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Etteilla (ETTEILLA) is a witch that appears in the twelfth episode of the Magia Record Anime. It is Mel Anna's witch form.


Etteilla WitchCard.png


TypeFortune Teller
EpisodesEpisode 12

The witch of fortune tellers. Her nature is disclosure. A witch who single-mindedly attempts to uncover the truth within the various destinies that are consolidated in her barrier. Able to gaze across past, present and future, she feels joy at the fact that all destinies are hers alone to know, and ceaselessly turns over the tarot cards atop her table. If a visitor were to arrive, she would believe them to be someone who’d recognize her power, and would gladly unveil the truths enclosed within them. But the truths that become visible aren’t always happy– and on top of that, accepting them as truth will prompt the witch to turn you into her apprentice, rendering escape impossible. If you were to oppose her, it’s said that she would show you every suffering imaginable.


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EpisodesEpisode 12

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