Ikumi Makino

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Ikumi Makino
Makino Ikumi Profile.png
Japanese Name 牧野 郁美 (Makino Ikumi)
Voiced by Japanese: Hina Kino

Ikumi Makino, is one of the original characters of the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record.

Initially a nameless Black Feather in Chapter 9 of Magia Record, her face and name were revealed when she became a playable character in November 2018.

General Info

Physical features

  • Age: 19
  • Eye colour: Pink
  • Hair colour: Pink


  • Soul Gem: Dark Pink Heart with wings at her throat
  • Weapon: Broom
  • Wish: "I want to keep this cafe running in a way that doesn't rely on property or land ownership. I want it to keep running!"
  • Witch form: Sylvie
  • Japanese pronoun: watashi (),'Kumi (くみ)
  • School:

Game Info

Game related data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★4 → ★5 100 Heal Attribute dark.png
Initial 18797 6443 6258
Max at ★4 18797 6443 6258
Max at ★5 23632 8118 8015
Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk charge.png
Connect: Let's cast this spell together~?
★4: HP Restore [VII] & Attack UP [V] & Chance to Magia Seal
★5: HP Restore [IX] & Attack UP [VII] & Chance to Magia Seal
Magia: Lovely Butterfly on Stage
★4: Damage to One Enemy [IV] & Defense UP (All / 3 T) & Remove Status Ailments (All) & HP Restore (All)
★5: Damage to One Enemy [VI] & Defense UP (All / 3 T) & Remove Status Ailments (All) & HP Restore (All)
Damage to One Enemy [VIII] & Defense UP (All / 3 T) & Remove Status Ailments (All) & HP Restore (All)


She is always painfully cute, a cutesy and childish magical girl. She usually works as a maid in a maid café, blasting her KYUN-KYUN beam straight from the heart. However, due to her old-fashioned sense of style, she has unintentionally established herself as a comical character.

Doppel Description

The Doppel of attention-gathering. Its form is a wind-up doll. Although only to a very slight degree, the master of this emotion has unfortunately equated her pursuit of other people’s smiles with the value that other people see in her. Her Doppel crashes its cymbals together wildly, and launches anchors towards the eyes of anyone whose attention is captured by their sound. The anchors will pursue those cursed by the sound, no matter how far, and are sure to steal their eyeballs from them. Should this Doppel’s master continue to use it, she will come to feel anxious unless someone is always watching her.

Side Story

Ikumi is sad that the robes she wears for the Magius won't let her show off her cuteness. She wonders where Ryou is since she has time for tea before she heads off to work. She finds her in a common room and decides to sneak up on her since Ryou hasn't noticed her presence. Ryou seems upset, but after a bit she laughs it off as revenge for teasing her. Ryou asks Ikumi if she can interview her for the paper she's writing for the Magius. Ikumi hopes they can get her good side for the picture, but Ryou reminds her that everyone in the organization is supposed to be anonymous much to Ikumi's dismay. Ryou tells her the interview is about why she became a magical girl, but she assures Ikumi her name won't be used. Ikumi doesn't mind as she has nothing to hide, and is eager to tell her story to Ryou since they're good friends somehow tied by fate. In exchange, Ikumi asks to hear Ryou's story of why she became a magical girl. Ryou agrees and Ikumi begins her story.

Ikumi explains how in her first year of middle school, her dream was to become a volleyball player. Even so, she wasn't very athletic and no matter how much she practiced, she never improved. Her friend Yumi-chan would cheer her up by dressing her in cute outfits. Around that time, her friend Yumi had a growth spurt and was often mistaken for Ikumi's older sister. Ikumi encouraged her to try volleyball with an old teammate of hers that she bumped into and found Yumi had a talent for it. As they finished playing, her old teammate commented on how well Ikumi sang at karaoke. Yumi had practiced singing with Ikumi since Yumi wanted to be an idol, but despite her singing lessons she never improved. Her friend mused on the idea and both Yumi and Ikumi realized while they didn't have the talent needed to fulfill their own dreams, they could fulfill the dream of the other so both their dreams could come true.

When Yumi entered middle school the next year, she became the ace of the volleyball team and was admired by her teammates. Ikumi, on the other hand, was doing well in her dancing, singing, and acting classes but was being told by her teachers that her cutesy character act wasn't cutting it, since her real personality kept slipping through. She failed at her last audition due to it and her teacher told her that the type of idol that Ikumi was aiming for was too outdated. Ikumi didn't want to change it though, since that was the kind of idol that her and Yumi had wanted to be. Unlike Yumi, by the time Ikumi graduated middle school, she still hadn't made a name for herself. But Ikumi wouldn't compromise and that's when Kyubey appeared to offer a contract. Ikumi didn't want to wish to become an idol, since it would mean she never achieved it through her own hard work.

