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(There are times when "sonzai" actually sounds okay translated as "existence". It usually doesn't.)
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|term        = {{Nihongo|Puella Magi|魔法少女|Mahō shōjo|lit. Magical Girl}}
|term        = {{Nihongo|Puella Magi|魔法少女|Mahō shōjo|lit. Magical Girl}}
|description = Girls who have formed a contract with [[Kyuubey]], and in exchange gained the power of magic. Existences entrusted with the task of combating [[Witch]]es.
|description = Girls who have formed a contract with [[Kyuubey]], and in exchange gained the power of magic. Beings charged with the task of combating [[Witch]]es.
|image      =  
|image      =  
|image_desc  =  
|image_desc  =  

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Witch ep2 entering.jpg
Barrier (結界 Kekkai)
An otherworld used by Witches to conceal themselves. Should a normal human wander in by accident, it is impossible for them to escape.
Image: Madoka and friends entering Gertrud's barrier.

In the anime itself, these locations are animated differently than the rest of the series in order to reinforce the otherworldly aspect. They are designed by animation duo Gekidan Inu Curry. Outside of the anime they are often referred to as "Mazes."


Ulla screen.png
Familiar (使い魔 Tsukaima)
Lesser monsters divided out of the essence of a Witch. Though normally assigned the task of maintaining and defending their parent-witch's barrier, it seems that they can eventually gain independence and stray to form their own barriers. Further growing, they take on the form of their parent.
Image: Ulla, Suleika's familiar in her own barrier.

Grief Seed

Grief seed.png
Grief Seed (グリーフシード)
A Witch's egg, which occasionally appears after a Witch is defeated. Puella Magi require these items to restore their depleted magical energies.
Image: Gertrud's Grief Seed.

The odd center of weight in Grief Seeds causes them to balance on their bottom pins. It may indicate some sort of gyroscopic self-stabilization.

Puella Magi

No Image Wide.svg
Puella Magi (魔法少女 Mahō shōjo, lit. Magical Girl)
Girls who have formed a contract with Kyuubey, and in exchange gained the power of magic. Beings charged with the task of combating Witches.

Soul Gem

Soul gem.png
Soul Gem (ソウルジェム)
A gem birthed from a contract with Kyuubey. Proof that one is a Puella Magi; the source of her magical power.
Image: Mami's Soul gem

Episode 6 reveals that Soul Gems contain the magical girl's soul, while the body is merely a husk that is controlled by the Gem. Episode 8 reveals if the Soul Gem not be cleanse in time and reaches in a certain point it will become a Grief Seed thus the birth of a new witch.

Walpurgis Night

No Image Wide.svg
Walpurgis Night (ワルプルギスの夜)
A gargantuan witch impossible for a single magical girl to handle on her own.

For more information, see: Speculah:Walpurgis Night


No Image Wide.svg
Witch (魔女 Majo)
The negative impulse that is called anxiety or suspicion, or excessive wrath or hatred = existences that spread the seeds of disaster across the world. Normally, they conceal themselves behind barriers.

Episode 8 reveals that Witches are in fact the "grown" forms of Puella Magi, as 魔女, Majo, are evolved forms of 魔法少女, Mahou Shoujo.

Witch's Kiss

Witch's kiss.png
Witch's Kiss (魔女の口づけ Majo no kuchizuke)
A mark that appears on a human targeted by a Witch.
Image: Gertrud's Witch's kiss on a victim's body

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