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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.
Koito Asako
Japanese Name 浅古 小糸

(Note: As all chapters of Sadness Prayer are currently only available in Japanese, most of the info here comes from rough translation and interpretation of events. Thus, some of the information may be incorrect, so please do not treat anything as 100% accurate.)

Koito Asako (浅古 小糸 Asako Koito) is a minor supporting character appearing in Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Sadness Prayer. She is Komaki Asako's younger sister.

General info

  • Eye colour: Unknown
  • Hair colour: Purple
  • Japanese pronoun: Watashi (わたし)
  • Known relatives: Komaki Asako, her older sister. Her parents have only been mentioned, though her mother was seen in Sadness Prayer.


Koito is more calmer and friendly than her sister Komaki. Koito occasionally seems to be shy or nervous as well. She is seen displaying a lot of concern for her sister's welfare.


Koito only appears in Sadness Prayer.

After witnessing Komaki sneaking out various times at night, Koito begins to suspect she has a nightlife. Koito tried telling her parents, but Komaki dismissed it as stomach pains. Koito thus relays her suspicions to her friend Akira Namekata, who begins investigating into Komaki's supposed nightlife.

After her sister and Akira's deaths, Koito is overcome with guilt because she feels as though she should have stopped Komaki from going out. She also feels like Akira's death is her fault, as she is the one who asked Akira to watch Komaki. She talks with Oriko, who relieves some of her guilt.

At the very end of Sadness Prayer, it's revealed that Koito made a contract with Kyubey and became a magical girl in order to help in the fight against Walpurgisnacht.


  • Koito attends Komaki's and Akira's school, but she is not seen in the Shirome Middle School uniform until volume 3.


  • Koito "小糸" means "small thread". This would fit thematically with her sister's name if translated as "small roll of cloth".
  • Koito's last name, "浅古", means "shallow and old" or "superficially old".


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