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Gisela (GISELA) is a witch who battles Kyouko within the flashback scene in Episode 7.

Card Gisela.png



TypeSilver witch
EpisodesEpisode 7

The silver witch, with a liberal nature. She dwells in a barrier where everything moves at high speed, but the witch herself is dull. She unfortunately can not use any sort of scientific power. Her body was once dazzling with silver, but she has tarnished gazing upon the coastal sunset.


Card Dora.png



TypeSilver witch's minion
DutyDeclaring opinions
EpisodesEpisode 7

The silver witch's minion, whose duty is to declare her opinion. She makes a nuisance of herself with the roaring from the pipes extending from her body as she moves about like a freak sandstorm. She hates magnets.


  • According to commentary from Inu Curry in the official Guidebook, the Doras play the Godfather theme from their exhaust pipes.

Gisela in the PSP Game

  • Makes a reappearance in a flashback scene and she can transform into a motorcycle.

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