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:Umika reveals that she knows something is amiss with Saki, as she referred to Kazumi as Kazumi-''chan'' (an honorific that Satomi, not Saki, uses).  Saki kicks Umika across the room.  As Kaoru goes to help her, Umika explains that Saki is under Satomi's control.  Saki exclaims that they can't keep Kazumi alive in this state, and that it will be easier if Saki kills her.  Kaoru attempts to restrain Saki, but she's incapacitated when Saki drops a chandelier on her.  She then goes to murder Kazumi, but manages to break free of Satomi's brainwashing and stabs herself in the leg instead.  The blood splashes on Kazumi's face, waking her up.  Satomi regains control and has Saki grab Kazumi, teleporting the two of them to a building outside.
:Umika reveals that she knows something is amiss with Saki, as she referred to Kazumi as Kazumi-''chan'' (an honorific that Satomi, not Saki, uses).  Saki kicks Umika across the room.  As Kaoru goes to help her, Umika explains that Saki is under Satomi's control.  Saki exclaims that they can't keep Kazumi alive in this state, and that it will be easier if Saki kills her.  Kaoru attempts to restrain Saki, but she's incapacitated when Saki drops a chandelier on her.  She then goes to murder Kazumi, but manages to break free of Satomi's brainwashing and stabs herself in the leg instead.  The blood splashes on Kazumi's face, waking her up.  Satomi regains control and has Saki grab Kazumi, teleporting the two of them to a building outside.
:Saki collapses from heavy blood loss, telling Kazumi to run while she still can.  Satomi reveals to Kazumi that her memories from Umika were lies.  The Pleiades Saints already knew about the origins of witches before meeting Yuuri, because Kazumi herself had become one and died.  Her real name is Michiru Kazusa.  Satomi and the others have been trying to revive Kazusa by cloning the remnants of her witch, and Kazumi is the thirteenth of those clones.  She refers to it as ''Malefica Farce'' ("Witch Stuffing").  Being exposed to Evil Nuts is causing Kazumi to revert to her witch form, and Satomi plans to kill her before that happens.  She summons the previous twelve clones of Kazusa from beneath the Freezer and tells them to destroy Kazumi.
:Saki collapses from heavy blood loss, telling Kazumi to run while she still can.  Satomi reveals to Kazumi that her memories from Umika were lies.  The Pleiades Saints already knew about the origins of witches before meeting Yuuri, because Kazumi herself had become one and died.  Her real name is Michiru Kazusa.  Satomi and the others have been trying to revive Kazusa by cloning the remnants of her witch and stuffing them into clone bodies, and Kazumi is the thirteenth of those clones.  She refers to it as ''Malefica Farce'' ("Witch Stuffing").  Being exposed to Evil Nuts is causing Kazumi to revert to her witch form, and Satomi plans to kill her before that happens.  She summons the previous twelve clones of Kazusa from beneath the Freezer and tells them to destroy Kazumi.

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This section may contain major spoilers for the Kazumi Magica manga!

Please refrain from reading if you haven't read the latest chapter yet.
Cover of Kazumi Magica Chapter 1

Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice (魔法少女かずみ☆マギカ ~The innocent malice~, Mahō Shōjo Kazumi Magica: The innocent malice) is the first spin-off manga written by Masaki Hiramatsu and illustrated by Takashi Tensugi. It started serializing in Manga Time Kirara Forward starting January 24, 2011 and features a new set of characters in a different stage from the anime. The first collected volume, containing chapters 1-3, was released on May 12, 2011. The second volume, containing chapters 4-8, was released on October 12, 2011.


Kazumi is surrounded by the darkness, with voice calling her out from somewhere. After she escapes from the darkness that is inside a suitcase, what appears before her eyes are unknown room and unknown man. In that incident, what came across her mind were fragments of memories.

Note: As you might guess, the chapter summaries may contain spoilers for the chapter it summarizes, as well as previous ones.

Chapter 1: "Bad - Guy - Reckon Off"

Released January 24th, 2011.
A girl awakens inside a suitcase, having forgotten everything except her name, Kazumi. When she opens the suitcase, she finds herself in the home of a man named Souichirou Tachibana. Souichirou explains that he had bought a bomb in an identical suitcase, intending to blow up a shopping mall as an act of revenge against the mall's owner, who tricked him into selling his store. However, he switched his suitcase with another one when he bumped into a mysterious girl. Souichirou gets a phone call offering to trade Kazumi for the bomb at the mall. Kazumi goes along with it to find the identity of her kidnapper. While being taken to the mall in her suitcase, Kazumi asks Souchirou not to set off the bomb, saying that he's a good person. When he finds the other suitcase, Souichirou is stopped by two high school girls (though the next chapter calls them middle-school girls), named Umika and Kaoru. They open the suitcase containing the bomb, starting the timer. At this point, a squad of police officers led by a female detective appear, telling Souchirou he's under arrest. Kazumi breaks out from her suitcase and announces that Souichirou is not a bad person. Souichirou is unable to stop the bomb, which is close to exploding. Kazumi closes her eyes and thinks "Stop the bomb. Bibbity Bobbity Boo", causing her earring bells to glow. At this point, Umika passes the bomb to Kaoru, who kicks it into the air. It then harmlessly explodes into smoke, shocking nearly everyone. The mysterious girl from before, who was watching, mutters that the bomb was supposed to be real.
At this point, Umika and Kaoru reveal they know Kazumi and take her to Umika's house, where they all live together while their parents are working overseas. Apparently, Kazumi had been missing since the day before. Kazumi is taken to her room and falls asleep. When she wakes up, she finds a note from Umika and Kaoru saying they're out dating and that the detective from before will visit. Kazumi cooks a large meal for herself that she shares with the detective when she arrives. Kazumi then announces that the detective had set up the entire incident with the bomb to make herself look good, and she arrived at Kazumi's house to kill her. The detective agrees, saying that she followed a lead given to her by someone else, and that someone also gave her the power to kill people without leaving decisive evidence. She then transforms into a monster. Kazumi begins getting strange flashbacks as the monster attacks her. When the monster grabs her earring-bell, she suddenly yells at her not to touch it, breaks the monsters wrist, and then transforms into a magical girl. Kazumi defeats the monster with her new powers, which turns her back into a human. The chapter ends with Umika and Kaoru running in to save Kazumi, and Kazumi telling them she can use magic.

