Konoha Shizumi

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Konoha Shizumi
Konoha profile magia record.png
Japanese Name 静海 このは (Shizumi Konoha)
Voiced by Japanese: Lynn

Konoha Shizumi is the one of the original characters of the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record

General Info

Physical features

  • Eye colour: Purple
  • Hair colour: Grey


  • Soul Gem: Purple 5-point Azalea flower on the back of her left hand
  • Weapon: Double-bladed staff
  • Wish: To "erase the main cause that tried to demolish Tsuzuji's House" (Tsuzuji's House, meaning Azalea's House, is the orphanage Konoha grew up in).
  • Witch form: Tagori
  • Japanese pronoun: watashi ()
  • School: Sankyoin Educational Academy

Game Info

Game related data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★4 → ★5 100 Balanced Attribute aqua.png
Initial 5898 1684 1911
Max at ★4 21386 6661 6978
Max at ★5 26940 8388 8793
Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk charge.png
Connect: Will you let me handle this I wonder
★4: HP Recovery [VI] & Accele MP Gain UP [VII] & Attack Up [VII]
★5: HP Recovery [VIII] & Accele MP Gain UP [IX] & Attack Up [IX]
Magia: Butterfly Tempest
★4: Damage All Enemies [IV] & HP Regeneration (All / 3 T)
★5: Damage All Enemies [VI] & HP Regeneration (All / 3 T) & Ignore Counter (All / 3 T)
Doppel: Tagori
Damage All Enemies [VIII] & HP Regeneration (All / 3 T) & Ignore Counter (All / 3 T)


A magical girl raised in Kamihama city's orphanage 'Azalea House'. She came from an affluent family, but after her parents fell ill and died, she went to live in the Azalea House. A pro at everything she sets her mind to (except cooking...), she helps keep the other orphans in line.

Doppel Description

The Doppel of retribution. Its form is a fox[1]. The master of this emotion uses a variety of magical abilities to enact vengeance on those she bears resentment toward. This Doppel is part of the kitsune-ken Doppel trinity, and represents retribution. As it is proficient in magic, it can bewitch its enemies by controlling will-o’-wisps. Even underwater, the wisps will surely never vanish as long as a grudge exists to fuel them. The Doppel’s master loses her ability to think rationally while it manifests, acting purely on instinct and displaying a fearsome jumping ability.

  1. Kitsune no yomeiri, literally "fox's wedding"

Side Story

Konoha lives with Hazuki Yusa and Ayame Mikuri. As the oldest, she manages the finances, makes the decisions about fighting and how to live, and she devotes herself to her group. Konoha thinks she's pretty good at everything, except for one thing. One day, Hazuki calls Konoha saying she's stuck at the class representative meetings. She suggests that Konoha and Ayame order take out for dinner. However, Konoha is concerned about the expense, and decides to make dinner herself. Ayame said she never tried Konoha's cooking before, and Hazuki told her not to eat it. However, she wants to try it anyway.

Hazuki then comes home to a sick Ayame. Konoha said Ayame ate all her food and said she liked it. However, Ayame got sick afterward. Hazuki thinks Ayame wouldn't tell Konoha it tasted bad, and says she told them to get take-out. Konoha asks Ayame if her food really wasn't good, and Ayame apologizes. When asked by Hazuki, Konoha said she tried cooking because she thought this time it would turn out differently. Hazuki says she can handle the food, and tells Konoha to give up on it. These words set Konoha off, and she resolves to make food the other two will find delicious. She points out it's cheaper to cook, and Hazuki can't do it all the time. Hazuki and Ayame are afraid of Konoha's new goal.

To study cooking, Konoha buys cheap cookware and begins studying cooking theory from books. She thinks Hazuki is a cooking prodigy of some kind. Konoha then makes an absolute mess of a meal for Hazuki, incorporating each theory of cooking she read. When asked by Hazuki, Konoha says she tasted each individual ingredient - but not the meal as a whole. Hazuki tries it and immediately collapses. When Konoha tastes it, she finds she can't even understand how she made that flavor. Ayame then arrives, carrying a flyer for a cooking class.

The flyer is for a famous restaurant called "Youshoku Walnuts". Hazuki said the food there is so good it made her cry. Konoha wonders if she can really get better, prompting Ayame to point out Konoha suddenly got timid. Hazuki reassures Konoha and tells her this a great opportunity. She points out that if Konoha wants to learn how to cook, she needs to try everything she can. Hazuki also thinks that at least she and Ayame won't have to be test-testers anymore. Konoha resolves to take the cooking class. Ayame says it's a good idea, and is also secretly glad she won't have to eat Konoha's bad food.

