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Candeloro (CANDELORO) is the witch form of Mami Tomoe that makes an appearance in Madoka Magica Portable and Madoka Magica Online. Like the anime, her design was done by Gekidan Inu Curry. She has two familiars that represent Madoka Kaname and Kyoko Sakura, in both appearance and fighting style.

Witch Card

Candeloro Card v2.png



TypeDress-up witch
EpisodesPuella Magi Madoka Magica Portable, Madogatari Event

The witch of dress-up. She has an inviting nature. A kind-hearted witch who dreams of ideal things. This witch can't stand being lonely, and never lets visitors to her barrier escape.


Candeloro Minions Card.png


Du Polignac

TypeDress-up witch's minion
DutyGuiding visitors
EpisodesPuella Magi Madoka Magica Portable, Madogatari Event

The dress-up witch's minions, whose task is to guide visitors. They invite humans who enter the witch's barrier to her tea party. When they try to run away from her, the witch ties their hands and feet together. They are precious friends of the witch.

Magia Record Descriptions

Anime Japan 2017 card

The Doppel of Invitation. Her form is that of dress-up. This Doppel is a replica of invitation. This Doppel uses her ribbon-like hands for a variety of attacks. However, the owner of these feelings does not believe that this small Doppel has that kind of great power hidden within her. She is a docile Doppel, but possibly because she has started to resemble a certain someone, she is strongly opinionated and doesn't do a very good job of listening to others. Those are her flaws.

In-Game (Normal version)

The Doppel of invitations. Its form is dressing up. The master of this emotion doesn't trust it but battles on, regardless of its presence. This Doppel is very small compared to other Doppels and always sits on its master's head, so the master is hardly aware of it. It is doubtful that they communicate, so its master fights normally while it supports her. It is small and looks unreliable, but its vines are powerful enough to penetrate any enemy.

Holy Mami version

The Doppel of Worship. Its form is a Nimbus. The master of this emotion has accepted salvation in a moment of despair on the darkest of nights. As a result, she was miraculously given the strength to overcome the fear and anxiety that she once had. Due to the mental state of its master, this pitiful Doppel's appearance has changed, leading it to believe it can be a savior. Tiro Saint Doppelion is a symbol that represents a new hope for all girls in despair.

Swimsuit version

The Doppel of Eternal Summer. It's form is cheerful. The master of this emotion is in very high spirits after making friends who fight beside her. Since she wants to be an exemplary role model, she tries to keep her cool around them. Perhaps because of this, the Doppel can't hide it's passionate, tropical look. By keeping a dangerous balance between the Doppel's unrestrained, explosive power and it's master's calm control over aiming, they have come to possess a formidable combat ability.


  • How Mami becomes Candeloro is described in her game route (expand for story spoilers).
  • Candeloro attacks resembles Mami's. She has a simple rifle-like attack and can bind using ribbons. She can also take possession of a familiar to shoot a Tiro Finale-like attack, except it shoots flames rather than ammunition.
  • Candeloro's familiars take the forms of Madoka Kaname and Kyoko Sakura. The familiars fight in the same fashion as the magical girls. The one that resembles Madoka shoots arrows from a pink bow while the one that resembles Kyoko uses a long-range multiple spear attack.
    • Forms for Sayaka, Hitomi and both Homuras have been planned but never used.
  • In the manga Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Different Story, Candeloro's silhouette appears in Mami's vision when she almost runs out of magic. But Kyoko stops Mami's despair before she transforms into Candeloro.
    • Candeloro appears in human form in Mami's vision. She looks like Mami, with a few differences- Her hair is in straight pigtails, and she is flat-chested. Her hair is tied up with scrunchies instead of flower accessories. She wears a back dress over a white long sleeved shirt, stockings and black Mary Janes.
    • Because Sayaka became Mami's partner (instead of Madoka) in this world/timeline, her familiars are red ones and blue ones, not pink ones.
  • Candeloro's barrier include familiar elements of Mami's "mental landscape" including a rainbow bridge, teacups and apple trees.
    • The Teacups should be rather obvious, but cups also symbolize Healing and Immortality, among other things. Also, the fact that the teacups are black, nearly undecorated and wide-brimmed ties them to mysticism and divination rituals.
    • Apple Trees symbolize Immortality. Tír na nÓg, the Land of the Young, is also known as the Isle of Apples.
    • Rainbow Bridges, specifically, symbolize the bridge from Earth to the Heavens, and it is said that those who cross them reach divinity. Rainbows, themselves, can mean many things, but are commonly tied back to Healing and Perfection.
    • Black Clouds are a common symbol of inevitability and death.
    • The fact that the water is red means it is most probably blood. Blood is nearly always a symbol of Life Force.