Chapter 2: "AHA! Dogs"

Released February 24th, 2011.
Picking up where the last chapter ended, Kazumi falls unconscious, exhausted and hungry. Looking at the detective's unconscious body, Umika and Kaoru find an object that resembles a Grief Seed. The mysterious girl from before watches, clearly annoyed. Kazumi wakes up, finds a black cat (which might be a reference to the black cat from the anime's opening animation) and comes downstairs to find Umika cooking. Kaoru explains that Umika has writer's block, which causes her to grow horns on her head and act oddly. After eating, Umika takes the girls shopping. While at the mall, Kazumi gets an odd feeling and runs away to find another monster attacking people. Kazumi transforms, causing the monster to recognize her as a magical girl. Kazumi has trouble fighting the monster, which prompts Umika and Kaoru to transform into magical girls themselves. Kazumi remembers that Kaoru would immobilize the monster, while Umika would use her book to read it's mind. However, Kazumi preforms the next step - attacking - too early, which nearly causes the attack to hit Umika. The monster gets away as Kazumi runs to her friends. Kazumi apologizes to them, but they don't seem to mind. When she insists on being punished, they take her to a hair salon where they cut her hair.
At the salon, Umika explains that there are fairies who scout out magical girls and make contracts that grant them wishes (a silhouette of Madoka and Kyubey are seen during this scene). Kaoru says she wished for a healthy body that could always play soccer, while Umika wished for an editor that could appreciate her novels. When Kazumi asks why they didn't wish for success or fame, they reply that they want to achieve those things with their own abilities. Kazumi then asks what her own wish was, but she had never told her friends. The monsters in the current and previous chapter are confirmed to be a new type of witch that Kaoru and Umika haven't encountered before. At this point, Kazumi's haircut is finished, and is rather messily done. Kazumi says she likes it, saying that it's fine for the "new Kazumi", having distanced herself from the "old Kazumi". When Umika wants to fix the lock of Kazumi's hair that sticks out, Kazumi claims that it's a witch sensor. It seems to have some use, helping Umika learn that the witch is a cosmetic saleswoman, who is attacking girls who have bad skin. When they find and confront the witch, the mysterious girl from before appears and is identified as a magical girl. She quickly leaves, leaving Kazumi, Umika and Kaoru to fight the witch on their own. They defeat her, returning her to normal and making her drop another unusual Grief Seed. Afterward, Kazumi muses that those who become witches aren't always bad people. Umika replies that anyone can become a witch. It's implied that she and Kaoru know that, like in the anime, magical girls become witches.

Chapter 3: "Kazumix"

Released March 24th, 2011.
The name of the city is revealed to be Asunaro, as Kazumi, Umika, and Kaoru are engaged in battle against an anime-style witch, complete with a barrier and familiars. During the battle, Kazumi hesitates, remembering when she accidentally hit her friends. Because of this, the witch devours Umika and Kaoru and escapes, leaving Kazumi by herself with a mark on her hand. At this point, four other magical girls arrive: Satomi, Mirai, Saki and Nico. It is revealed that the four of them, plus Kazumi, Umika, and Kaoru, make up a seven-member team of magical girls named the Pleiades Saints. They took their name after the Pleiades Star Cluster (this is a pun in Japanese; "Pleiades Saints" and "Pleiades Star Cluster" are pronounced the same way in Japanese and when written, differ by only one character). Kazumi gets a call from Umika and Kaoru, who are being protected by a barrier created by Umika. However, she can only maintain it for five hours. Umika tells Kazumi to team-up with the other Saints to find the witch. When Kazumi feels bad about what happened to Umika and Kaoru, Mirai hits her on the head, saying that they're the only ones who can help them. (This is a running gag that re-occurs through the chapter). The five of them use their Soul Gems to find the witch, while Kazumi remarks that her witch detector hair doesn't seem to be working.
Satomi speaks to a cat, revealing that her wish was to be able to talk to animals so she could become a veterinarian. The cat reveals that the mark on Kazumi's hand has been planted around the city (it seems distinct from the witch's symbol, however). Nico reveals that they designed a smartphone application that picks up the wavelengths from witches and transfers them into Soul Gems, making the witches easier to track down. The girls split up, but they are tricked by the mysterious girl from before who disguises herself as Satomi. She then leads Kazumi away from the others. When she reveals herself, Kazumi recognizes her as the one who put her in the suitcase. The girl announces she will kill Kazumi and summons a giant bull. She then creates a number of pistols and sub-machine guns, Mami-style, and fires them, pinning Kazumi to a wall. Realizing they've been tricked, the other four magical girls arrive in time to help Kazumi. The mysterious magical girl escapes. Back at Umika's house, Saki finds that the mark left behind by the witch is the mark of a bookmobile, and that the appearance of the marks matches the bookmobile's schedule. They rush off to find the witch (after Kazumi cooks a large meal for them). Kazumi brings a bag of candy with her for Umika and Kaoru. Kazumi is told to wait outside the barrier, while the other magical girls incapacitate the witch. Once giving the signal from an electronic communicator, Kazumi will then fire into the barrier, destroying the witch. The plan hits a snag when Nico's communicator is broken, prompting Umika to use flute candy from Kazumi's bag to contact her. Kazumi successfully destroys the witch and reunites with Umika and Kaoru. Saki finds that the witch used an abandoned car to make it's barrier, while Nico collects the witch's Grief Seed which looks like the ones in the anime. Their expressions in this scene carry the subtle implication that they also know magical girls become witches. As they celebrate their victory, they are watched by something that resembles a black cat mixed with Kyubey.

Chapter 4: "Evil Nuts"

Released April 23rd, 2011.
As Kazumi and the others celebrate their victory from the previous chapter, the Kyubey look-alike continues to watch, right next to Kyubey himself. Kyubey asks "Do you think things will go well this time, Pleiades?" while the look-alike grins. The look-alike then jumps down to meet Kazumi and he is introduced as Jubey, the fairy who made the Pleiades Saints magical girls. Jubey purifies the Pleaides Soul Gems, apparently consuming the darkness they expelled. He then devours the Grief Seed from the witch fought in the previous chapter. However, when the Pleiades give him the Grief Seeds from the witches in the first two chapters, he rejects them, revealing that they aren't Grief Seeds at all. The witches fought in the first two chapters were in fact pseudo-witches, created by imitation Grief Seeds known as an "Evil Nuts". The Pleiades quickly deduce that the mysterious magical girl created the Evil Nuts. The mysterious girl then promptly appears and incapacitates the magical girls. She introduces herself as Yuuri and appears to bear a grudge against the Pleiades. She takes off with Kazumi, leaving behind a letter telling the others that if they want Kazumi back, they have to come to Asunaro Dome at midnight.
While being held hostage by Yuuri, Kazumi asks why she's attacking everyone. Yuuri refuses to answer, but during the conflict she flashes back to an unknown girl, which provokes an emotional reaction in her. Back at the Misaki residence, the Pleiades try to understand Yuuri's motivations. Nico then claims that Yuuri is "at her limit", and that something will happen if she uses too much magic - it is not stated but heavily implied that she means Yuuri is in danger of becoming a witch. At the dome, Yuuri welcomes the Pleaides Saints, showing that Kazumi is trapped in a chair. When they try to rescue her, they're blocked by a force-field. Yuuri then announces that she will plant one of her Evil Nuts into Kazumi. When Kazumi begs her to stop, Yuuri laughs and tells Kazumi that she knows nothing about the Pleaides Saints. She then takes off her hat, which causes Umika to recognize her. Yuuri announces she wants vengeance and the chapter ends with her shoving the Evil Nut into Kazumi's forehead.

