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Pleiades Saints
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Kazumi Kaoru Maki Umika Misaki Mirai Wakaba Satomi Usagi Saki Asami Niko Kanna
Michiru Kazusa Kanna Hijiri
Other characters
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Yuuri Jubey Kyubey Ayase Souju Airi Anri Yuuri Asuka

Pleiades Saints

Kazumi (かずみ)
A girl with amnesia who can't remember anything except her name. Her innocent, cheerful and friendly personalities are in proportion of her lost memories. She is a glutton for delicious foods and was found by Kaoru and Umika who take her in. Her wish was to bring her grandmother out of her coma, but not to cure her illness. It is eventually revealed that she is actually the 13th clone of the original Kazumi, who turned into a witch and died.
Michiru Kazusa (和紗ミチル)
The original Kazumi who saved the Pleiades and made them contract. She eventually turned into a witch and died
Kaoru Maki (牧 カオル)
An athletic soccer player living with Umika. A bright older sister figure who takes good care of things. She wished for a strong, healthy body that would let her play soccer.
Umika Misaki (御崎 海香)
A popular novelist who bought the trio's house with her earnings. Her reliable, mature aura changes completely when there's a deadline looming. She is close to Kaoru and thinks of Kazumi as a little sister. She wished for the chance to meet an editor who would publish her stories.
Mirai Wakaba (若葉 みらい)
She's impulsive and occasionally gives Kazumi a beating, but deep down, she is a caring girl.
Satomi Usagi (宇佐木 里美)
A polite girl who used her wish to gain the ability to talk to animals as she wants to become a vet when she grows up.
Saki Asami (浅海 サキ)
A mature girl that uses lightning to attack. She is the effective leader of the Pleiades Saints.
Niko Kanna (神那 ニコ)
Her smartphone uses an app created by the Pleiades Saints that can pick up the residual power of witches. She rarely shows emotions. Her real name is Hijiri Kanna, taking the alias of "Niko" upon making her wish, and she did become a Witch and died as of Chapter 8.
Hijiri Kanna (聖 カンナ)
Niko Kanna's duplicate, created by her wish, being given her original name as the real one took the name of "Niko" upon herself. She introduced herself as Niko in Chapter 9 after the original became a Witch and died and is believed to be such from that point on until she reveals herself in Chapter 18. She resents being an artificial being and wants to wipe out humanity in order to become "real".

Other characters

Jubey (ジュゥべぇ)
A fairy (妖精) who contracted the Pleiades Saints, turning them into magical girls. His name is a pun: "ju" is Japanese for ten. Compare with Kyubey, where "kyu" is Japanese for nine.
"Yuuri" (ユウリ)/ Airi Anri 杏里 あいり
A mysterious magical girl that acts antagonistically towards the others, and shares a connection with the mysterious new witches. She is the one who kidnapped Kazumi, created the pseudo-witches of the first two chapters, and has a grudge against the Pleiades Saints. It's revealed that she is actually a girl named Airi and her wish was to become the real Yuuri.
Yuuri Asuka (飛鳥 ユウリ)
The real Yuuri. Before the start of the series, she wished to cure her friend Airi's life-threatening illness
Kyubey (キュゥべえ)
The same character from the anime.
Souichirou Tachibana (立花 宗一郎)
The man who found Kazumi in a suitcase after she lost her memory. He is a chef who tried to bomb a mall in revenge after he was tricked and lost his restaurant.
Misako Ishijima (石島 美佐子)
A policewoman who blackmailed Souichirou Tachibana in order to be successful in her male-dominated job.
Ayase Souju (双樹 あやせ)
A wandering magical girl. She collects soul gems, and shares a body with Luca Souju. She has powers over fire.
Luca Souju (双樹 ルカ)}}
A magical girl who shares a body with Ayase Souju. She has powers over ice.
Miyuki Asami (浅海 美幸)
Saki's sister. Before the start of the series, she died in a car accident.
Mami Tomoe (巴 マミ)
The same character from the anime, she saved Michiru from a witch. By doing so, she caused Michiru to learn about magical girls.
Kyoko Sakura (佐倉 杏子)
The same character from the anime, she made a cameo appearance in which she had a fight with Yuuri Asuka that was broken up by Michiru
Remi Shiina (椎名 レミ)

A magical girl Misako Ishijima knew years ago, in their school days.

A black cat that lives with the Pleiades Saints.