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|style="width:25%;text-align:center;"|'''Eng Text'''
|style="width:25%;text-align:center;"|'''Eng Text'''
|style="width:25%;text-align:center;"|'''Jap Text'''
|style="width:25%;text-align:center;"|'''Jap Text'''
|style="width:10%;"|[[File:Azalea 4 star memoria.jpg|thumb|center|100px|'''''Backs Together''''']]
|style="width:20%;"|'''Normal: '''<br>Chance to Burn [VI] (2 T) & Anti-Evastion<br>'''Max Limit Break: '''<br>
|style="width:10%;"|[[File:A_bygone_time.png|thumb|center|100px|'''''A Bygone Time''''']]
|style="width:10%;"|[[File:A_bygone_time.png|thumb|center|100px|'''''A Bygone Time''''']]

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Hazuki Yusa
Hazuki profile magia record.png
Japanese Name 遊佐 葉月 (Yusa Hazuki)
Voiced by Japanese: Haruka Yoshimura

Hazuki Yusa is the one of the original characters of the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record

General Info

Physical features

  • Eye colour: Yellow
  • Hair colour: Yellow


  • Soul Gem: Yellow 5-point Azalea flower on the center of her torso
  • Weapon: Two staffs, each with two axe-like blades on the same side
  • Wish: "To erase us from the memories of the people involved with Tsuzuji's House" (Tsuzuji's House, meaning Azalea's House, is the orphanage Hazuki grew up in with her magical girl partners).
  • Witch form:
  • Japanese pronoun: atashi (アタシ)
  • School: Sankyoin Educational Academy

Game Info

Game related data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★3 → ★4 80 Support Attribute light.png
Initial 4785 1373 1315
Max at ★3 16039 4767 4376
Max at ★4 20844 6204 5684
Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk charge.png Disk charge.png
Connect: Perfect! Let's kill it together!
★3: Damage UP [VI] & Guaranteed Curse Edge
★4: Damage UP [VIII] & Guaranteed Curse Edge
Magia: Thunder Torrent
★3: Damage All Enemies [III] & Enemy Attack DOWN (All / 3 T)
★3: Damage All Enemies [III] & Enemy Attack DOWN (All / 3 T) & Guaranteed Curse Edge (All / 1 T)


A magical girl from Kamihama City's facility 'Azalea's House'. I was in an accident while traveling with my family, and only I survived and I was taken to the Azalea House. However, despite her dark background, her personality is bright and social, and she's also good at communicating with the world around her.

Side Story

Hazuki, Konoha Shizumi, and Ayame Mikuri meet the team of Nanaka Tokiwa, Meiyui Chun, Akira Shinobu, and Kako Natsume in a restaurant. Nanaka asks Hazuki why she called the meeting. Hazuki says that she would like to figure out what happens if both of their teams fight a witch. Meiyui says it should be "first-come, first-served", and whoever defeats the witch first gets the Grief Seed. Kako is bothered by this, but Nanaka says the idea has merit. Meiyui finishes by saying that whoever the witch appears before first fights it, and others don't interfere.

Hazuki points out that someone would have to decide who came first, and that it seems like it would cause a lot of disputes. Hazuki asks Ayame what she thinks, and Ayame suggests they resolve disputes with rock-paper-scissors. Meiyui says there's no time to play a game on the battlefield, but Hazuki suggests trying it out right now. Ayame ends up playing with Meiyui. Ayame chooses paper, while Meiyui picks scissors. However, Meiyui then uses a martial arts technique to change Ayame's hand to paper. Both groups erupt in argument. Hazuki tells everyone to calm down and go home for the day. The girls agree and leave. Hazuki muses about Nanaka.

The next day, the girls meet at the restaurant again. Hazuki continues the discussion from earlier and suggests that everyone who participates in a fight against a witch gets the rights to the Grief Seed. Specifically, anyone who uses magic in a fight against a witch gains proportional rights to the Grief Seed. Both teams agree to this proposal. Hazuki then says she has another suggestion. She explains she'd like everyone's help to gather data by having both teams hunt for witches together.

