Hitagi Senjougahara

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Hitagi Senjougahara
Senjougahara magireco profile.png
Japanese Name 戦場ヶ原ひたぎ
(Senjougahara Hitagi)
Voiced by Japanese: Chiwa Saitou

Hitagi Senjougahara is a character from the Monogatari franchise, originally a light novel series by Nisio Isin. The series received an anime by Studio Shaft that was directed by Akiyuki Shinbo, giving it a tangential connection to the Madoka Magica franchise.

The Monogatari series first crossed over with Madoka Magica as part of the "Madogatari" event. The crossover was limited to official merchandise and artwork.

In 2018, Hitagi was made into a playable character in Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record, as part of a Madogatari event.

General Info

Physical features

  • Age: 17-18
  • Birthday: July 7th
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Hair colour: Purple


  • Soul Gem: Green orb with a yellow star
  • Weapon: Cursed Magic Hammer
  • Wish: Please give me memories
  • Witch form: (Name unknown)
  • Japanese pronoun:
  • School:

Game Info

Game related data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★3 → ★5 100 Attack Attribute dark.png
Initial 4190 1551 1260
Max at ★3 14648 5161 4223
Max at ★4
Max at ★5 21620 9428 6744
Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk charge.png
Connect: Tsundere Service
★3: Attack UP [IV] & Guaranteed Poison & Damage Cut [IV]
★5: Attack UP [VI] & Guaranteed Poison & Damage Cut [VI]
Magia: Gravity Grafitti
★3: Damage to All Enemies [III] & Chance to Skill Seal (All / 1 T)
★5: Damage to All Enemies [V] & Chance to Skill Seal (All / 1 T) & Attack Down (All / 1 T) Doppel: '


A gravitational magical girl. One of the 'if' forms... of the heroines of Monogatari series if they became magical girls. She seizes the weight of the object attacked by her hammer. The more she seizes, the more massive her hammer grows, and be strengthened. Her wish was, “Please give me memories”

Doppel Description

Side Story

Event Appearances

Other Appearances


She steals the weight of any object she attacks. The stolen mass increases the strength of her hammer. The hammer also has the power of psychometry. When the magic is lost, the owner is crushed by the hammer.


  • The characters in her last name mean "battle" (戦), "place" (場), and "meadow" (原) respectively. Collectively it can be read as "battlefield".


  • Hitagi was one of the first two characters announced in Magia Record's Madogatari collaboration event, alongside Nadeko Sengoku. Hitagi is voiced by Chiwa Saitou, Homura Akemi's voice actor, while Nadeko is voiced by Kana Hanazawa, believed to be Ui Tamaki's voice actor. This is likely a voice actor joke.
  • In Magia Record she is event limited.
  • Hitagi's wish was to regain her feelings which in Japanese can be said as Omoi; that word can also translated as weight. This is why her powers are related to mass manipulation and psychometry.
    • Psychometry is the ability to discover facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them.
  • Her designer is Akio Watanabe, and some of her art in Magia Record is illustrated by Sasagi Koushi.
  • Hitagi was born on July 7th, making her sun sign Cancer aka The Crab.
  • The kanji of her witch name is a made-up kanji that is the top right half of the word for 'crab' (蟹).


Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
Let us, have a war.
Blast Damage UP [V] & Damage UP [I] (Self / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
Blast Damage UP [VI] & Damage UP [IV] (Self / 1 T)
7 turns
Max Limit Break:
6 turns
“As to my power? Stop joking around

What you can do is be quiet, for if you brush off those feelings of kindness…you’ll be considered an enemy”


あなたに何ができるっていうのよ 黙って、気を払わないでいてくれたらそれでいいの 優しさも…敵対行為と看做すわよ」

A Universe-Colliding Dream Collaboration
Attack UP [IV] & Defense UP [III] & Critical Chance [IV] (Self / 3 T)
Max Limit Break:
Attack UP [V] & Defense UP [IV] & Critical Chance [V] (Self / 3 T)
9 turns
Max Limit Break:
8 turns
Parallel worlds, parallel routes.

A world where monsters exist, a world where there’s miracles and magic. When two worlds that shouldn’t overlap happen to intersect…A new story begins.


怪異の存在する世界、奇跡も魔法もある世界 重なりあうはずのないふたつの世界が交差するとき… 新たな物語が走り出す

Lethal Weapons Known as Stationary
Damage UP [VII] (Self / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
Damage UP [VIII] (Self / 1 T)
6 turns
Max Limit Break:
5 turns
Stationery is never tools to hurt people.

But if you carry too much, it takes on the appearance of lethal weapons. Countless stationery as if stored in four-dimensional space. Tips of HB pencils are of course delicately sharpened.


しかしあまりに大量に携行すれば、凶器の様相を帯びる 四次元空間に格納されていたかのような、無数の文房具 HBの鉛筆の先端は、もちろん鋭利に研ぎ澄まされている

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