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The Bibliotheca Anonoma has selected the Puella Magi Wiki for monthly archival to protect its content. Archives made will be posted on this page as a public service.

If this page is no longer accessible, it can also be accessed at it's corresponding page at the Archive Team Wiki or the Bibliotheca Anonoma. All the downloads are hosted on the Internet Archive.


Public backups are a crucial part of keeping the culture and folklife of the internet accessible for any length of time. In the spur of the moment, we often take the accessibility of the internet for granted. But websites and servers are not forever: The fall of Wikichan, the Insurgency Wiki and Encyclopedia Dramatica all show how quickly fortunes can turn. And when things go wrong, there is no hope with no backup.


XML Full History Dumps

Easily importable XML dumps containing every edit that any anon has ever made on this wiki.

  • Daily Dumps: [1] - Full XML backups built and downloadable from this wiki everyday at midnight. (A true step up from Wikichan or the Insurgency Wiki!)

Image Dumps

Images are crucial to the completeness of a wiki dump.

Archivist's Note: I'm still having some trouble automatically saving the images using the Wikiteam script, perhaps due to Cloudflare protection. Hopefully, the site admins might help us out...

4chan Threads

The 4chan threads are the ultimate origin for most of the content on this wiki.

Archivist's Note: I think we should simply wget the threads from foolz, since they only save thumbnails anyway.


Other stuff related in some form or manner.

  • Fanworks#Image Packs - Complete Image packs related to Madoka, possibly collected from 4chan. This needs to be put into the Internet Archive.

How can we help?

If you are a regular user, just downloading an XML dump is enough. If you want to keep the dumps updated, rerun the script below. If you are an admin, it would really help to get the wiki's images into the Internet Archive.

Making Dumps

Just download a Daily Dump from the site, and submit it to the Internet Archive. It would be nice if you 7ziped it up to save space.

In the past used the Wikiteam dumpgenerator python script to create dumps.

Commands used for generating dumps are below:

 python --api= --xml --images # Generates full dump using Mediawiki API

When creating dump archives, it is strongly recommended to use 7zip for the highest compression rates.


  • Iruel - Tenshi Hinanawi. The head archivist of the Bibliotheca Anonoma.