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===Physical features===
===Physical features===
* '''Age:''' 14
* '''Age:''' 14
* '''Eye colour:''' Red
* '''Eye colour:''' Red-violet
* '''Hair colour:''' Purple
* '''Hair colour:''' Purple
* '''Soul Gem:''' Yellow stars on hat
* '''Soul Gem:''' Yellow stars on hat

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Karin Misono
Karin profile magia record.png
Japanese Name 御園かりん (Misono Karin)
Voiced by Japanese: Hisako Kanemoto

Karin Misono is the one of the original characters of the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record

General Info

Physical features

  • Age: 14
  • Eye colour: Red-violet
  • Hair colour: Purple


  • Soul Gem: Yellow stars on hat
  • Weapon: Scythe
  • Wish: To cure her grandmother's kleptomania.
  • Witch form: McDougal
  • Japanese pronoun: watashi (わたし)
  • School: Sakae General School, Eighth Grade

Game Info

Game related data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★4 → ★5 100 Support Attribute flame.png
Initial 22602 6251 5993
Max at ★4 22602 6251 5993
Max at ★5 28476 7874 7543
Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk charge.png
Connect: I'll help you only for tonight!
★4: Attack UP [VII] & Guaranteed Dazzle Edge & Chance to Magia Seal
★5: Attack UP [IX] & Guaranteed Dazzle Edge & Chance to Magia Seal
Magia: Candy Death Squall
★4: Damage One Enemy [V] & Defense Down (3 T) & Accele MP Gain Up (All / 3 T)
★5: Damage One Enemy [VII] & Defense Down (3 T) & Accele MP Gain Up (All / 3 T) & Damage UP (All / 3 T)
Damage One Enemy [IX] & Defense Down (3 T) & Accele MP Gain UP (All / 3 T) & Damage UP (All / 3 T)


A self-styled, magical girl born on Halloween who tries to interpret it conveniently, and has a hobby of reading and drawing manga has created a setting as a magical girl. She was influenced by her favorite "Kaito Girl Magical Kirin".

Doppel Description

The Doppel of cat burglary[1]. Its form is a mortsafe. The master of this emotion has a timid nature, which gave rise to her stubborn and defiant Doppel. It fears loss, and is fixated on gain. This Doppel is just as light-fingered as its master, snatching up whatever it can get a hold of. It may even go so far as to target its own allies. It’s extremely greedy, and so tightfisted that it will never part with anything it has obtained.

  1. Makura Sagashi – literally "pillow searcher". The term refers to wandering thieves who stole valuables from under traveler's pillows as they slept.

Side Story

Karin is a second year student at Sakae General School. She's also the only member of the school's Manga Research Club, after all the third year students graduated. Currently she shares a club room with Alina Gray, a member of the Arts club. Alina is a 16 year old artistic genius who is always drawing. In exchange for using this classroom, she teaches Karin how to draw. The story begins with Alina criticizing Karin's manga. As punishment, she takes Karin's strawberry milk. She asks if Karin will make a comic for the cultural festival. Karin claims that according to Alina, she can't draw anything good, but Alina says that's just because Karin's work is poor. She tells Karin to keep working harder. Karin resolves to one day impress her. After going home, Karin sees her grandma, who is also a manga fan. The two discuss the new issue of their favorite comic "Phantom Thief Girl Magical Kirin".

However Karin lives a secret life as "the magical girl born from Halloween: 'Phantom Thief Karin'". Karin selects her target for the night. She looks at Masara Kagami, who she dismisses as a target because she thinks Masara's not pitiful. She then goes to Nanaka Tokiwa, and dismisses her for having a team to watch her back. Then she turns to Yachiyo Nanami, a six year veteran who hunts by herself. Karin picks Nanami as her target, and then chooses a magical girl to save. She quickly decides on "Kamihama's incompetent magical girl", Kaede Akino.

Yachiyo finishes fighting a witch when she hears a voice call out "Trick or Treat". Karin then attacks her from behind. Yachiyo dodges and reveals she knows who Karin is. Yachiyo says she doesn't want to fight, but Karin only has eyes on her Grief Seeds. Yachiyo defends against Karin's attack, but Karin claims she has fallen pray to her "Jack Death Scythe" and departs. Yachiyo then finds that her Grief Seeds are gone. Karin narrates that she steals Grief Seeds from strong magical girls and gives them to weaker ones. Elsewhere, Kaede finds her Soul Gem is getting dark. She doesn't want to contact Momoko Togame because she thinks Rena Minami will scold her. (Funnily enough, in Kaede's thoughts Rena says she relies too much on Momoko and should rely on Rena more). Kaede decides to go hunt for a witch, but then hears a voice saying it won't be necessary. The voice is Karin's, who gives Kaede another "Trick or Treat" greeting.

