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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.
Kyuubey Chara Sheet.jpg
Japanese Name キュゥべえ (Kyuubee)
Seiyū Emiri Katou

Kyuubey is a "familiar," endued with the power to grant any wish for exchange of a contract-- for the person the wish is bestowed upon to become a Mahou Shoujo (magical girl). These magical girls are then tasked with the defeating of Witches. Kyuubey features prominently in the official release artwork first two episodes and is central to the current story.


  • People still argue as to how to write is name. Is it Kyubey or Kyuubey?
    • His/her name is written in both Hiragana and Katakana as キュ(kyu)(u)(be)(e). So the more acceptable Romaji for his/her name is Kyuubee/Kyuubey.
    • On the other hand, the fifth commercial has his name romanized as "Kyubey", hence the argument.
    • Urobuchi Gen joked that the "Kyu" comes from the katakana of the english word Cute so it could also be Cubey.
      • Moreover, the shape of the shadow in Episode 5 might suggest that Kyuubey originate in the mythological creature "Kyuubi no Kitsune"(Nine-tailed fox).
    • Episode 8 leads to think that his name comes from 'Incubator', which romanization would be 'inkyubeetaa'


  • When Kyubey get shot by Homura in Episode 8, another one appears and eat the dead body. It could either be another instance of 'Kyubey' (as expected in some speculations), or the same Kyubey that respawned. After all, cats are supposed to have 9 lives, so what about him?
    • Kyubey said that he has plenty of spares.
  • Many fans believe Kyuubey is evil and believe he/she should not be trusted.
  • According to the same theory, it is likely that Kyuubey is the messenger of a greater entity that has its own agenda.
  • Some think Kyubey's real form is that of a red devil and his/her white fur acts as a cover as indicated by tears rather than bleeding in Episode 1.
    • Additionally, when he gets shot full of holes in Episode 8 there are small drops that appear to be blood, but they do not spread out after he is hit. He also appears to have no bones or organs.
    • Gen Urobuchi's tweet "Yeah, that's terrible! We still haven't shown even a single scene with bloodshed!" (まだ今んとこ流血シーンなんてないのに、ひどいよね!) may refer to the fact that Kyuubey doesn't bleed.