Chapter 5: "Magicallabbiata"

Released May 24th, 2011.
The chapter picks up where the previous one left off. The Evil Nut enters into Kazumi's forehead, causing her to let out a burst of power that lets her break out of the chair while reforming her hat and growing a long cloak in the process. Kazumi fights with Yuuri again, but is still overpowered. Yuuri claims that the other Pleiades had killed her, and says that they're a group that kills magical girls. She then reveals that the Pleiades took away the most important thing to her, so she's going to take away the most important thing to them - Kazumi. At this point, Yuuri's blackened Soul Gem begins to crack. Saki tells Juubey to clean Yuuri's gem. Juubey begins spinning but is shot by Yuuri, stopping him. Nico quietly says Yuuri's Soul Gem has hatched as it turns into a Grief Seed, falling into Kazumi's hand. Kyubey watches from afar as Yuuri transforms into a heart-shaped witch. The Pleiades Saints are trapped on crosses in her barrier. In shock, Kazumi wonders why witches come out of Soul Gems. Vines begin surrounding the Pleiades causing them to scream out in pain. As they're being tortured, we suddenly see the girl from Yuuri's flashback in the previous chapter.
The story then flashes back to the past. The girl from Yuuri's flashback is seen lying in a hospital bed, with Yuuri watching. We learn her name is Airi, and she only has three months left to live. Yuuri asks Airi if she wants to keep living. Airi says yes, saying she wishes to live longer and wanting to eat lots of delicious things with Yuuri. Yuuri hands her a spoon, saying it's charm filled with dreams. She tells Airi to wait until she comes back. We then find that Airi has been miraculously cured of her illness. As she tearfully hugs Yuuri, Airi says that the spoon must have been magic. The truth seems to be something different as Kyubey's silhouette is seen in the window. Later at school, Yuuri and Airi talk about an upcoming cooking contest. Airi says she'll treat Yuuri to a restaurant (which turns out to belong to Souichirou Tachibana) if she wins the contest before handing her back the spoon, asking it to help Yuuri. The contest appears to be a cooking contest, which has the same symbol from Yuuri's letter in the previous chapter. However, Yuuri is missing when the final round starts (At this point we also learn her last name is Asuka). As Airi looks for her, she finds herself in the barrier of a giant witch that resembles a hypodermic needle. The Pleiades Saints arrive and quickly destroy the witch with giant arrows (that look like the arrow that sent Yuuri's letter in the previous chapter). Kazumi is not among them. As Airi thanks the Saints for saving her, they tell her to forget what she saw, and to watch out for dark alleys and Witch's Kisses. When the Saints leave, Airi finds that the witch dropped Yuuri's spoon when it was destroyed. Kyubey appears and tells Airi that the witch was Yuuri, causing her to scream.
That night, Kyubey explains what happened in detail. Yuuri's wish was to cure Airi's illness. We see her in magical girl form, holding a giant hypodermic needle. In addition to fighting witches, she also used her magic to cure incurable diseases. This ultimately caused her to use too much magic and turn into a witch. In fact, she transformed right in front of the Pleiades Saints. Crying, Airi asks why the Pleiades didn't try to help Yuuri, cursing herself for thanking the people who killed her. Kyubey says he'll grant Airi's wish and turn her into a magical girl. Airi says she won't forgive the Pleiades Saints and wishes to take over Yuuri's life; to turn into Yuuri. Kyuubey says her wish has surpassed entropy as Airi changes to look like Yuuri - the Yuuri seen in previous chapters,. Airi/Yuuri then is seen on a skyscraper, crushing the head of what appears to be a familiar while laughing madly. She asks Kyubey for the names of the people that killed the real Yuuri. Kyubey says that they're the Pleaides Saints. Airi/Yuuri mocks their name and announces she'll kill all of them, making them pay for the real Yuuri.

Chapter 6: "Loss Parfait"

Released June 24th, 2011.
As we see Yuuri laughing from the end of the previous chapter, the story suddenly returns to the present. Apparently, the flashback in the previous chapter was a vision shown to the Pleiades by the witch. Kazumi begs Airi that she doesn't want to fight, but the witch attacks her, seemingly cutting off her head. Kazumi is then seen catching what would have been the fatal blow in her teeth, biting that part of the witch off. The influence of the Evil Nut causes Kazumi's body to change, and she attacks the witch with elongated hands, eventually breaking free from her cross. Kazumi's bell then rings, causing her to collapse and return to normal. Kazumi then tries to use her magic to turn Airi back to normal. Shockingly, even though the witch continues to attack Kazumi, Airi's (or more precisely, Yuuri's) body comes out of the witch. Still attached to the witch, she speaks entirely in runes, repeating the final spell she attempted to use on Kazumi. At that point, Saki shoots her, freeing the other Pleiades.
As the magical girls gear up to attack, Kazumi protests, saying that Airi wasn't a bad person because she dedicated her life for a friend. Mirai tells Kazumi that they know, and that's why they have to kill her. Juubey then appears, telling Kazumi that Airi is no longer a magical girl, but a witch. He further states "We don't understand how, but sometimes one of these appear. Their gems go out of control." Finally, he says that it's impossible to turn witches back to normal, and the only choice is to kill them. Kazumi says there's no way she can do it. Saki says she knows, and tells Kazumi she doesn't have to dirty her hands. One by one, the Pleiades attack the witch as Kazumi begs them to stop. Finally, Satomi apologizes, saying all they can do is prevent the witch from hurting anyone. Kaoru then says only they have to carry that burden, and they'll finish this by themselves. The Pleiades are shown to clearly be as pained by this as Kazumi is. Kazumi then uses Limit Estern, aiming straight for the witch. Just before the blow hits, she says Yuuri's name. The witch is then destroyed, the spoon drops to the ground, and the barrier collapses. As Kazumi picks up the spoon, she says she'll share the burden with the Pleiades, and then cries into Umika's arms.
Kazumi is then seen walking back home with Umika and Kaoru. She tells them to go home ahead of her, saying she wants to be alone. Kazumi then notices none other than Souichirou Tachibana, closing his shop. Her serves her a bucket of parfait, much to her delight, and reveals that he was the made the manager of a new store. Kazumi then has a vision of Airi and Yuuri enjoying the parfait, prompting her to suggest that Souichirou should put the desert on the menu. Souchirou declines, saying it's not profitable. As Kazumi continues to eat, she suddenly begins crying, saying that Yuuri and Airi couldn't have eaten this. Eventually she falls alseep. Souchirou pulls a blanket over her and puts the parfait on the menu. The chapter ends with the sleeping Kazumi holding Yuuri and Airi's spoon.

Chapter 7: "Gem Picking"

Released July 23, 2011.
The chapter begins with the Kaoru, Saki, Mirai, and Satomi. confronting a magical girl named Sumire Akane. Sumire recognizes Kaoru from training together at the training center (revealing to the reader Kaoru's last name, Maki). Kaoru apologizes and uses a spell called "Tocco del Mare" (Touch of the Sea) as Akane screams. The scene cuts to another girl watching the Pleiades from afar who mentions that she's glad she stopped in Asunaro before going to Mitakihara. She watches as all the magical girls detransform, and the Pleiades hold out their Soul Gems. As she pulls out her own Soul Gem, she says that she wants the Pleiades. The next morning, Kazumi thanks Souchirou for the food, and becomes overjoyed when he puts the bukcet of parfait on the menu. She leaves when she spies Nico and Juubey walking.
Kazumi asks Nico what she's doing, and she evasively answers that she's witch hunting. Kazumi elects to go with her, and they enter Asunaro's amusement park. Kazumi mentions that the Pleaides were trying to be kind to her by hiding the truth about witches. Nico then says that Kazumi doesn't have her memories back. Kazumi acknowledges this, and wonders if she hit her head in the trunk; if Airi had erased her memories they would be coming back. She then asks if there's anything that can bring back her memories. Nico says they aren't all happy memories and Kazumi might have had plenty of regrets. She says this while looking at an American news article about a Japanese kid shooting other people. Kazumi says that she's fine with it, and doesn't want to run away from that part of herself. Nico says that they should talk about this with everyone else later, before turning around to confront the girl that was watching the Pleaides from earlier in the chapter. Introducing herself as Ayase Souju, she reveals that she collects Soul Gems "because they shine with the light of life". Nico calls her hobby disgusting. Ayase counters by saying the Pleiades are gem picking too. She refers offhandedly to Sumire, saying she was only slightly dirty, and didn't bother anyone. Nico is silent (it's possible that she wasn't present during the incident), while Kazumi is confused. Ayase then reveals her intention to add the Pleaides to her collection. Nico and Ayase proceed to transform.
Ayase's weapon is a sword, and she throws fireballs. Nico dodges, turns her fingers into bullets, and fires them. Ayase deflects the bullets only to find herself being surrounded by a horde of Nicos. Juubey tells Kazumi that Nico wished for "regeneration", which gave her the power to deconstruct materials and reconstruct it as other objects - the other Nicos were literally made from bricks. Nico reveals that finger missiles and clones are her specialties. Ayase throws another flurry of fireballs, burning the Nico clones to bits. At that point, the real Nico appears, grabs Ayase's Soul Gem, and uses "Tocco del Mare". Ayase abruptly detransforms, while Nico continues to hold Ayase's Soul Gem. When asked, she tells Kazumi she only stunned Ayase. Ayase then begins speaking and attacks Nico point-blank with an ice spell, reclaiming her Soul Gem. She then transforms again, but has a different outfit. Kazumi asks Juubey if magical girls can transform twice, but Juubey claims there are two of her. The girl reveals that she is Luca Souju, and that both her and Ayase share the same body as two souls. As Kazumi wonders if Ayase/Luca is a magical girl with a split personality, a wounded Nico says Souju (meaning "twin trees") must represent their body. Luca just smiles.

Chapter 8: "Tempura Ice-Cream"

Released August 24th, 2011.
Luca asks for Kazumi's name, threatening to take her Soul Gem. She claims that she has to collect Soul Gems or else she won't be able to coexist with Ayase. Juubey then claims that girls who lose their Soul Gems lose their magic and can even die (which is true, in a sense). Kazumi attacks Luca, but Luca uses "Cazzo Freddo" to freeze her. She notices the rarity of Kazumi's Soul Gem (her earring bell) not being located on her body, and tries to get ahold of it. Kazumi tells her not to touch it, suddenly unfreezing herself and hitting Luca in her Soul Gem. Luca then uses both her Soul Gems to be Ayase and Luca at the same time. Kazumi fires at her with Limiti Esterni while Ayase/Luca uses a new attack named "Pici Generati". The Soujus' attack makes it through and hits Kazumi, sending her flying. Watching the battle from afar, Nico receives a telepathic message from Saki, checking if Nico has taken Ayase/Luca's Soul Gem. Nico responds in the negative before asking Juubey what "Pici Generati" means. He believes it means "Twin Peaks". Kazumi then receives a telepathic message from Nico asking her to get hit more with "Pici Generati". After watching Ayase/Luca's power, she picks up Kazumi and flees with her and Juubey inside a roller coaster.
Nico tells Kazumi that Ayase/Luca's attack creates an explosion through their perfectly synchronized fire and ice magic. They are capable of this because they use the same body. Kazumi doesn't understand this, causing Nico to use tempura ice cream as a metaphor. Nico then claims that they have to do something similar with her own magic. This prompts Jubey to say that Kazumi's powers are "sacrilege" but he quickly corrects himself and says it's "destruction" (they are alternate character readings of the same word). He continues saying that Kazumi's magic and Nico's reconstruction magic are like hot and cold. They encounter Ayase/Luca again and all three of them fire. The Soujus' attack sends them flying, prompting Nico and Kazumi to try and combine their magic. Their magic hits Ayase/Luca own attack, but it fails to negate it. Nico and Kazumi flee again through an underground 'Staff Only' tunnel, as Nico comments that the Soujus are better synchronized. Suddenly, Nico, Kazumi and Juubey trip with a broom and fall, prompting them to shout in pain simultaneously. This gives them an idea. When Ayase/Luca comes across them, Kazumi and Nico are holding hands. The Soujus fire "Pici Generati" again, but this time when Kazumi and Nico combine their magic Juubey bites their hands. This causes them to become synchronized, pushing their magic tight through Ayase/Luca's and causing an explosion that sends them to the surface.
Kazumi tells the Soujus that they've lost, but they respond by pulling out a box of Evil Nuts. They throw two of them at Nico and Kazumi, but Saki appears and catches them in mid-air. The other Pleiades jump down behind Kazumi, as Saki asks where the Soujus got the Evil Nuts. Ayase/Luca laughs instead of answering and tells the Pleiades to kill them, calling them "magical girl hunters". Shocked, Kazumi asks what she means. Kaoru says they aren't murderers, but because they can't let the Soujus go they're taking they're Soul Gems. Saki tells Kaoru not to use "Tocco del Mare" in front of Kazumi, but Nico says that Kazumi already saw her use it. Kaoru says that Ayase and Luca's Soul Gems are at their limit and pulls out both their gems. Kazumi, near tears, asks what's going on, reminding the Pleiades that she agreed to carry their burdens with them. Although Saki objects, Umika agrees to tell Kazumi about the truth of the Pleiades Saints. Suddenly Satomi notices that Nico has fallen to her knees, and her Soul Gem is glowing. Satomi backs into Kaoru, prompting her to turn around. Satomi calls Nico's name as a witch appears, creating a barrier filled with skyscrapers and familiars that resemble shooting targets in firing ranges. Nico's body is floating in the air in front of the witch.

