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Cecil (シズル) (CECIL) is a witch appearing in chapter 2 of Puella Magi Oriko Magica.

Witch Card

Card Cecil.png


TypeElegance witch
EpisodesOriko chapter 2


Card Cecil minion.png


TypeElegance witch's minions
EpisodesChapter 2


  • She seems to be able to communicate, as observed when she taunted Kyoko by throwing a slip of paper that read "Not this time!" following an unsuccessful attack.
  • The witch appeared to be singing or producing a musical note before being attacked by Kyoko.
  • Cecil's upper body is covered by a skull-shaped shell. She has a large, extremely long tongue and she likes to lick people with it. The eyes contain appendages, each with its own face, that can extend out from her body like tongues or arms to strike opponents. Her twintails are prehensile and can be used as whips.
  • Cecil can turn other parts of her body, including her blood, into prehensile appendages capable of striking, grasping, or cutting enemies.
  • The name Cecil means "blind one", which may be connected to her not having eyes.


  • Kyoko, a skilled veteran, had a great deal of difficulty fighting Cecil. In addition to being quite strong, she's smarter than the average witch.
  • Although Kyoko felt violated after being licked, she didn't show any signs of injury at that point. The witch may lick people just to find out what they taste like.
  • Cecil can control her body parts freely and Kyoko described her blood as "morphing," but she doesn't shapeshift and didn't heal her wounds after being cut. It's possible that she can move any part of her body with the flexibility of a tongue.


Official art