Kaede is initially scared, but Karin says she's only here to offer her a Grief Seed. Karin then claims she messed up, and says she'll cause mischief if she is given candy. She asks Kaede to give her a pebble or something similar, and then says she will cause mischief by giving Kaede a Grief Seed. Kaede is confused as she receives the Seed. Karin then bids the "incompetent magical girl" goodbye, annoying Kaede. Karin narrates her success as if it were the end of an anime episode. Sometime later, Yachiyo appears before Karin and demands the Grief Seed back. When Karin says she doesn't have it, Yachiyo reveals that she deliberately let Karin steal the Seed to see what she would do with it. She tells Karin to stop stealing Grief Seeds.

Karin says she's just trying to save weak girls, but Yachiyo says that Karin should fight witches herself. She points out that even strong magical girls can run out of energy at critical moments, and explains that Karin is putting lives in danger through her actions. Karin tries to deny it, but Yachiyo says Karin should stop relying on others. Yachiyo admits Karin's intentions are wonderful and leaves. Karin wonders if she's responsible for the deaths of magical girls, and if that makes her the villain. "Magical Karin is in peril...What will happen next!"

Karin narrates the plot of "Phantom Thief Magical Kirin". It's about a girl who fights devils and demons while stealing magical foci throughout the world. She fights without relying on anyone else, and brings everyone joy. Karin wanted to be like her fictional idol, but finds she's not bringing joy to anyone. During her next art lesson, Alina says that Karin's manga is pretty decent. While the art is bad, the protagonist is a three-dimensional character who faces adversity. She makes a metaphor about the growth of art, and says Karin's protagonist will find something revolutionary through their conflict. Karin narrates that the manga she's drawing is her own story, and she's the conflicted protagonist. She wonders if she's trying to grow, but thinks she's just regretting her actions. At home, she won't even discuss manga with her grandmother.

As Karin wonders what to do, her grandmother tells her she's always available to talk. Karin's grandmother says she's dealt with poverty, illness, and a struggling business, and claims she will save Karin this time. Karin says it's fine. Later on, Karin tries to fight a witch, but fails and runs away. Karin thinks about stealing a Grief Seed to restore her magic, but realizes she can't do that. Suddenly Kaede appears. Karin says she's the incompetent one now. Kaede then returns the Grief Seed she was given by Karin, saying she didn't think it would be right to use it. The girls formally introduce themselves, with Karin calling herself "Incompetent Karin". Momoko and Rena then arrive. The two introduce themselves and Rena says that Karin is much like Kaede (in a rude fashion). Momoko offers to team up with Karin, who admits she never thought of doing that. Karin says she wants to be strong enough to fight on her own, but Momoko suggests taking just a step first. Karin reluctantly accepts.

The group is able to hunt and defeat a witch. Momoko says Karin looks less burdened, and Karin says she has more confidence. Rena says Karin might overtake Kaede soon. Karin narrates that with Momoko's team she feels safe, and has learned that magical girls can get by just through helping one another. She wonders why she didn't get the idea from the beginning. Karin flashes back to her first fight as a magical girl. When fighting a familiar, she suddenly finds herself holding the familiar's lance. Karin realizes her magic is the "power to steal". Afraid of fighting witches, Karin used her powers to steal Grief Seeds instead. She rationalized her actions by giving Grief Seeds to weaker magical girls and thinking she was like "Phantom Thief Magical Kirin". In the present Karin narrates she was just deceiving herself. Momoko and Kaede are shocked to find Karin burst into tears.

Karin narrates that she's undergone a change of heart, and decides to fight together with her friends as a normal magical girl. However, at Karin's next art lesson, Alina starts yelling at her. Alina says that Karin's manga is garbage and tells her to rip it up. She asks if Karin is really satisfied with the contents. When Karin says yes, Alina says she's lying. Alina reveals she knows Karin is writing about herself, and says that she wants to see Karin be true to herself. Karin asks if Alina knows about magical girls. Alina claims she doesn't know, but thought it was lifelike. She says that this why it pisses her off, and asks what Karin's protagonist - what Karin wants to do. She then steals Karin's milk again and leaves angrily.

Later, Karin finishes working with Momoko's team. Momoko offers to get food for everyone, but Karin says she's going to go home. Momoko says it feels like Karin isn't putting her heart into it. Karin is thinking about what Alina said. She feels she wants to be like Magical Kirin, a girl who can fight without relying on anyone. She flashes back to when she made her wish, which was when she first met her grandmother. Karin's father brought his mother to live with his family, and Karin soon loved to hang out with her. In fact, Karin's grandmother started reading "Phantom Thief Magical Kirin" because Karin liked it. However, one day Karin overheard an argument between her parents. In turns out that Karin's grandmother is a compulsive thief, and she came to Karin's house for treatment. When she found out, Karin's mother got angry whenever Karin got close to her grandmother.

