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Kamihama City (神浜市 Kamihama-shi) is a city where the story of Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record takes place. The city consists of 9 wards and has recently undergone a rapid development. Part of the city consist of traditional landmarks such as old town, castle, and shrines. Skyscraper could also be seen in central of the city.

Map of Kamihama. Wars, in top-down order from left to right: Hokuyo (bright pink), Shinsei (magenta), Mizuna (blue), Sakae (bright green), Sankyo (aqua blue), Chuo (olive green), Minagi (purple), Kosho (orange), and Daito (bright pink)


As explained in episode 4: According to a legend regarding Mizuna Ward, in the days when daimyo held power, a local commoner man and a noblewoman living in Mizuna Castle fell in love despite their inequal status. The woman's jealous fiance murdered the man. The woman mourned him greatly and visited a local shrine every night to pray to meet her dead lover once again. After 1,500 nights, and after sacrificing the lives of everyone else who lived in the castle town, her prayers were answered and she was reunited with her lover.


Kamihama City consist of 9 wards.

Shinsei ward

Shinsei ward (新西区 Shinsei-ku) is a ward located in the western part of the city.

Mizuna ward

Mizuna ward (水名区 Mizuna-ku) is a ward located in the western part of the city and consist of traditional landmarks such as old town, castle and shrines.

Sankyō ward

Sankyō ward (参京区 Sankyō-ku) is one of 9 wards in Kamihama City.

Chūō ward

Chūō ward (中央区 Chūō-ku) is a ward located in the central part of the city.

Sakae ward

Sakae ward (栄区 Sakae-ku) is a shopping district ward.

Kōshō ward

Kōshō ward (工匠区 Kōshō-ku) is a ward located in the eastern part of the city.

Daitō ward

Daitō ward (大東区 Daitō-ku) is a ward located in the eastern part of the city.

Minagi ward

Minagi ward (南凪区 Minagi-ku) is a ward located in the southern part of the city.

Hokuyō ward

Hokuyō ward (北養区 Hokuyō-ku) is a ward located in the northern part of the city. This ward is home to the city's upper class and wealthier residents. It is shown that Touka Satomi's family lives here, and this is also where the main headquarters of the Magius is located.

Unknown Locations

  • Abandoned amusement part
  • Abandoned prison
  • Mall
  • The Mirror Witch's Labyrinth: The Mirror Witch was lured to an abandoned house on Kamihama's east side (ward unknown), where it now permanently resides.

Outside Kamihama City

  • According to the map exhibited on the Anime Japan 2019, Takarazaki City is located west of this city and Mitakihara City is located northwest of this city, but it is unknown if the three cities are contiguous.


  • The name Kamihama (神浜) likely originates from combining the Kanji names of two major Japanese cities: Kobe (戸) and Yokohama (横).
    • It may also be a combination of the terms "kami" (神), a spirit in Japanese Shintoism, and "hama" (破魔), meaning "exorcism", the expulsion or defeat of evil spirits.
      • This would be an obvious reference to both needing to defeat Rumors and the ability of magical girls to summon their Witch forms as Doppels.
    • Some of the cityscapes of Kamihama City seem to reference the real one of the cities of Kobe and Yokohama.