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(Event Appearances)
(Event Appearances)
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==Event Appearances==
==Event Appearances==
* [[Magia Record Story The Beginning is Overlapping Dreams|The Beginning is Overlapping Dreams]]
*[[Magia Record Story The Beginning is Overlapping Dreams|The Beginning is Overlapping Dreams]]

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Card 35034 c.png
Japanese Name このは・葉月 (Konha・Hazuki)
Voiced by Japanese: Lynn
Haruka Yoshimura
ID No: 3503

For their full bio, see Konoha Shizumi and Hazuki Yusa

General Info

Physical features

  • Ages: 17 (Konoha), 15 (Hazuki)
  • Height: 165cm (Konoha), 175cm (Hazuki)
  • Eye colour: Purple (Konoha), Yellow (Hazuki)
  • Hair colour: Grey (Konoha, Yellow (Hazuki)
  • Origins: Sankyo Ward


  • Soul Gems:
    • Purple 5-point Azalea flower (Konoha: back of left hand)
    • Yellow 5-point Azalea flower (Hazuki: under her chest)
  • Weapons: Double-bladed staff and Twin Hook Swords
  • Wish:
    • To "erase the main cause that tried to demolish Azalea's House" (Konoha)
    • "I want to erase the memories I lived in." (Hazuki)
  • Witch forms:
    • Tagori (Konoha)
    • TBA (Hazuki)
  • School: Sankyoin Educational Academy, Eleventh Grade (Konoha) and Ninth Grade (Hazuki)

Game Info

Stats, Connect, Magia Data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★2 → ★5 100 Magia Attribute forest.png
Max at ★4 18038 8121 5642
Max at ★5
Max SE
Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk charge.png
Connect: I'll do the request exactly!
★4: HP Regen [V] (3T) & Attack UP [VII] & Accele MP UP [VII]
Magia 1: Triple Detonation
★4: Damage to All Enemies [VI] & Guaranteed Curse (All / 3T) & Guaranteed Burn (All / 3T) & Guaranteed Poison (All / 3T) & Forest Attribute Attack UP (Self / 3T)
Magia 2: <3[1]
  1. Konoha・Hazuki do not have a doppel. Instead they have a second magia attack that consumes 150 MP and is treated as a doppel instead (complete with doppel disc icon). It also increases your doppel count despite not having a card or page like other doppels would.


Side Story

Event Appearances



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