Kyubey continued to offer her a contract as Ikumi kept declining. One day Ikumi failed another audition when she ran into Yumi. Ikumi said a brief hello before going home for the day. She began to wonder what she was doing with her life since she hadn't made any progress in the past two years whereas Yumi was making lots of progress. As she began to feel down, she realized it was always Yumi that would come and cheer her up and keep her from over thinking things. Yumi then appeared and insisted on taking Ikumi on a shopping spree, taking note that Ikumi had gotten much better at color coordinating her clothes. Ikumi's old teammate and Yumi's new friend showed up and complimented Ikumi on her looks. She noted that Ikumi had gotten much cuter since last they met and she could tell she had been working hard on her dream. Yumi agreed, and Ikumi thought of how much Yumi took notice of her and was always there for her. She assured herself she wouldn't contract to become an idol as it would betray Yumi's dreams. Kyubey soon stopped pestering Ikumi to contract.

As Ikumi entered high school, she was offered a job at a maid cafe that the school was organizing. It would give a chance to students to really shine when they weren't able to at auditions in the past, and since it was paid part time work, it was technically professional work. Entertainment producers would also come, so the chance to be scouted was still real. Ikumi was soon hired at the cafe.

After Ikumi had been working there for some time, the other girls had been picked up for idol gigs one by one except Ikumi, who continues to slip out of her idol persona. The other girls call her granny for how old fashioned her persona is, and after two years there even some of the customers were calling her that too. But she managed to secure a small fanbase and was able to shine on the cafe's stage. Despite all her happiness, the maid cafe was destined to close. It was an old building and the cafe was being forced to evict. However, the owner still hadn't found a new location yet.

Even though Ikumi had tried to find a loophole in the laws to prevent them from being evicted, but it was no use. All Ikumi could do was urge the other idol maids to smile on the last day the cafe was open. As the last customers left, Ikumi stayed behind alone to grieve for her cafe. Once more, Kyubey appeared before her and urged her to remember what he had told her before, about her wish not necessarily having to have to be used towards her dream. Ikumi thought about the feeling in her heart when she had stood on the stage and how her juniors had also loved this maid cafe that had allowed their dreams to come true. It was then Ikumi contracted and wished for the cafe to continue to run.

Her wish came true immediately. The rightful landowner had been so moved by their final performance that he sold the cafe to the school, who immediately remodeled and reopened the cafe. Ikumi went right back to work, and right back to being teased by her juniors for her outdated act. However, her juniors also thanked Ikumi for urging them to try their best, even on the last day of the cafe, which in turned ended up saving it.

One day, Ikumi entered a witch's barrier to uphold her responsibilities as a magical girl. As nervous as she was, she was able to dispatch the familiars with ease but had trouble dealing with the witch itself. Suddenly, a voice rang out and another magical girl appeared to assist Ikumi. The other girl turned out to be her childhood friend, Yumi, who had also contracted. After they defeated the witch, Ikumi and Yumi caught up with each other since they hadn't seen each other in a long time. Ikumi grew suspicious, and asked Yumi if she didn't contract back when she was floundering and doing poorly for her auditions. Yumi replied she was upset no one was taking notice of Ikumi's talents and wished "for Kumi-chan to meet someone who can understand how lovely she is. Someone to give her the chance to become an idol." Ikumi admitted that she had considered simply wishing to become an idol, but she had wanted to do it by her own hard work. She was grateful to Yumi, because now she had a place where she could shine and how she had used her own wish to protect that special place. Both of the girls had used their wishes towards Yumi's dream.

The two girls had teamed up and spent a happy year together studying at school and hunting witches. Normally the two were in sync and had no difficulties, but one day they encountered a particularly powerful witch and had gotten to the point of exhaustion. Caught off guard, the witch attacked Yumi and greatly injured her leg. As Ikumi tended to her, Yumi began to worry since her sport scholarship for college was coming up and she wouldn't be able to play volleyball with such an injury. The despair of their dreams not coming true pushed Yumi over the final edge and she unleashed her doppel in front of Ikumi. Ikumi stood in shock and confusion when suddenly Ryou appeared and urged her to escape before the barrier could collapse. Ryou picked up the now unconscious Yumi and the girls escaped.

