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Kaoru Maki
Kaoru maki magireco profile.png
Japanese Name 牧 カオル (Maki Kaoru)
Voiced by Japanese:Azusa Tadokoro]
ID No: 4013

For her full bio, see Kaoru Maki.

General info

Physical features

  • Age: 14
  • Height: 158cm
  • Eye colour: Orange
  • Hair colour: Orange
  • Origins: Asunaro City


  • Soul Gem: Orange trapezoid (right thigh)
  • Weapon: Soccer cleats; Short staff with white circular top
  • Wish: "Please help the people who were hurt in that match."
  • Ability: Physical reinforcement
  • Japanese pronoun: atashi (あたし)
  • Witch form: Antonio
  • School: Asunaro City Southern Junior High School, 8th grade

Game Info

Stats, Connect, Magia Data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★3 → ★4 80 Balance Attribute flame.png
Initial 4459 1389 1402
Max at ★3 15588 4622 4699
Max at ★4 20257 6078 6184
Max SE 27076 9354 9485
Disk accele.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk charge.png Disk charge.png
Connect: Like I'd Ever Leave You Behind!
★3: Attack UP [V] & Defense UP [V]
★4: Attack UP [VII] & Defense UP [VII]
Magia: Palla di Cannone
★3: Damage One Enemy [III] & Attack UP (All / 3 T)
★4: Damage One Enemy [V] & Attack UP (All / 3 T) & Charged Damage UP (All / 3 T)
Spirit Enhancement Data

Max Stat Bonuses
HP ATK DEF Accele Blast Charge
3★ +5% +5% +5% +3% +5% +5%
4★ +6% +6% +6% +4% +6% +6%
SE +6% +6% +6% +8% +9% +16%
Spirit Enhancement
Charge Disc Damage UP [II]
Doppel Damage UP [III] & Magia Damage UP [I]
MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]
Doppel Damage UP [IV] & Magia Damage UP [II]
MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]
MP Gain UP [II]
Damage Cut [II]
Charge Disc Damage UP [II]
Blast Damage UP [III]
Charged Damage UP [II]
Blast Damage UP [II]
Charge Disc Damage UP [II] & Charged Damage UP [IV]
Accele MP Gain UP [II]
Active Ability: Guaranteed Charge Draw [CD: 5 turns]


A magical girl from Asunaro City. She's a soccer player, and her ability is good enough to say "I will carry the number 10 in All Japan in the future." She is great at using her athleticism to her advantage in battle. She wears a long-sleeved uniform even in summer.

Side Story (First Version)

Kaoru, Umika Misaki and Kazumi were fighting a witch as usual but ended up chasing it as far as Kamihama City, where they got separated. Kaoru knows Umika can handle herself, but she's more worried about Kazumi who could be unstable due to waking up not long ago. Before she can come up with a plan on how to find the two, her soul gem reacts to the presence of a nearby witch. She finds the barrier and enters to find Natuski Utsuho fighting familiars inside. Kaoru teams up with Natsuki, who's grateful for the assistance, and they manage to defeat the witch together.

Back outside, the two girls introduce themselves and Natsuki thanks Kaoru for her help. Kaoru explains to Natsuki everything that's happened. The two girls decide to become friends and Natsuki helps her to navigate through the city in search of her friends. Natsuki cheers Kaoru on in her search and explains she's a cheerleader at school. Kaoru jokes about how soccer and cheerleading go well together when it dawns on Natsuki that Kaoru is the same soccer player that destroyed her school's team at the last tournament. Even if they lost, the team learned a lot from their game that day and grew to be better players. Natsuki cheers Kaoru on once more as they set off on their search.

As the two girls searched all over Kamihama, they talked about Natsuki's many school activities and Kaoru's soccer career. Natsuki also told Kaoru about how the number of witches had greatly increased in Kamihama recently. Kaoru wonders if perhaps the witch she had been chasing with her friends was actually running to Kamihama. Natsuki isn't sure, but says her friends have also noticed the number of witches going up to the point her friend in the cheer club was attacked by a witch.

Natsuki's friend had been witch-kissed and had tried to hurt herself. Thankfully Natsuki had found her in time and was able to stop her. Since then, she had intensified her hunt for witches. Unfortunately, she wasn't strong enough to fight them on her own which is why she had needed Kaoru's help earlier. She admired Kaoru's strength in that battle, but Kaoru insisted it was because they were working on a team, and it's better to fight as a team than go at it alone. She explains that even back home she fights with her friends beside her as a team and how sports are played in a team as well.

Suddenly their soul gems began to react to the presence of a witch. Natsuki offers to fight off the witch alone so Kaoru can continue to search for her friends, but Kaoru won't leave Natsuki by herself now that they're friends. Also, this could be the same witch that attacked them earlier. Natsuki apologizes to Kaoru and gives her a great cheer before they head off in the direction of the magic they sensed.

