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Kamihama Magia Union's logo

The Kamihama Magia Union is an organization of magical girls formed in Arc 2 of Magia Record.


After the defeat of the Wings of Magius and Walpurgis Night, the Union was create to stabilize the situation and help other girls in Kamihama City. The Union also plans to expand the Doppel barrier.

In the months after the end of Walpurgis Night, several organizations came to Kamihama City with different reasons: Tokime Clan allies with the Union hoping to learn more about the Doppel system, Promised Blood wants revenge against the Magius' actions by indiscriminately attacking every magical girl in the city, Folklore of Zero whose motives are currently unknown, and a group of Adjusters called Pure Care who want to adjust other girls and punish Mitama Yakumo for breaking the neutrality code Adjusters follow. At the same time, remnants of the Magius, now renamed Neo-Magius, begin to attack KMU members.


A great number of Magical Girls native to Kamihama are members of the Kamihama Magia Union: