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{{nihongo|'''Kanami'''|カナミ|}} is a minor supporting character from ''[[Puella Magi Suzune Magica]]''.
{{nihongo|'''Kanami'''|カナミ|}} is a minor supporting character from ''[[Puella Magi Suzune Magica]]''.

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.
Japanese Name カナミ

Kanami (カナミ) is a minor supporting character from Puella Magi Suzune Magica.

General info

Physical features

  • Age: Unknown
  • Eye colour: Light blue or teal
  • Hair colour: Red-brown


  • Soul gem: Red circular gem in the center of a ribbon worn over her collar.
  • Weapon: Knives
  • Wish: Unknown
  • Japanese pronoun: Watashi ()


Kanami is a lone magical girl with a cheerful and friendly personality. She was wowed by Suzune's fire-elemental magic.

According to tweets by GAN, Kanami is friendly and easily trusting of people, but also rather gullible.[1] She is also kind to the elderly.[2]


Kanami was saved from a witch by Suzune, but was promptly killed after telling Suzune her name.


Kanami dual-wields knives with handguards as her weapons. Her powers are unknown. She seems to be either unpracticed or rather weak in strength.


  • Kanami bears some slight resemblances to Madoka Kaname. Her name is spelled similar to Madoka's last name, and she has a similar hairstyle, colour scheme, and personality. Kanami's magical girl outfit is also slightly similar to Madoka's.
  • Though GAN's official art of Kanami (see her profile picture above) gives her socks with fancy tops, she is never seen having these in the manga panels.


  • According to tweets from GAN:
    • Kanami's design is a reused design they had once scrapped.[3]
    • Kanami did not originally have a set colour scheme. However, after seeing fanart by 風雪 depicting her with a red-and-white colour scheme, GAN decided to use this as Kanami's official colour scheme.[4]
    • Kanami's hobby is saving money.[5]
    • Her favourite food is baked sweet potato.[6]


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