Chapter 9: "The Freezer"

Released September 24th, 2011
As Nico's Soul Gem cracks, we see background text of her thinking that that she'll die without a trace, and she wants everyone to remember. She thinks she doesn't want to kill anyone anymore. The runes coming out of her Soul Gem read "We have no future as long as he's around." The next page has a cover image of a golden-eyed Nico holding a gun, asking to be killed. The Pleiades are shocked to discover Nico has become a witch. Repeatedly shouting "Cut", the witch turns her hands into a single pair of scissors. Kaoru transforms and blocks the attack using Capitano Potenza ("Captain Power"), which encases her arms in a black metallic substance. The witch fires projectiles from its body. Kaoru turns to the others and tells them not to stand there. Umika encases herself, Kazumi, and Satomi in a barrier. Saki pushes Mirai in, but is wounded. Mirai flips out and uses her attack La Bestia ("The Beasts") causing an army of teddy-bears to appear and chew on the witch. When the witch throws them off, Mirai uses La Bestia Refare ("Remake the Beast"). The bears start hugging each other and turn into a giant bear that Mirai jumps on. The bear pounces on the witch and pulls it into a bear hug. Mirai leaps into the air, turns her wand into a giant sword, and cuts both the bear and the witch in half. The witch dies, yelling "Cut" one last time. She drops a Grief Seed (which notably looks different than Nico's Soul Gem)
Mirai asks Saki if she's alright, but she's still processing Nico's death. Mirai tells her she had to do it, but is interrupted by Satomi screaming that she doesn't want to die or turn into a witch. Jubey and Umika look at the Grief Seed, as Umika wonders how did things turn out like this. Kazumi takes the hand of Nico's body and finds it's cold. As she shouts Nico's name, a voice says "You called?" Everyone is shocked to see another Nico standing behind them. As Kazumi asks what's going on, the other Nico walks up to the first Nico's body, puts her arm around her neck, and with a disturbing expression says "Switch". She then touches the hair of the body, and it's face suddenly vanishes. Jubey, a disturbing grin on his face, says that the body was Nico's "spare" and "compensation for Nico's contract". Kaoru asks why Nico didn't tell them. Nico says that to deceive an enemy, you have to deceive your allies. Kaoru punches her, then gives her a hug. Nico then says they should cut to the chase. Kaoru tells Saki Kazumi can handle it.
The scene switches to Mirai's teddy bear museum, "Angelica Bears". Mirai says that in Japanese it's called "Ashitaba" (literally "tomorrow's leaf") and says that Kazumi came up with the name. As they walk inside, they step onto a magic circle. Umika holds out her ring, suddenly transporting them all somewhere else. Umika tells Kazumi that the museum was born from them meeting with her. The walk up to a giant door, which opens into a giant room filled with girls floating in tanks. The middle of the room contains a pile of Soul Gems. Umika explains that after they take Soul Gems, they put the empty shells of the magical girls into "the Freezer". We see one of the girls has a nametag, reading Kaede Hinata in English. Kazumi says that Ayase was right, and asks why they're doing this. Jubey says that it's their response to the magical girl system, which is full of contradictions: Rejection.

Chapter 10: "Bibbity Bobbity Boo"

Released October 24, 2011

(Note: The original Japanese title is "Chichinpurin", which is a pun on “Chichinpui", a stock magical incantation in Japanese. "Chichinpurin" has been translated throughout the series as “Bibbity Bobbity Boo”. In keeping with the food puns in the chapter titles, “purin” means “pudding”.)

Picking up from the end of the last chapter, Umika explains that witches are the end state of magical girls. (While she's speaking Oktavia is briefly seen, as is Sayaka in silhouette). Umika tells Kazumi that they lied to her when they said that sometimes the Soul Gems of magical girls go out of control. Jubey, grinning, explains that Soul Gems are the extracted souls of magical girls. Kaoru admits that they're like zombies, but it's preferable to dying to a witch in one shot. Jubey then says that the Pleiades refuse to fight without feeling pain. Kaoru responds by saying that if they do that they'll cease being human. Umika explains that the magical girls they capture are placed in a barrier that separates them from their Soul Gems and puts them in suspended animation, preventing them from becoming witches. Kaoru says they hope to find a way to completely clean the gems and turn them back into humans. Until then, they'll keep fighting. This is their "rejection" of the magical girl system. Nico then takes out a container that has the Soujus, their Soul Gems, and the Soul Gem and body of another magical girl. The bodies of the magical girls have been shrunken to the point where they can be picked up by one hand. Nico puts into two new containers, saying they "will keep on waiting for the prince's kiss." Kazumi asks when everyone found out about the connection between magical girls and wishes. Umika touches her forehead to Kazumi's, telling her to remember everything.
The story flashes back into the past. Umika, Kaoru, Satomi, Mirai, Nico, and Saki are standing on a catwalk. They are all displaying a witch's kiss on their necks. It then shows the "despair" of each Pleiade:
Umika wrote a draft for a novel that was taken by her editor and released under the authorship of a top idol to rave reviews. When the editor calls her to ask if they can look forward to her next work, Umika drops the phone in shock.
Kaoru was injured in a soccer game that left her on crutches. The girl who injured her is then rushed to the hospital Kaoru was recovering in. It turns out that girl was bullied for ruining Kaoru's career and tried to kill herself. Kaoru screams when she overhears this.
Satomi is given a cat on her third birthday, which she names Sare. Years later, she goes out and leaves it alone in her house, despite it's protests. It's then seen in a veterinarian's office, dead. The vets says that if the cat was brought here earlier it might have survived, prompting Satomi to think that this wouldn't have happened if she had just listened.
Mirai is shown at school wearing glasses. The other students want nothing to do with her. As she walks home, Mirai clutches her teddy-bear saying, she's not lonely because she has all of them. We then find that her room is filled with teddy-bears. As she begins sewing one of them, admits she wants friends and starts crying.
Nico is shown as a little kid, playing with her neighbors and a loaded gun. She is promptly revealed to be the Japanese kid from the news article in Chapter 7. The gun goes off, the bullet bouncing off a vase and killing her neighbors. Nico cries.
Saki is shown as a child. A girl Miyuki shows off her lily of the valley flower. Miyuki says her dream was to grow lots of flowers and use them as a bouquet in her wedding. Saki says that dream won't come true, because she thinks no man is good enough for Miyuki. Miyuki hugs Saki and says that she'll marry her. Years later, Miyuki and Saki are caught in a horrible car crash. Miyuki is killed by a piece of glass lodged in her throat. Saki can only say Miyuki's name.
The story then returns to the girls standing on the catwalk. They jump off, as a voice says, "Everyone should just die." The voice is cut-off by a familiar spell with ribbons wrapping around the girls, stopping their fall. Their savior is none other than Kazumi, who says, "Ciao! You suicidal girls!"

