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File:Komakideath.png|Komaki's death.
File:Komakideath.png|Komaki's death.
File:Komakiburns.png|Akira notices Komaki's burnt fingers from the school camp fire.
File:Komakiburns.png|Akira notices Komaki's burnt fingers from the school camp fire.
File:Komakihit.png|Komaki is hit by one of Kirika's attacks.
File:Komakihit2.png|Komaki wounded.

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Komaki Asako
Japanese Name 浅古 小巻
Age 15 (estimated)
Weapon Axe

(Note: As all chapters of Sadness Prayer are currently only available in Japanese, most of the info here comes from rough translation and interpretation of events. Thus, some of the information may be incorrect, so please do not treat anything as 100% accurate.)

Komaki Asako (浅古 小巻 Asako Komaki) is one of the original characters from Puella Magi Oriko Magica. She first appeared in Symmetry Diamond before being properly introduced in Sadness Prayer. She is a magical girl that goes to the same school as Oriko Mikuni.

General info

  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Hair colour: Blue
  • Japanese pronoun: Watashi ()
  • Soul gem: Presumably the circular blue gem worn over her heart.
  • Wish: "Protect us!"
  • Known relatives: Koito Asako, her younger sister. Her parents have only been mentioned, though her mother was seen in Sadness Prayer.
  • School: Shirome Middle School. Her year is unknown. She is in the same class as Akira and Miyuki.


Komaki is generally loud, upfront, and aggressive, but can also be at times calmer and genial, mostly around her friends. She is also rather short-tempered. Komaki is often getting into fights with others or otherwise arguing with them, with her friends Akira Namekata and Miyuki Nagatsuki often having to intervene.



Not much is known of Komaki's home-life.

During a fire at school camp, Komaki made a wish to protect herself and her friends, Akira and Miyuki.

Komaki during Symmetry Diamond

Komaki first appeared in chapter 2 of Symmetry Diamond, where she and her friends teased Oriko. Oriko warned her not to keep going out at night, lest she run into trouble.

Presumably Komaki and Kirika never fought or crossed paths in this timeline. Komaki and Oriko never seem to become friends in this timeline, however. It is ambiguous to whether or not Komaki is a magical girl in this timeline; her "going out at night" would suggest she was.

Komaki during Sadness Prayer

During Sadness Prayer, Komaki slowly becomes friends with Oriko.

Komaki regularly sneaks out of home at night to hunt witches, claiming she gets stomach pains at night when questioned by her family. Her regular sneaking-out not go unnoticed by her younger sister, Koito, who suspected Komaki had a nightlife, and expressed her concerns to Akira.

During a witch hunt, Komaki got into a fight with Kirika over a grief seed, with Kirika unaware that she was Oriko's friend. Akira, who had followed Komaki to find out what she was up to, ran out in the midst of the fight and got hit by one of Kirika's attacks meant for Komaki; this caused Komaki to fly into a rage. Kirika, already shocked by Akira's death and frightened by Komaki's rage, lashed out in a desperate attack and stabbed Komaki through the head, killing her.

Powers and Abilities

Komaki possesses shielding powers because of her wish. She can create barriers to protect herself or trap her opponents in shield "bubbles". She can use her axe to create barriers.


  • She nicknames Kirika "black mantis".
  • Since Oriko and Komaki do not share a class, the two usually meet up at break. Akira and Miyuki appear not to hang around when Komaki is with Oriko.


  • Komaki's first name, "小巻", means "small book" or "small roll of cloth". The latter would fit thematically with her sister's first name, Koito (小糸), which means "small thread".
  • Komaki's last name, "浅古", means "shallow and old" or "superficially old".


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