After some discussion, Ayame and Kako are put into one team, and Hazuki, Akira and Meiyui will be in another. Konoha and Nanaka will stand by and help when necessary. Hazuki says she looks forward to working with the others the next day. Nanaka agrees. Hazuki's group leaves. Nanaka asks her team what they think of the other group. Meiyui says she can't read Konoha, Ayame is exactly what she seems to be, and Hazuki is adept at everything. Kako says Hazuki is also kind. The girls then leave.

On a later day, Hazuki and Nanaka meet at the restaurant alone. It's revealed that the girls put Hazuki's plan into action earlier. Kako and Ayame had found the witch, and then both groups defeated it. Nanaka says her group was impressed with the teammwork of Hazuki's team - but Nanaka herself was more impressed with Hazuki's "modus operandi". Nanaka explains she believes Hazuki manipulated the entire situation when their teams met in the restaurant. Nanaka believes the current result is what Hazuki wanted from the start. Nanaka says she called this meeting because she wanted to understand why Hazuki manipulated everyone.

Hazuki says she "didn't lure anyone into anything". However, she says that Konoha has an introverted personality. Hazuki says she wants Konoha to get along with other people. Hazuki reveals that after both groups fought the witch Konoha seemed like she was enjoying it. Hazuki says she just wanted her group to have connections to other Kamihama magical girls, and is happy everything turned out alright. Nanaka agrees and says she's glad to work with Hazuki. Later, Hazuki writes in her notebook that Nanaka is a shrewd but fascinating individual. Hazuki then writes that she will continue to contact other magical girls.

Event Appearances

Other Appearances


  • The characters in her last name mean "to play" (遊) and "son" (佐) respectively.
  • The characters in her first name mean "leaf" (葉) and "moon" (月) respectively.



Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
Backs Together
Chance to Burn [VI] (2 T) & Anti-Evastion
Max Limit Break:
A Bygone Time
Regenerate HP [IV] & Magia Damage Up [III]
Max Limit Break:
Regenerate HP [V] & Magia Damage Up [IV]
Passive The picture reflects that time when we hugged gently, but when we raise our eyes from the picture, "now" spreads out before us...in this "now" we have to fight...but for now, let me be in that time just a little longer... 写っているのは、私たちが優しく抱きしめられていた日々でも、この写真から目を上げれば、そこには"今"が広がっている分かっている…私たちが、その"今"と戦わなきゃいけないことはでも…あともう少しだけで、私をあの頃にいさせて...
Hazuki Is Always Busy
Skill Quicken
Max Limit Break:
Skill Quicken
15 turns
Max Limit Break:
13 turns
**Unique to Hazuki Yusa**

"Today we have 2 appointments from 15 o'clock and we have to prepare for dinner at 18 o'clock .... Oh, yes! I need to fix the furniture that Ayame has destroyed ... after that ... after that ... did something happen ? "

Reliable Negotiator
Damage Down [IX] (All Enemies / 1 Turn) & Debuff Resistance Up [VIII] (Self / 1 Turn)
Max Limit Break:
Damage Down [X] (All Enemies / 1 Turn) & Debuff Resistance Up [IX] (Self / 1 Turn)
6 turns
Max Limit Break:
5 turns
Oh, wait a minute! If there's a requirement, I will hear it! The two in the back? It's okay, it's okay! Don't worry!...Because this is my job. So let's talk about it first...! あー、ちょい待って!用件があるなら、アタシが聞くから!後ろのふたり?大丈夫大丈夫!気にしないでいいよ!…だって、こういうのは、アタシの "仕事だからさ…んじゃ、まずはそちらの話、聞かせてよ…!
The Thing Before Your Gaze Is...
Evade Chance [II]
Max Limit Break:
Evade Chance [II]
Passive "... hmm? Oh, did you call? Sorry, I'm looking at my smartphone... Well, I mean... Are you looking things up for later? ...Heh heh, I'm sorry, I lied to you. It's this interesting to read manga! I'll try to read this too!" 「...ん?あ、呼んでた?ごめんごめん、スマホ見てて...ま-、なんていうか…今後に向けた情報収集ってやつ?…ふふ、とか言って嘘ごめん…マンガ読んでた〜だって面白いんだよ、これ〜!このはも読んでみてよ〜!」

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