Erika Mamiya

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Erika Mamiya
Japanese Name 間宮えりか (Mamiya Erika)
Age 15

Erika Mamiya (間宮えりか Mamiya Erika) is a character from Oriko Magica: Noisy Citrine. She used to be Kirika's best friend.



Erika and Kirika used to be best friends since childhood, but after an incident in which Kirika was framed for something she didn't do and Erika did nothing to defend her, Kirika believed Erika betrayed her and so they drifted apart.

Some years later, during the time of where Oriko Magica starts, Kirika rushes onto her by accident. Upon remembering how she was betrayed by her in the past, which caused their friendship to crack, Kirika pushes her and runs away. The two girls met some time later, but Erika was depressed due to her divorced parents. They later got caught in the barrier of a witch. Kirika, who recently contracted with Kyubey and became a magical girl, went to rescue her and in the process their past together was uncovered. After defeating the witch, Kirika decides to forgive Erika.


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