In a safe part of time, Ryou assured Ikumi that Yumi was safe, just unconscious for now. Ikumi worried about her friend and asked Ryou what she knew of the creature they just saw. Ryou didn't know and suggested asking Mitama about it. Mitama explained doppels to the girls and by then Ryou had to leave. Afterwards, Mifuyu approached Ikumi with a White Feather in tow. After introducing herself, Mifuyu had the White Feather use her magic to heal Yumi of her wounds and then leave. Thanks to the healing, Yumi would be able to pass her test and receive her sports scholarship. Both girls thanked Mifuyu profusely, which only made Mifuyu uneasy. Mifuyu said she would explain about doppels, but warned the girls that the truth would be painful. Since it would affect their dreams and girls, the two opted to hear her out and so they all headed out and went down by the river.

Mifuyu explained about witches and about the Wings of Magius, who were dedicated to liberating magical girls from this fate. Although Mifuyu had urged them to go home and think it over, Ikumi decided then and there to join the organization, not only because they had healed Yumi, but because she hated the thought of losing her dream due to becoming a magical girl. Nor did she want to spread curses and malice once she herself became a witch. Yumi decided to think it over, but she too eventually joined. Ikumi trusted Mifuyu, but not necessarily the rest of the organization. Soon after, Mifuyu introduced the two new Black Feathers to Ryou, who recognized Ikumi right away.

In the present day, Ryou thanked Ikumi for her story, and told her she would do better to keep to her natural self rather than force the idol personality all the time since she kept forgetting to keep it up and would slip back into her original self. Ikumi cried about being bullied again before noticing she was late to work and ran off, promising to see Ryou tomorrow.

Event Appearances

Other Appearances



  • The characters in her last name mean "牧" (pasture) and "野" (field) respectively.
  • The characters in her first name mean "郁" (perfume) and "美" (beauty) respectively.


  • She was the first unnamed character to display her doppel ability. However, the doppel of her playable version is different from the one she used as an enemy character.
  • Her illustrator is Ryo Ueda.


Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
Love Kyun-ly Maid-san
Attack UP at critical health [III] & Defense UP at critical health [III]
Max Limit Break:
Attack UP at critical health [IV] & Defense UP at critical health [IV]
Passive Wrap yourself up as a heart-wrenchingly sweet French maid to sing a song Idol Maid Ikumi! Dance! A first-class smile! But that character is a bit old-fashioned, “HWEEEEE! Don’t say I’m BBA~…!” 甘々キュンキュンなメイド服に身を包むのはアイドルメイドいくみん 歌ってよし!踊ってよし!笑顔も一級品!でもそのキャラはちょっと古臭い 「ふえぇええん!くみのことBBAって言わないでよ〜…!」
Their Connected Destination
Guaranteed Curse (One / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
Guaranteed Curse (One / 1 T)
5 turns
Max Limit Break:

4 turns
The fate of a magical girl, it can swallow them at any time, pressing down on them and drowning them, dragged into the crowded depths of darkness where you cannot see…the scene which floats clearly before them is difficult to get away from as they cling to a place not from here, she awaits impatiently. 魔法少女の宿命は、いつでも彼女たちを呑み込むことができる押さえ付けて溺れさせて、見えない闇の淵に引きずり混んで...鮮明に浮かぶ光景は、激しく離れがたく縋り付きたい場所それがないから、彼女はひとり焦り続ける
Their Separate Destinations
Chance to Anti-Counter [V] & Attack UP [II]
Max Limit Break:
Guaranteed Anti-Counter & Attack UP [II]
Passive Because I wished for hope, because that hope was used, I couldn’t shut my eyes.

Because I couldn’t forgive him, I had peeled off my fangs quietly. Surely before long, my chest will be filled with regrets. At that moment I hated it, but today I will never regret this moment.


許せなかったから、静かに牙を剥くことにした きっと近いうちに、悔しさで胸が詰まるかもしれない その時は恨むけど、今日のこの一瞬は決して後悔しないだろう

Two People, Two Dreams
Remove Status Ailments (Self)
Max Limit Break:
Remove Status Ailments (Self)
8 turns
Max Limit Break:

6 turns
I wanted to be a volleyball player. That child wanted to be an idol. We didn’t have the talent to fulfill our dreams so we exchanged each other’s dreams. We two people swore to seize our two dreams. バレーの選手になりたかった私 アイドルになりたかったあの子 自分の夢を叶える才を持たない私たちは互いの夢を交換した ふたりでふたつの夢をつかむと誓い合って

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