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== Characters from ''[[Mobage Madoka Magica Mobile Game]]'' ==
{{Series characters box
{{:Mobage Madoka Magica Mobile Game/Characters}}
|header=<h3>[[Madoka Magica Mobage|Puella Magi Madoka Magica Mobage]]</h3>
''See also [[Madoka Magica Mobage Characters]]''
|content={{:Madoka Magica Mobage Characters}}
==Characters from ''[[Oriko Magica]]''==
==Characters from ''[[Oriko Magica]]''==

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Characters from Oriko Magica

Magical girls
OrikoMagica OrikoMikuni-icon.png OrikoMagica KirikaKure-icon.png OrikoMagica YumaChitose-icon.png OrikoMagica SasaYuuki-icon.png OrikoMagica KomakiAsako-icon.png
Oriko Mikuni Kirika Kure Yuma Chitose Sasa Yuuki Komaki Asako
OrikoMagica LinaHitomi-icon.png OrikoMagica Mio-icon.png OrikoMagica MiyakoSaki-icon.png OrikoMagica MaiAkane-icon.png
Lina Hitomi Mio Miyako Saki Mai Akane
Supporting characters
SPhisaomi.jpg Yurako.jpg Kimihide.jpg Erika2.jpg Mako.jpg
Hisaomi Mikuni Yurako Mikuni Kimihide Mikuni Erika Mamiya Mako Chitose
Koito.png Akira.png Yaegashi profileImg.png 110px
Koito Asako Akira Namekata Kenzaburo Yaegashi Minor Characters
Card Rosasharn.png Card Cecil.png Card Virginia.png Card Stacy.png Oriko Magica Witch Card 5.png
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