  • Text in her barrier reads "Happy Birthday."
  • Candeloro's tag has the runes CANDELORO DU POLIGNAC written on it. It reads, "Candeloro du Polignac".
    • It is suspected that it could be a reference to Yolande Martine Gabrielle de Polastron, Duchesse de Polignac, a member of Marie Antoinette's court who was greatly famed for her beauty.
      • Gabrielle de Polastron was a favorite of Maria Antoinette. In 1775 she was formally presented to the Queen of France, Marie-Antoinette, who was instantly "dazzled" by her, and invited her to move permanently to Versailles. The cost of maintaining oneself at the court of Versailles was ruinous and Gabrielle replied that her husband did not have the money to finance a permanent move to the palace. Determined to keep her new favourite by her side, the Queen agreed to settle the family's many outstanding debts and to find an appointment for Gabrielle's husband.
      • Gabrielle de Polastron was considered by many of her friends to be elegant, sophisticated, charming and entertaining. Ultimately, the queen's favouritism towards the Polignac family was one of the many causes which fueled Marie-Antoinette's unpopularity with some of her husband's subjects.
  • Candeloro is an Italian male name. The feminine name would be Candelora.
    • "Dell'oro" is a common word pair in Italian, meaning "of gold" and often attached to anything one wishes to deem precious. The name could be a play on Mami's main color.
  • The name Candeloro derives from a medieval tradition given to children born on the day of the Pagan holiday of Candlemas, or "feast of candles." Common superstitions of the tradition is tied to death and serpents.
    • Candelora is a religious feast, it is celebrated in February 2, when the Catholic church celebrates the "Presentazione del Signore" (Presentation of Our Lord). Formerly called the "Feast of the Purification of the Virgin Mary", it is now popularly called the feast of Candelora.[1]
  • Within Candeloro's Witch Labyrinth there is a house. Inside of the house, you will notice that the Christmas Greenery is still hung up and it decorates all of the walls. Assuming that Candeloro does indeed reference the Candlemas tradition, then this is of note, as common belief is that if you fail to take down the Christmas Greenery on the eve of Candlemas, you bring death to all of those in your congregation.
    • If there happen to be any bells ringing in the background, that's another symbol that means that your friends are going to die.


Official Art

Madoka Magica Online

Magia Record


From the January 2012 Dengeki PlayStation

Source Translation
PSP Game 03.jpg Mami Tomoe - Witch Barrier

Main text:
Every witch controls a bizarre space known as a barrier, which becomes a space resembling the magical girl's mental landscape before she became a witch. Mami's witch is no exception. A fancy, elegant space just like a tea party out of a picture book. It's a witch barrier befitting Mami, who loves black tea.
Top right:
The teacup, rainbow bridge, and apple trees in a line, along with the inverted color of the sky, stir up an sense of unease.
Bottom right:

Like the witch, the barrier's design was also newly drawn by Gekidan Inucurry.
PSP Game 04.jpg Mami Tomoe - Familiars

Main text:
The witches' familiars are, just like the witches' barrier, projections of the magical girl's heart before she became a witch. [In this case], Mami, who had fought alone for a long time, and sought companions. The familiars born from that kind of girl are... To defeat the transformed Mami, you must defeat these strangely familiar familiars as well.
Top right:
A bow-wielding, pink familiar. It's reminiscent of a certain someone Mami was set on befriending...
Bottom right:
There's also a familiar besides the one shown above. Both are sorrowful existences produced by Mami's heart.
Madoka's skills:

  • Magical Score
  • Spread Arrow

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