Homura Residence

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

The residence of Homura Akemi. An aging, European-style building at a Y intersection in a district surrounded by skyscrapers. It is unclear if this is a new building or part of the original town that didn't undergo urban redevelopment. Contrastingly, the interior of Homura's apartment is ultra-modern, and the walls appear to be digital displays of documents pertaining to witches. There is a decoration on the ceiling made of clockwork, and the 'desktop' within the digital display features a pair of swinging, bladed pendulums. Along a fourth, unseen wall, there is a row of candlesticks and pillars.

Walpurgisnacht Documents

The following is a gallery of the documents on Homura's wall display.

Screencap Description
Display 01.jpg
A woodcut image of a Witch resembling the one from Episode 1. At left, the German word Unbekannt (Unknown or Anonymous) is displayed beneath a scanned image from a Renaissance-period book.
Display 03.jpg
On a black space between a scan of a Renaissance-era book and a diagram with a sticker that says "Plan A," there is a line of green text that says 1914_Bücher (books?). At center, there is a page with illustrations of what appear to be the humanoid forms of six witches, marked "1/25p." (A similar illustration appears in Episode 4.) At bottom left of the page, "Walpurgisnacht" is printed. At top right, there is a photograph of some circular object (the Moon?)
Display 04.jpg
Besides Homura's right arm, there is an annotated diagram of a feminine body, whose left half wears a skirt. Beside Homura's left hand, there is a similar image of a feminine figure colored in neon green. Beneath it, in red text, are the words "Walpurgis Nacht."
Display 05.jpg
At right, there is a passage from Faust. At center, there is a detail of the "Plan A" document, which appears to diagram the movements of some object or being in red lines across marked regions. At bottom right, the neon green feminine figure is displayed in better resolution, appearing to be descending a spiral staircase. Note also that the framing print of the Faust manuscript also frames several other documents -- they may be from the same book. Within the frame, at top, the Sun pierces the clouds like the iris of an eye, and two birds fly beside it. At bottom, a Moon is suspended above an illegible plaque within a circle of clouds. There are vaguely humanoid figures in the pillars.
Display 06.jpg
At top left, there are the words "Bühnentechnik" (stagecraft) and "Gear" in stylized text. Besides, beneath a drawing of the Witch from Episode 1, there is the word EinNarr (german for 'a fool')." A letter or two may be cut off from the beginning. A thick-lined illustration of the Episode 1 Witch is shown to be a book page opposing the annotated diagram of the half-skirted feminine figure. At right, there is a less elaborate woodcut image of the Witch from Episode 1.
Display 07.jpg
At right, an enlarged image of the photograph of the circular object. There appears to be a pattern engraved or printed on it?
Display 08.jpg
The full "Walpurgis Nacht" image is displayed. Also, there is a circular illustration on the page opposing the Faust passage. It appears to be the same pattern that appeared in the sky behind the Episode 1 Witch.

Speculah and Observations

  • The apartment layout might represent a clock of some sort, in line with Homura's time manipulation abilities. The time might be 6:40, AM or PM.
  • Because the appearance of the apartment interior is quite surreal and bears a superficial resemblance to a Witch's Labyrinth, some viewers have proposed that Homura might have refurbished or reconstituted her flat with magic.
  • 2ch has referred to the residence as 「ほむホム」 (homu homu). The first "homu"("ほむ") refers to Homura herself, and the latter comes from the word "home," usually pronounced "ホーム" in Japanese.
  • The shadows of the pendulums resemble imagery used in The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allen Poe.[1]
  • The exterior view of Homura's residence resembles a scene from Shadow of Memories (Shadow of Destiny for North America). Interestingly it went through several title changes before release, among them The Day and Night of Walpurgisnacht, Days of Walpurgis, and Time Adventure.
  • As shown in the gallery below, the exterior of Homura's home also bear strong similarities with the house from Cossette no Shouzou. This shot (also present to a lesser extend in Bakemonogatari) might be inspired by Koji Morimoto's designs.