Chapter 11: "Dead or Rice"

Released on November 24th, 2011.
Continuing the previous chapter's flashback, Kazumi opens up a witch's barrier around herself and the girls. Familiars appear and start attacking the normal girls while Kazumi watches. Kaoru tries to use her crutch to fight them off, but falls down. Umika shields her with her body. Mirai does something similar for Saki. Satomi asks why Kazumi isn't helping. Kazumi responds by asking why they don't want to be eaten if they want to die. She then pulls six firearms from her hat and drops them on the ground. The familiars combine, revealing that they were actually a witch. The girls pick up the weapons, Satomi saying she doesn't want to die and Nico musing she can't run away from guns. They fire at the witch, deflating it like a balloon. It re-inflates itself and charges. Kazumi stops the witch with her cross, saying that "As long as you keep trying to live, you won't fall into despair" and that there's always hope. She then fires "Limit Esterni", destroying the witch.
As the barrier disappears, Saki asks "What was that?" A silhouette appears behind her, looking similar to Kyubey. It turns out to be Jubey, who says that was Magical Girl Kazumi, who hunts witches. A loud growling noise is heard, which turns out to be Kazumi being hungry. It's revealed that her ahoge was absent in the past (though the symbol is still on her hat and earring-bell). The scene changes to Kazumi's house, where she eats with the Pleiades. She talks about how her grandmother said that people eat plants and animals to live, and so they have a duty to them to keep living. She asks the girls about her strawberry risotto, which was passed down from her grandmother. When they respond positively, Kazumi says that her grandmother would be happy to hear that. Saki asks where her grandmother is now, prompting Kazumi to reveal that she had passed away. She tells them not to worry.
Kazumi point to a book with Umika, asking her if that's the book that plagiarized her story. After reading the book Kazumi says it's bad because the main character wastes food like "The Girl who Trod on the Loaf" (a fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen). Umika suddenly becomes animated and agrees, saying the scene wasn't in her draft. She then explains that the rule of villains is that the one who wastes food is a villain and can't be left alive - revealing the source of the brief flashback Kazumi had in Chapter 1. Kazumi says she never heard of that, but agrees. She tells Umika to keep writing, because other than the main character the story was good. As Kazumi goes to get desert, Saki asks her how she became a magical girl.
Kazumi explains she became a magical girl the day her grandmother died. The story flashes back again to Kazumi's past. She narrates that she was studying abroad when she learned that her grandmother's condition became critical. While hurrying home, she ran straight into a witch's barrier. Fortunately, she's saved by a surprise appearance from Mami Tomoe, who muses that she can't take it easy even on a trip. Mami destroys the witch with "Tiro Finale". When Kazumi thanks her, Mami tells her to get going and be careful. As Kazumi leaves Jubey is strangely seen by Mami's feet. At Kazumi's home, a doctor explains that her grandmother only has a few days left unless she's hooked up to a respiratory machine and it's unlikely that she'll wake up. Kazumi says that her grandmother would never want to go on life support. Later and alone with her grandmother, Kazumi starts crying and says that she wants her grandmother to open her eyes, just once more. Jubey appears on the windowsill, saying that he can grant her wish if she makes a contract and becomes a magical girl.

Chapter 12: "Pleiades"

Released on December 24th, 2011.
Jubey tells Kazumi being a magical girl is difficult. Kazumi is fine with that and wishes for her grandmother to return to her normal self as long as she remains alive. Jubey asks if she's fine with not curing her grandmother's illness. Kazumi says she wants to, but it wouldn't be respecting her way of life. The contract is established. Kazumi's grandmother wakes up, asking if it's a dream. Kazumi says it's her last dream, and asks her grandmother if she can teach her how to make strawberry risotto. Kazumi spends the day learning cooking skills and advice from her grandmother. She tells Kazumi that people can't fall into dispair as she gives Kazumi her earring-bell; the same earring-bell Kazumi has worn throughout the series. The flashback in a flashback ends as Kazumi says her grandmother went to heaven the next day. (She incidentally reveals the name of her cat, Toto.)
Saki asks why Kazumi didn't just wish her grandmother to be healthy, saying Kazumi is now all alone. Kazumi says her grandmother will always be in her heart, just like Miyuki will be in Saki's heart (Miyuki here is revealed to be Saki's sister). Mriai asks if she can be a magical girl. Jubey tells her she can if she accepts her fate of fighting witches. Mirai says she can accept anything. Umika, Kaoru, Satomi, Nico and Saki quickly chime in agreement. Kazumi cheers over having new friends. Mirai questions the fact that she's a friend, prompting Saki to thank Mirai for protecting her. Jubey tells the girls to give him their wishes. Mirai says her wish was already granted by having friends. Saki suggests wishing for the friends that have always protected her - Mirai's teddy bears. She points to a number on it, asking Mirai if it's her 666th friends. When Mirai asks how Saki knew, Saki explains that her sister did the same thing. Mirai decides to wish for a museum for all her teddy bears. Kazumi suggests calling it "Angelica Bears" which is a pun on Mirai's name and the Ashitaba plant (Mirai's name means "Future Young Leaf", Ashitaba means "Tomorrow's Leaf" and is in the Angelica genus).
Satomi then wishes to talk to animals. Nico whispers her wish to Jubey, embarrassed to say it aloud. Saki wishes for her sister's flower to bloom forever. Umika wishes for an editor to recognize and handle her works preciously. Kaoru wants to help the people that were hurt in the match where she had her injury. Kazumi asks her about her injuries, but Kaoru says she'll just return to the field with her current legs. The contracts are completed, and Kazumi names their team the Pleiades Saints. The scene cuts to the girls fighting a witch. Kaoru destroys it with her spiked shoes. Jubey asks about her strengthened magical girl body. Kaoru is very happy about it. Kazumi calls Kaoru's attack Capitano Potenza ("Captain Power"), and reveals she wants everyone to call their attacks, even recording them in a book. Kazumi reveals that she's following the lead of Mami Tomoe and says she won't cook for the girls if they don't do it. Saki then notices Kazumi's earrings are missing. Kazumi guesses she lost them in the battle, but admits it's okay because her grandmother won't disappear from her heart. Later on Kazumi receives a new pair of the earrings. Kaoru explains that Saki asked her dad to get them while he was on a business trip. Kazumi thanks Saki, while Mirai has a sad or angry expression on her face.
Later, Kaoru and the other Pleiades (except Kazumi) wonder why Kazumi is late, having been told Kazumi was bringing a new friend. Jubey appears, saying a witch's barrier is nearby. They run to Asunaro Dome, where they see Yuuri Asuka transform into a witch. After the battle the girls are stunned. Satomi asks if magical girls turn into witches. Jubey explains how witches are created, and says his job is to gather the energy form the conversion of hope to despair. Kaoru grabs Jubey while he explains that immature witches should be called magical girls. Suddenly Umika grabs Jubey and slams her head against him. A laser fires from her eye into his. Jubey falls down and asks why Umika is looking scary. Umika explains to Kaoru that she rewrote Jubey's memories, preventing him from making contracts. The story then returns to the present. Kazumi says she remembers hunting magical girls after Yuuri, but then suddenly falls over. The symbol for the Evil Nuts appears in her eyes. Satomi looks on in shock, as Kaoru says everyone's tired. Umika leads Kazumi out as Kaoru says they should rest for the day. Saki remains in the Freezer, looking at the pile of Soul Gems. They include two Evil Nuts. We then find Satomi is walking up behind her. Saki asks why Satomi is there. Satomi pulls her hand to her mouth and says: "Saki, let's kill Kazumi." The last panel has Satomi giving a sinister grin.