Konoha arrives at the restaurant and meets the teacher, one Manaka Kurumi. Konoha thinks Manaka is around the same age as Hazuki, or is at least older than Ayame. Konoha tells Manaka she only started learning how to cook. Manaka says she can help, and starts with how to properly use a knife. However, Konoha swings it too hard, and Manaka moves on to cracking eggs. However, Konoha can't do that either without the shells falling in. Manaka, who has seen Konoha mess up in a way she never saw before, wonders what to do, but promises to help Konoha improve.

Manaka decides that Konoha should just make practice dishes. Konoha thinks she can do better than that, and Manaka praises Konoha's confidence. However, Konoha burns the oil in her pain, puts too much dashi in the rice, and the miso soup explodes. Manaka has to take over for Konoha's cooking each time. Finally, the meal is finished and Manaka tastes it. Unfortunately, it's horrible. However, in order to protect her restaurant's reputation, she insists it tastes good and starts eating it all. Manaka then passes out. Konoha finds some of the meal is left and eats it, learning that the food is indeed horrible.

Later, Konoha hunts a witch with her team. Konoha is lost in thought during the battle, wondering why she can't learn to cook. Despite her mind being occupied, Konoha defeats the witch with her team. Suddenly another girl appears, saying she didn't make it in time. The girl introduces herself as Himika Mao and asks if the trio are sisters. Hazuki says they aren't, but lived together a long time. The girls introduce themselves, and Konoha asks Himika how old she is. Himika says she's thirteen years old, same as Ayame. Konoha asks if Himika has sisters, and she answers she's the eldest sister with five younger siblings.

Ayame asks what it's like being an older sister. Himika says it's trouble, but all her siblings are cute. She also says Konoha would say the same thing, and Konoha hesitantly agrees. Ayame says she'd like to meet Himika's family. Himika invites her over, though she says her house is cramped and dirty. When Konoha hears Himika makes the food for her family, she asks if everyone finishes. Himika answers yes, prompting Konoha to ask if she can come along as Ayame's guardian. Himika accepts, and Hazuki says she'll go home and prepare dinner. If the two of them don't eat it, Hazuki says she'll save the leftovers for breakfast. Himika says her family never had enough food for leftovers.

At Himika's house, Ayame and Konoha are reminded of Azalea's. Konoha asks Himika about an ingredient she's using. Himika says it's a blend of meats that was left over from the supermarket. She got it cheaply from a man who disposes of the leftover food. Himika says she never knows exactly what she's getting. When Konoha says if that's really okay, Himika admits her family is poor, and she needs cheap food to feed everyone. However, she does her best to make sure the food tastes good. Himika then serves dinner, and all her siblings and Ayame dig in. Konoha asks if Himika's food is tasty, and the siblings say that since Himika is doing her best, they never thought it was bad.

Konoha thinks back to her time in Azalea's House, where the Director's food was always delicious every day. Konoha believes this is because the Director always did her best. Konoha realizes she was too focused on cooking theory, when she should have really thought about who she was cooking for. Konoha thanks Himika and leaves, taking a reluctant Ayame with her. On a later day, Ayame and Hazuki get worried when they find Konoha is trying to cook again. Konoha reassures them by saying if she fails, she'll give up on cooking. Focusing on her feelings this time, Konoha makes a meal from Azalea's. When Hazuki and Ayame try it, they say it's bad, but still edible. Ayame and Hazuki can tell Konoha tried her best. Konoha is excited that someone could eat her food.

The next day, Ayame returns home to find Konoha is cooking again. Hazuki says that Konoha has "gotten a taste of the joy of cooking". Konoha narrates that this was the story of how she overcame her poor cooking skills. Once she learned that "cooking is heart", she could make food that people could finish. She thinks that cooking is fun, though Ayame and Hazuki somtimes scream loud enough to startle the neighbors. Konoha is currently making beef stroganoff, a dish that Hazuki says is hard to make. In fact, Hazuki had never made it before. When it's finished, Hazuki is concerned by the smell, but tries it with Ayame. Both of them collapse, while Konoha says she'll try to redo it. Konoha narrates that experience is what's important, and wonders what to try making next.

Event Appearances

Other Appearances


  • The characters in her last name mean "static" (静) and "ocean" (海) respectively.



Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
Back to Back
Chance to Burn [V] (2 T)& Chance to Anti-Evade [X]
Max Limit Break:
Chance to Burn [VI] (2 T) & Guaranteed Anti-Evade
Passive For the hardships they face, they aren't looking at each other.

