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Gertrud (GERTRUD) is a witch born from negative emotions, who loves roses more than anything else--her barrier is full of them. She uses humans' life energy to feed her roses and hates humans entering her barrier. Her minions are Anthony and Adelbert. She and her barrier are presented in a surreal manner with bizarre cut-and-paste-style photo collages. She also seems to like mustaches as both of her minions have some. The special page has confirmed that the mustaches are set by the witch herself. Her "body" has parts from a butterfly, and butterflies are seen in her barrier at many points. (See also: Gertrud's maze).

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While Gertrud does not appear in The Rebellion Story, her Anthony familiars do under the control of Oktavia/Sayaka Miki(link). They also appear to exist in the new world created by Homura at the end of the movie. (They are presumably the ones that were summoned by Sayaka, unable to return to the Law of Cycles.)

Card Gertrud.png



TypeRose garden witch
EpisodesEpisode 2

The rose garden witch with a distrustful nature. She holds roses dearer than anything else. She expends all of her power for the sake of beautiful roses. Despite stealing the life-force of humans who wander into her barrier to give to her roses, she loathes the thought of them trampling the inside of her barrier.


Card Anthony.png



TypeRose garden witch's minion
EpisodesEpisode 1, Episode 2, Episode 12, The Rebellion Story

The witch's minion. His duty is landscaping. His mustache is set by the witch.

Card Adelbert.png

薔薇園の魔女の手下。 その役割は警戒。人間を見つけると、ベルのような警戒音を鳴らし、容赦ない頭突きを食らわせる。視力は 2.5。 小さなタイプは侵入者を阻む薔薇の蔦に変身可能。


TypeRose garden witch's minion
EpisodesEpisode 2, The Rebellion Story

The rose garden witch's minion. His duty is to act as lookout. Upon seeing a human, he will sound a warning bell and headbutt him mercilessly. They have 2.5 (20/8) vision. The smaller type can change into rose vines to hinder intruders.

Anthony Rebellion Card.png


Anthony (rental ver.)

TypeRose garden witch's minion (rental ver.)
EpisodesThe Rebellion Story

Servants of the Rose Garden Witch (rental ver.). They take the role of gardeners. As they are relatively docile and numerous, as far as familiars go, the Rose Garden Witch dispatched them as the main combat force for saving Homura. As they are under the direct command of the Mermaid Witch, the influence of her magic has changed their appearances. The medals on their chests are a treasure added by the Rose Garden Witch.


In Episode 1, Anthonys are seen surrounding Sayaka and Madoka and yelling the following German phrases in a distorted manner:

Original English Translation
Das sind mir unbekannte Blumen.
Ja. Sie sind mir auch unbekannt.
Schneiden wir sie ab?
Ja. Schneiden wir sie ab!
Die Rosen schenken wir unsrer Königin.
Und die schlechten Blumen
steigen auf die Guillotine.
Ja. Schneide sie ab!
Ja. Schneide sie heraus!
Those flowers are unknown to me.
Yes. They are also unknown to me.
Shall we cut them off?
Yes. Let us cut them off.
We present the roses to our queen.
And the bad flowers
go to the guillotine.
Yes. Cut them off!
Yes. Cut them out!

Trivia and Speculation

  • Gertrud's name may be a reference to Queen Gertrude from Shakespeare's play Hamlet.
  • In episode 2 there's a grotesque image of Napoleon right before the door to Gertrud's barrier opens. Gertud may have been inspired by Joséphine de Beauharnais, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. She was known as Rose until she married Napoleon, and she patronized the development of rose breeding at her gardens at Malmaison, collecting some 250 varieties.
  • Seiyus called Anthony ひげおじさん (Higeojisan, Uncle Moustache) in the audio comentary tracks of BD/DVD.
    • They think he is cute.
  • In the Catholic tradition, St. Gertrude is considered the patron saint of gardeners and herbalists.
    • Incidentally, she is also the patron saint of cats (and those who also loved them), travelers in search of lodgings, and insane people.[1]
  • In the Rebellion Story, Adelbert is shown very briefly fighting against Homulilly.



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