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Note: These guidelines are still work in progress. Feel free to discuss them in the talkpage.

Before editing a page, please keep the following guidelines in mind

Usage of spoiler tags

  • The inline spoiler tag should only be used when spoilering one word or part of a sentence. It should only be used when no alternative would allow a spoiler alert to be displayed in a convenient way.
  • For paragraphs or pages, use Template:Spoilers instead. This will display a boxed spoiler alert relative to the whole page/section
  • Pages or section relative to a specific chapter/episode do not need an alert. If people read the page about Episode 12, they might figure out that the ending is likely to be revealed. Adding a warning in the introduction is acceptable though.

Scanlations, fansubs and copyrighted material

  • Please do not provide links to episodes subs, manga scanlations and other borderline legal content. This is a wiki, not a rapidshare server.
  • Uploading of official art, screenshots or specific scanlated pages is acceptable if they serve a specific purpose (illustrating an article, showing something, etc.). Obviously you won't start uploading a whole book just for the heck of it.
  • When uploading a fanwork, please states its source (if available) as file description.

Page structure

Image galleries

  • The galleries should be split up into the following three categories when applicable: "Official Art," "Screenshots," and "Fanart." When a page doesn't have any images that can fit into one of the galleries, that gallery will be omitted: for example, the Episode 12 page will only have the "Screenshots" and "Fanart" galleries, whereas the Madoka Kaname page will have all four.
    • "Official Art" contains concept art, promotional images, Ume Aoki's doujinshi and illustrations, manga images, and so on.
    • "Screenshots" includes screenshots. Please try to keep the screenshots as relevant as possible to the page.
    • "Fanart" contains illustrations, comics, and anything else that was generated by fans. Please identify your source prior to uploading; if you can't find out who made it, don't upload it!

Character pages

  • [TODO: someone please summarizes what we discussed in Kazumi's talkpage about the character pages organization]

Episode pages

  • The usual layout is:
    • Summary
    • Runes
    • Observations
    • Speculation
    • Images
    • See also/external links
  • You may add additional section/subsections, but try to keep the general structure clear
  • Do not forget to split the image galleries as explained above
  • The "speculation" section should only be used to explain theories, their variation(s), and what makes them right/wrong. Please do not use this section as a talkpage.
    • Also, please tag the theories properly: a "confirmed" theory must have at least one element from the franchise that goes in the same direction; a "debunked" theory must have at least one contradiction with canon; all other theories are "unknown".