Chapter 13: "Malefica Farce"

Released on January 24th, 2012.
Satomi tells Saki that they can't afford to let Kazumi live as long as she's infected by the Evil Nut. Saki refuses, as she loves Kazumi too much to hurt her. Satomi then grabs Saki and brainwashes her with Fantasma Bisbiglio ("Ghost Whisperer") and sends her to the Misaki residence. Inside, Kazumi is asleep, while Kaoru and Umika discuss her well-being. Kaoru admits that she had Umika lie about her wish in the separate flashbacks Kazumi was given. Saki arrives, asking them if they know how the Evil Nut will affect Kazumi. They don't know, but Umika suspects that someone else created the Evil Nuts for Yuuri and the Souju twins, so tracking them down should reveal everything. Umika and Kaoru tell her that things are going well "this time", but Saki panics at the idea of another "repeat", and points out that Nico's clone became a witch even though its Soul Gem was clear. She thinks that they are all close to becoming witches themselves.
Umika reveals that she knows something is amiss with Saki, as she referred to Kazumi as Kazumi-chan (an honorific that Satomi, not Saki, uses). Saki kicks Umika across the room. As Kaoru goes to help her, Umika explains that Saki is under Satomi's control. Saki exclaims that they can't keep Kazumi alive in this state, and that it will be easier if Saki kills her. Kaoru attempts to restrain Saki, but she's incapacitated when Saki drops a chandelier on her. She then goes to murder Kazumi, but manages to break free of Satomi's brainwashing and stabs herself in the leg instead. The blood splashes on Kazumi's face, waking her up. Satomi regains control and has Saki grab Kazumi, teleporting the two of them to a building outside.
Saki collapses from heavy blood loss, telling Kazumi to run while she still can. Satomi reveals to Kazumi that her memories from Umika were lies. The Pleiades Saints already knew about the origins of witches before meeting Yuuri, because Kazumi herself had become one and died. Her real name is Michiru Kazusa. Satomi and the others have been trying to revive Kazusa by cloning the remnants of her witch and stuffing them into clone bodies, and Kazumi is the thirteenth of those clones. She refers to it as Malefica Farce ("Witch Stuffing"). Being exposed to Evil Nuts is causing Kazumi to revert to her witch form, and Satomi plans to kill her before that happens. She summons the previous twelve clones of Kazusa from beneath the Freezer and tells them to destroy Kazumi.


Pleiades Saints
Kazumi Subaru ICON.png Kaoru Maki ICON.png Umika Misaki ICON.png Saki Asami ICON.png KazumiMagica MiraiICON.png Satomi Usagi ICON.png Niko Kanna ICON.png
Kazumi Subaru Kaoru Maki Umika Misaki Saki Asami Mirai Wakaba Satomi Usagi Niko Kanna
Michiru Kazusa Kanna Hijiri
Supporting characters
Juubey MagicaOnline cardArt.png Airiprofilepanel.png Asukayuuriprofilepanel.png Soujous ICON.png
Juubey Yuuri / Airi Anri Yuuri Asuka Souju
Pleiades Saints
Kazumi (かずみ)
A girl with amnesia who can't remember anything except her name. Her innocent, cheerful and friendly personalities are in proportion of her lost memories. She is a glutton for delicious foods and was found by Kaoru and Umika who take her in. Her wish was to bring her grandmother out of her coma, but not to cure her illness. It is eventually revealed that she is actually the 13th clone of the original Kazumi, who turned into a witch and died.
Kaoru Maki (牧 カオル)
An athletic soccer player living with Umika. A bright older sister figure who takes good care of things. She wished for a strong, healthy body that would let her play soccer.
Umika Misaki (御崎 海香)
A popular novelist who bought the trio's house with her earnings. Her reliable, mature aura changes completely when there's a deadline looming. She is close to Kaoru and thinks of Kazumi as a little sister. She wished for the chance to meet an editor who would publish her stories.
Mirai Wakaba (若葉 みらい)
She's impulsive and occasionally gives Kazumi a beating, but deep down a caring girl.
Satomi Usagi (宇佐木 里美)
A polite girl who used her wish to gain the ability to talk to animals as she wants to become a vet when she grows up.
Saki Asami (浅海 サキ)
A mature girl that uses thunders to attack. The effective leader of the Pleiades Saints.
Nico Kanna (神流 ニコ)
Her smartphone uses an app created by the Pleiades Saints that can pick up the residual power of witches. She rarely shows emotions.
Michiru Kazusa (和紗ミチル)
The original Kazumi who saved the Pleiades and made them contract. She eventually turned into a witch and died
Jubey (ジュゥべぇ)
A fairy (妖精) who contracted the Pleiades Saints, turning them into magical girls. His name is a pun: "ju" is Japanese for ten. Compare with Kyubey, where "kyu" is Japanese for nine. Appears to know Kyubey, as they are seen together at the start of chapter 4.
"Yuuri" (ユウリ)/ Airi Anri 杏里 あいり
A mysterious magical girl that acts antagonistically towards the others, and shares a connection with the mysterious new witches. She is the one who kidnapped Kazumi, created the pseudo-witches of the first two chapters, and has a grudge against the Pleiades Saints. Uses pistols and submachine guns as her weapons (which, contrary to Homura's, appear to actually be magical) and can summon a giant bull. She also appears capable of setting up impenetrable force barriers and disguising herself as other people. Chapter 5 reveals that she is actually a girl named Airi (seen briefly in Chapter 4), and her wish was to become the real Yuuri. She wants revenge against the Pleiades Saints for killing the real Yuuri when she became a witch.
Yuuri Asuka (飛鳥 ユウリ)
The real Yuuri. Before the start of the series, she wished to cure her friend Airi's life-threatening illness. She used her powers to cure the incurable diseases of other people, which caused her to run out of magic and become a witch. She was subsequently destroyed by the Pleiades Saints. Her weapon was a giant hypodermic needle, with multiple needles.
Kyubey (キュゥべえ)
The same character from the anime, he contracted with Yuuri and Airi. He ultimately manipulated Airi into going after the Pleaides Saints.
Souichirou Tachibana (立花 宗一郎)
The man who found Kazumi in a suitcase after she lost her memory. He is a chef who tried to bomb a mall in revenge after he was tricked and lost his restaurant.
Ayase Souju (双樹 あやせ)
A wandering magical girl. She collects soul gems, and shares a body with Luca Souju. She has powers over fire.
Luca Souju (双樹 ルカ)}}
A magical girl who shares a body with Ayase Souju. She has powers over ice.
Miyuki Asami (浅海 美幸)
Saki's childhood friend, who promised to marry her one day. Before the start of the series, she died when the car she was riding with Saki in crashed into another vehicle. In Chapter 12, it was revealed that she was Saki's younger sister.
Mami Tomoe (巴 マミ)
The same character from the anime, she saved Kazumi from a witch before Kazumi made a contract. By doing so, she helped Jubey meet Kazumi.
The various witches featured in Kazumi Magica can be found here.

