Juri Oba

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Juri Oba
Character image-02-pc.png
Japanese Name (大庭 樹里) Oba Juri
Voiced by Japanese: Kayuki Matsumoto
ID No: 1024

Juri Oba is a non-playable character in the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record. She first appeared in August 2019 in the event Crimson Resolve. She is the leader of the Ryuugasaki faction and one of the "three sisters" that lead Promised Blood.

General Info

Physical features

  • Age: At least 16
  • Eye colour: Red
  • Hair colour: Black with orange tips


  • Soul Gem: Red-orange upside down droplet with horns and wings motif on her right arm
  • Weapon: Flamethrower
  • Wish:
  • Witch form:
  • Japanese pronoun: Juri-sama (樹里サマ)
  • School:


One of the Magical Girls of Futatsugi City, she was the ruler of the Ryusagaki gang before joining forces with the Torayacho and Hebinomiya gangs to form Promised Blood as one of its leaders. Vicious and hot-tempered, she was once Yuna's subordinate before breaking off to form her own gang, and holds a deep rivalry with her.

Doppel Description

Side Story

Event Appearances


  • The characters of her last name mean "large" (大) and "garden" (庭) respectively.
  • The characters of her first name mean "timber" (樹) and "village" (里) respectively.


  • Due to the wings and tail on her costume, it is fair to say she has some relation to the mythological dragon in European mythology, these beings were said to breathe fire. It matches with her leading Ryuugasaki, although Ryuu usually refers to an Eastern dragon, which doesn't breathe fire.
    • Hence the fact her weapon is flamethrower, it literally 'breathes' fires out of a snout.
  • Her soul gem shape resembles a demon head, creatures that are said to reside in the underworld and are said to manipulate fire.
    • The gem also has devil/bat wings, these are commonly a trait of Western dragons.


Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
Crimson Resolve
Max Limit Break:
Blast Damage Up [II] & Charged Attack Damage Up [IV]
Passive Blood drips, one drop, one drop, the crimson of life.

The deep red hardens, spreading outward, a chain of deaths. A vow to some, to ourselves, to grieve over someone, to my brethren. A taste that fills, a rising scent, I will never forget it, the taste of Promise.


固まる臙脂、広がり連なる、死の鎖 誓いは誰に、我々に、悼みは誰に、同胞に 満ちる味、立つ香り、忘却許さぬ、約束の味

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