Karin's grandmother knew her daughter-in-law hated her, and one Halloween told Karin as much. Karin didn't care. Karin's grandmother wonders if someone could exorcise her illness just as Magical Kirin could exorcise demons. Karin offers to exorcise it herself, and says if she gets candy, she'll do mischief where she exorcises the demons. This is also the origin of her catchphrase, "Trick or Treat". Karin knew she couldn't cure her grandmother, but pretended to be Magical Kirin and tried anyway. And then, on Halloween night, she made a contract with Kyubey. She wished to cure her grandmother's illness, and promised to become a magical girl like Magical Kirin. Karin says her feelings haven't changed since then, and wants to fight on her own.

Back in the present, Karin finds the witch she couldn't defeat before. She tries to fight it alone, but is knocked unconscious. She's rescued by Kaede, who went after Karin because she was acting funny. Kaede tells Karin she can't fight by herself yet and says they need to go. Karin wants to be true to herself, and says she's still going to fight. She attacks the witch again, but is quickly overpowered. In an attempt to prevent the witch from going after Kaede, Karin throws rocks at it. Kaede tells Karin to get away and says the rocks won't do anything, but Karin notices the witch is flinching. Karin realizes she imbued the rocks with magic.

Karin asks Kaede to pick up anything she can lay her hands on and wrap it all up. After she does so, Karin imbues the bag's contents with magic, flies above the witch, and opens it up. The hail of "candies" destroys the witch. Afterward, Karin rejoices in her victory, and says she is now Magical Karin, the magical girl she wants to be. She thanks Kaede and says she has to leave Momoko's group, as Magical Karin must fight on her own. Kaede says to just leave that as part of her setting, but Karin says that isn't her. Karin says she's graduated from incompetence first, though Kaede says she will too someday.

With the culture festival coming up, Karin shows Alina her manuscript. Alina leaves and comes back with strawberry milk, saying that Karin has earned it by no longer lying to herself. Karin then asks about the art. Alina appears to ignore her and goes back to work, but then says the art was garbage.

Event Appearances

Other Appearances

Karin appears in Alina Gray's side story.


Karin's innate magic is to steal things. This appears to be limited to physical objects. She can also imbue small objects with magic to use as projectiles, and fly on her scythe like the stereotypical witch's broom.


  • The characters in her last name mean "please" (御) and "garden" (園), respectively.



Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
Continuous Practice
Stun Edge [II]
Max Limit Break:
Stun Edge [III]
Passive "I remember the last time I had been practicing drama. I think it's because I'm always drawing comics on my own, but it's so fresh and fun to practice with everyone! ... If you guys invite me again, I might be able to play!" 「最近、ずっと劇の練習をしていたときのことを思い出すの。わたし、いつもひとりで漫画を描いてるからだと思うんだけど、みんなで練習をするのって、とっても新鮮で楽しかったのっ!…あっまたみんな誘ったら劇をやってくれるかもしれないの!」
Magical Halloween Theater
Defense Down [VIII] & Curse
Max Limit Break:
Defense Down [IX] & Curse
Normal:5 turns
Max Limit Break:
4 turns
"At the time, I didn't think I was going to make it on stage in time. It was surprising, but, like the name, it felt magical. And it made the children happy, too, so it was fine! Actually, it was more of a problem after it was over. The children kept asking me questions like could I actually use magic, and I had no choice but to dodge them..." 「このときは、ちょうど出番だとは思わなかったしビックリしたけど、名前の通りマジカルな感じで、子どもたちも喜んでくれて良かったの!それより、終わったあとの方が大変だったの。子どもたちから本当に魔法が使えるのかとか聞かれてはぐらかすしかなかったの...」
My Bible
Damage UP State [V] & Curse Immunity
Max Limit Break:
Damage UP State [VI] & Curse Immunity
Passive "I see, so this is where she utilizes the lockpicking technique! ...wait, no? You're kidding?! This protagonist, she took the key off the guard she bumped into?! Now what's that about... h-hmm, the explanation is mentioned in page 152 at the back of the book... Just who is this author writing about a technique like this?!" 「なるほど、ここで鍵開けテクが活用できるんだ!…って違う?うそでしょ!?この擦れ違い様に警備員から鍵を取ってたの!?どういうことだろ…え、えっと解説は巻末の152Pに記載…こんなテクニックが書いてあるなんて作者は何者なの!?」
The Mysterious Karin's Scheme
Anti-Evade (Self / 3 turns)
Max Limit Break:
Anti-Evade (Self / 3 turns)
5 turns
Max Limit Break:
4 turns
**Unique to Karin Misono**
The blood that flows to me, the blood of my grandmother who annoys me. I know I can't erase it easily, but I found a way to divide happiness. The only magical girl who delivers happiness to weak people.

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