Changes and Additions in the Collected Edition

One of the many changes made between the magazine and volume versions of Kazumi Magica.

Volume 1

  • The dust jackets have a silly two page comic with Kazumi, Umika, and Kaoru.
  • In the last page of Chapter 1, the Evil Nut next to the defeated detective is missing. After that there is an additional page with Kazumi and Souichirou Tachibana.
  • Chapter 2 changes:
    • In the second page, the Evil Nut is redrawn to be consistent with it's changed appearance in later chapters. The same thing happens in the forty-second page.
    • In the third and fourth pages, Kazumi is holding her earring-bell instead of a blank white stone.
    • In the thirteenth page, the white stone has been redrawn as a Soul Gem.
    • In the fourteenth page, the white stone has been replaced with Kazumi's Soul Gem turning into her earring-bell - this reveals that the earring-bell is Kazumi's Soul Gem.
    • In the eighteenth page, Umika and Kaoru's Soul Gems have been redrawn to be consistent with the appearance of Soul Gems in future chapters and the anime.
    • In the nineteenth page, Kaoru's magical girl outfit has been slightly altered. This alteration is also present on the twenty-eighth page. In addition, Umika's Soul Gem is now visible on her forehead in magical girl form, making it consistent with future chapters. The forehead gem is present on the twenty-third, twenty-fifth through twenty-eighth, thirty-seventh, thirty-ninth, fortieth, and forty-second pages.
    • In the twenty-seventh page, Kazumi is holding her earring bell instead of looking at her cross weapon. This changes the serialized version's implication that Kazumi's Soul Gem was on her cross.
    • An extra page is added at the end of Chapter 2.
  • The end of chapter 3 adds a page with design notes for the witch from Chapter 3.
  • The end of the manga has a silly three page Omake with Saki, Umika, and Kazumi. It features a single panel appearance of Kaoru, a single panel appearance of Nico, Satomi and Mirai together, and a single panel appearance of Madoka.
  • There is also a one-page Q&A with the author.

Volume 2

  • The front dust jacket has a parody of the cover, with Tachibana in Kazumi's place and the chef from Yuuri's flashback in Yuuri's place. The back one has an image of the policewoman in Yuuri's outfit.
  • On the ninth page in chapter 5, a panel of Jubey has the circular mark on Jubey's head that previously did not.
  • On the tenth page in chapter 5, the runes flying around as Yuuri becomes a witch are more clearly visible.
  • On the first page of Chapter 6, Kazumi is very slightly redrawn.
  • A page with Kazumi and Nico is added after Chapter 7.
  • Design sketches for all new characters introduced in the volume are included.
    • Notes on Yuuri are added after Chapter 4.
    • Notes on Yuuri Asuka's witch are added after Chapter 5.
    • Notes on Airi's witch are added after Chapter 6.
    • Notes on Ayase and Luca are added after Chapter 8.
  • The end of the manga has a one-page Omake with Saki reading one of her romance novels.
  • There is also a one-page Q&A with the author.
  • Volumes purchased from Toranoana also included a two page short story about Yuuri and Airi, called, "Puella Magi Kazumi Magica Special Edition ~ A Dream-Filled Spoon."


This section may contain major spoilers for the anime!

Please refrain from reading if you haven't watched Episode 12 yet.
  • Although initially Kazumi Magica appeared to have no connection to the anime, it developed a greater connection to the anime over time, culminating in nearly all of the inconsistencies being explained in Chapter 4.
  • Kazumi is not set after the events of the anime.
  • Food seems to play a major role in Kazumi Magica. Nearly every chapter is titled after something food-related that is mentioned in that chapter (the exception, "Gem Picking", can still be thought of as food related a la "cherry picking"), three of the magical girls are good cooks, and almost all of the magical girls enjoy eating.
  • The author's Q&A in volume one shows that the series subtitle "innocent malice" is translated in Japanese as "sinless spite". He also acknowledges his use of food as chapter titles, and says he'll run out of ideas and change them eventually.
  • The author of Kazumi Magica, as revealed in the Tiro Finale Book, wrote the screenplays for the Madoka Magica Drama CDs "Memories of you" and "Farewell Story".
    • Like Mami, all of the magical girls in Kazumi Magica use Italian names for their attacks and spells. Interestingly, this seems to have carried over to the Drama CDs that the author wrote the screenplays for - "Farewell Story" has Kyoko use an Italian name for one attack, and the author has stated that in "Memories of you" there was a cut scene where Madoka used an Italian named attack.
  • Each of the first three chapters of Kazumi Magica are forty-four pages long. Subsequent chapters are twenty-six pages.

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