOD) is a witch that appears in the first episode of the Magia Record Anime. It is first attacked by Iroha Tamaki on a train after kidnapping a cat. Later on it appears on the train again with Iroha and Kuroe where all 3 end up getting transported to Kamihama within Zenobia's barrier. It is then caught and subsequently killed by the other witch.

This witch does not appear in the game and is instead exclusive to the anime.


Boxwood witch card.png

Box Wood

TypeStone-dwelling Fish Witch
EpisodesEpisode 1

The Witch of Stone-dwelling Fish. It appears as a Giant Salamander. Iroha who hasn't embarked on her journey yet, fights against a witch who went into her shell. She shimmers in fluorescent colors when it's swimming inside the tubular structure that is her nest, but is solid black when she's outside. It swims like a lizard, winding itself.


BoxWood FamiliarsCard .png


TypeStone-dwelling Fish Witch's minion
EpisodesEpisode 1

A minion of the Stone-dwelling fish witch. Its role is flotsam. The unborn lives drifted into the witch's barrier. They and the witch don't interfere with each other but, they cooperate and eliminate intruders when they visit.

In the Anime


  • Although unconfirmed, Box Wood's name appears to be a reference to Kenji Miyazawa; on the page discussing the boxwood shrubs in a collection of notes titled "Memo Flora", he doodled a multi-irised eye titled "Tearful Eye".
    • Boxwood shrub wood has been popularly used for miniature Christian sculptures, instruments, chess pieces, and the handles of daggers.
    • Coincidentally, boxwood shrubs are food for the box tree moth, which can devastate a shrub very quickly; this may relate to Shitori Egumo (Embryo Eve)
      • Ironically, box wood trees are said to be symbols of immortality yet Box Wood is killed with little effort.
  • Yoshiharu Tsuge is Japanese manga artist. His surname "Tsuge" means boxwood in Japanese. The witch may be referred to him and some of his work.
    • Sanshouo (山椒魚, "salamander") is a story of a giant salamander living in a sewage drain. One day, he encountered a strange flotsam. It is a dead human fetus flushed down the drain, but he can't understand what it is.
    • Uoishi (魚石, "stone of fish") is a story about a legendary stone which is said that fish lives inside.
  • Box Wood's identity as the "Stone-Dwelling Fish Witch" and the description of its familiars has been provided by Mizuna anon on 4chan's /pmmm/ general. (archival images here).


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