Soon the girls find the Witch's labyrinth and head inside, but this is a different witch than the one that attacked Kaoru and her friends earlier. Familiars soon begin to swarm them but the girls defeat the familiars easily. As they head deep into the barrier, the witch attacks Kaoru from above. Natsuki is somehow able to create a defensive barrier due to her desire to save Kaoru from harm and Kaoru takes advantage of the pause in the battle to defeat the witch.

As the two congratulate one another on their teamwork, Kaoru transforms back into a regular girl and hangs her head, sad that it wasn't the witch she was looking for. As she prepares to renew her search for her friends, she hears a voice and turns to find Umika there! It seems Umika had teamed up with other magical girls from Kamihama and had had the same idea of tracking a witch in order to find Kaoru. Now that the two friends were reunited, they could both search for their lost friend Kazumi together. Before they leave, Kaoru asks Natsuki for one more cheer of encouragement to get her all fired up.

Side Story (Revised Version)

The second version of Kaoru's side story as edited by Masaki Hiramatsu remains largely the same as the original with a few changes, most notably the speaking tone that Kaoru uses. The other notable differences are:
When Natsuki asks Kaoru about her wish:

  • Original Response: "Ah, that... / Well, it'd be no fun if I wished for that."
  • Revised Response: "Nah, never even considered it. / Working hard to better yourself is what's fun about sports, y'know?"

When Kaoru tells Natsuki about her strengths:

  • Original Response: "I believe that building a strong team is super important."
  • Revised Response: "I know how important it is to build a strong team... and how hard it can be."

When finding Umika:

  • Original Response:

Umika (offscreen): The trace is gone...
Kaoru: That voice!
Umika: Hm?
Umika: K-Kaoru!
Kaoru: Umikaaa!

  • Revised Response:

Umika (offscreen): Yes... I recognize that magic just now. I'm very familiar with it...
Kaoru: Huh...?! That voice!
Umika: .......
Kaoru: Ah, Umika!
Umika: Looks like I finally found you, Kaoru.

Event Appearances

Other Appearances


  • Her illustrator is her co-creator Takashi Tensugi.
  • Along with Kazumi, Kaoru is the first event-limited girl in Magia Record that must be obtained from the gacha when she is available.
  • Her Magia is based on two separate attacks Kaoru uses in the manga:
    • Its use of kicking a ball comes from an attack of the same name (Italian for "Cannonball")
    • The summoning of many Kaoru clones comes from Umika casting Kyoko Sakura's Rosso Fantasma magic on Kaoru in Chapter 19.
      • In the manga, this was accomplished by Kaoru passing through Umika's magic seal (used in her own Magia). Here, it uses Kaoru's own magic seal.
  • Her Doppel's name, Antonio, is probably a reference to San Antonio, a North American city famous for their rodeo and bull riding events.


Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
Is It Such A Dramatic Taste!?
MP Gain Up[II] & MP Up When Attacked By Weak Element [I]
Max Limit Break:
MP Gain Up[III] & MP Up When Attacked By Weak Element [II]
Passive Novelist Umika Misaki's writing style is unknown to most. It goes like this... "If you have writer's block, get rid of the stress by cooking!" She makes food silently, without any input from others. Those who eat it are as moved as if they read her work! 小説家・御崎海香先生の知られざる執筆スタイル…それは…「行き詰ったら料理をしてストレス解消」!余人の口を挟ませずに黙々と作り上げるその料理は先生の作品ばりに、食べる者を感動させる美味しさだとか川?
The Three Of Us, Forward
Magia Damage UP [IX] (self / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
Magia Damage UP [X] (self / 1 T)
6 turns
Max Limit Break:
5 turns
It's time to quit looking down with your head held low. When you do that, all you get to see is your feet, ya know? Lift your head, look in front of you, and step forward without fear! One day you'll see something beautiful for sure! うつむいて、いつまでも下を向くのはやめようよ

そうしていても、自分の足元しか見えないよ…? 顔を上げて、前を見て、恐れず進んで行こうよ きっといつか、素敵な景色に出会えるから…!

Walking An Entwined Path
Damage UP State [V] & HP Recovery [III]
Max Limit Break:
Damage UP State [VI] & HP Recovery [IV]
Passive "Even if we get separated, I'm sure we'll meet again one day." As long as we believe in that, our paths will surely lead to the same place. Our hearts will pull us together, and our paths will be connected... 「離れ離れになっても、わたしたちはきっとまた会える」そう思い続けて歩いていけば、今いるこの道がきっとふたりのいる場所に辿り着くはず…心と心が引き合って、道が、繋がっていくはず…
Wounds Of The Body And Heart
Attack UP [VI] (self / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
Attack UP [VII] (self / 1 T)
6 turns
Max Limit Break:
5 turns
**Unique to Kaoru Maki**
"I probably can't play soccer anymore..." She was injured beyond recovery, but her only concern was how the other girl felt. All she could think was that gossip also troubles the hearts of those who hurt you...

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