For the hardships they face in front of each other, they leave on each others' back. If your anxiety causes your heart to waver in uncertainty, someone will stop it. And then, with a new heart that's encouraged you can face it once more.


目の前の苦難に向き合ってお互いの背中を預ける もし、不安で心が揺れたら誰かがそれを止める そして、新たに心を奮い立たせて再び前を向く

A Bygone Time
Regenerate HP [IV] & Magia Damage Up [III]
Max Limit Break:
Regenerate HP [V] & Magia Damage Up [IV]
Passive This photo is from a time when we were loved by someone... But once I take my eyes off of it, I see "the present" that I find myself in. I know we have to rise to fight "the present" ...but please, just let me glance at the past for a little longer. 写っているのは、私たちが優しく抱きしめられていた日々でもこの写真から目を上げれば、そこには "今が広がっている分かっている…私たちが、その"今と戦わなきゃいけないことはでも…あともう少しだけ、私をあの頃にいさせて
Even if I Take a Wrong Path
Chance to Anti-Counter [IX] & Attack UP [VI] (Self / 3T)
Max Limit Break:
Chance to Anti-Counter [XII] & Attack UP [VII] (Self / 3T)
7 turns
Max Limit Break:
6 turns
Konoha Shizumi is keen of mind, calm and collected, and always behaves like a dependable adult.

...though it's often thought that there are spots of weakness and spots of spontaneity also. And then, sometimes she takes the wrong path, and she blames herself. Even so, she recovers....for the sake of surviving through tomorrow with 3 people!


…と思われがちだけど、脆い所もあれば天然な所もある そして、時には道を間違え、自分を責めることもある それでも彼女は立ち上がる…明日も3人で生き抜くために!

Leave it to us!
Magia Damage Cut [IV] (Self / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
Magia Damage Cut [VI] (Self / 1 T)
7 turns
Max Limit Break:
6 turns
"Don't worry about the back! Just leave it to me!"

"It's ok, I'll defend against this batch from the back!" "What're you talking about, you two...I'm dealing with the back" "So! Don't worry about the back! Just leave it to (repeats all over again)"


「大丈夫だって、後ろはアタシがバッチリ守るからさ!」 「何言ってるの、ふたりとも…後ろは私が対処しておくわ」 「だからー!後ろは気にしないで!まー、あちしに(以降繰り返し)」

Raised In An Ever Blooming House
MP Gain UP [IX] (Self/1 Turn)
Max Limit Break:
MP Gain UP [X] (Self/1 Turn)
8 turns
Max Limit Break:
7 turns
**Unique to Konoha Shizumi**
The house brought me in when I had no one else left in the world. I still dream of it even now, even with it long gone... How we laughed and cried and fought amongst those blossoming Azaleas.. I can no longer go back to the precious house I held so dear...
Tea for Three
Magia Damage Up [V] (Self/1 Turn)
Max Limit Break:
Magia Damage Up [VI] (Self/1 Turn)
15 turns
Max Limit Break:
13 turns
The sunshine is warm, but the air still has a bite to it. Nothing warms you up during times like these like a hot cup of tea. So let's pull out our favorite cups and have a tea break. I might not be good at cooking, but I can make tea at least...right? 日差しは暖かいけど、感じる温度は少し寒いこういう時ほど、熱いお茶が体に染みるということで、お気に入りのカップでティータイムを料理はあまり得意じゃない私でもお茶くらいは...うん…ね?
Tomorrow They Will Bloom Again
Max Limit Break:
Renerate HP [III] & Status Ailment Resistance UP [IV]
Passive One day, an older and younger group of magical girls met by chance.

Teaching and learning about the mysterious world that sits next to reality, eventually the girls are able to come through to each other naturally and with their hearts. They gently nestle together, those who carry the same fate...


現実と隣り合わせの不思議な世界のことを教え、そして学ぶ やがて彼女たちは自然と心を通わせるようになる 同じ宿命を背負った者たちが、そっと寄り添うように…

Under the Red Azalea
Max Limit Break:
Damage Cut [VI] (Self / 3 T)
Max Limit Break:
7 turns
After our fates stacked up, we left our familiar home to go on a journey of exile. Even if we're not connected by blood, we're connected by our hearts as we hold each other's hands, and expect the worse. That's them, the three sisters of the Azalea. 運命を重ねた末に、住み慣れた家を後にして流浪の旅へ

七難八苦が待ち受けようと、手を取り合ってこれを打ち破る たとえ血は繋がらなくとも、心で繋がっている それが彼女たち、アザレアの三姉妹

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