Homura Akemi

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  • Last Name : 暁美 (Akemi)
  • First Name : ほむら (Homura)
  • Age : (Probably) 13-14

Brief Description

Homura is first seen by Madoka in a dream of her fighting a monster in a desolate landscape of skyscrapers. The day after the dream, Homura has transferred to Madoka's school where she gives her ominous warnings.

Official Info

A smart, graceful, athletically-talented girl. Cool if not chilly, her personality even can even be seen in her posture. Her weapon appears to be a bow, the same as Madoka?

  • Ms. Aoki’s Design Check: A blunt girl. I tried to let this shine through in her design. Her distinguishing point is her silky long hair.
  • Magical girl outfit: Homura was designed with her personality and combat style in mind. I found her fascinating right away. (Aoki)
  • The sharp lines of her upper back and jacket evoke her personality. Overall rather monochromatic. Her black tights have a diamond pattern.
  • School uniform: She wears black tights in uniform too, leaving her overall feel just like in her magical girl outfit. She gives off the air of a silent beauty.

Fun Facts

  • She is voiced by Chiwa Saitou
  • Homura is frequently referred to as "Homerun-chan" amongst fans, due to the similarity of the two names in Japanese
  • The first character for Akemi (暁) means "daybreak", while the second one (美) means beauty
  • Her first name is written in hiragana, which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji, it can mean:
    • inflammation, blaze (炎 or 焔)
    • heart on fire (心火)
    • village protector (保村)

Random observations

How Homura became Homerun-chan
  • She's willing to fight the good fights alone
  • She wants to stop madoka's contract
  • She has very strong reactions (anger or sadness) upon meeting madoka
  • She has full knowledge of madoka's school
  • She's never seen actually fighting a witch. In fact, she only seems violent towards Kyuubey


  • Currently Homura appears to be the antagonist, though may become an ally and/or mentor of Madoka's in the future
  • If the theory about witches and magical girls is true (see Speculations and theories), then it is fairly possible that Homura is on the brink of becoming a witch, which could be why Mami wanted to share her Grief Seed with her in episode 2
  • The thought of her being a former magical girl that lost or has had her contract revoked is becoming more and more popular among fans.